2024 Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xe Review – A Giant Vehicle For Showoff

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Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xe Review

We are talking about Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xE. It’s Jeep’s enthusiastic foray into the electrified domain, melding their traditional off-road prouess with a newfound environmental sensibility.

It’s part of Jeep’s push towards a future it refers to as zero-emission freedom.

Let’s see if they’ve done enough in offering a capable 4×4 that also offers fuel efficiency and a welcome hint of electrification.

Esthetically, the Grand Cherokee 4xE maintains Jeep’s familiar robust silhouette, but it’s been given a rather suave makeover.

Colors & Wheel

You have a palette of colors that sound like they’ve been borrowed from an artist’s studio. Midnight Sky, Hydro Blue, and Baltic Gray, to name a few.

The gloss black roof, coupled with 21-inch Alloy wheels, endows it with a touch of Metropolitan elegance. It’s rather like a rugged explorer who’s decided to don a dinner jacket.

They just have a presence, and the latest design seen here with the Jeep 4xE is no exception.

Grand Cherokee 4xe Engine

It effortlessly blends a robust commanding stance with sleep modern lines, creating an esthetic that’s both imposing and sophisticated.

Underneath this refined exterior lies a 2 liter plug-in hybrid, part of the the Atlantis global medium engine family.

It has a combined output of 280 kilowatts and a rather impressive 637 Newton meters of torque.

When it comes to all-electric range, the Jeep 4xE offers around 52 kilometers.

Let us not forget the great promise of the plug-in hybrid, which is that they’re best used as plug-in vehicles 90% of the time with a petrol tank as backup.

That’s a little less than many other FeVs on the market today, but I guess still suitable for the average daily commute.

Grand Cherokee 4xe Road Experience

The combined fuel economy is listed at 3.2 liters per 100 kilometers, which is a nice offering, considering its size and weight of 2,722 kilograms.

Charging on your regular power point is just under 10 hours and is reduced to under 3 hours if you have a seven kilowatt charger in installed.

There are so many different modes, settings, and just ways to drive this Jeep 4xE that it’s like a buffet of driving options.

I’ll start with my obvious favorite, which is all-electric mode.

It’s whisper quiet, and it almost feels strange to have such a big vehicle be so stealth. The transition from all-electric to hybrid mode isn’t as smooth as I would have liked.

It’s a noticeable jump and takes away from the relaxed EV state of driving. There’s a decent regen braking system that is always on, regardless of which mode you drive in, and helps allow for maximum efficiency.

When it comes to off-road capability, this Jeep is equipped with an array of impressive features that really enhance its prouess.

Features In Grand Cherokee 4xe

The Jeep Quadra Track2 4×4 system, coupled with select terrain and quadra lift air suspension, along with adaptive Damping significantly boosts its off-road capability.

This suite of technologies underscores a key differentiator. The Grand Cherokee 4xE isn’t just another suburban SUV.

Jeep didn’t forget its off-road origins when they made this plug-in hybrid. It’s still a capable off-roader, maintaining their heritage of rugged all-terrain vehicles.

When you first enter the vehicle, it definitely feels opulent. But on closer examination, I’m not sure quite how premium the finishings are.

They’ve thought of every feature possible and jam-packed it in. I won’t run through them all, but I do want to highlight some of my favorites.

There’s an optional 10.25-inch passenger display screen that’s very special. There’s a dual-pane sunroof.

The Palermo leather seats are heated and ventilated up the front and for the second rows, and the front seats have massage functions.

I always feel so spoiled when we get this feature.

Technology In Grand Cherokee 4xe

There’s a 19-speaker Macintosh audio system that sounds fantastic, despite the fact that there’s a bit of overkill with the logo appearing pretty much everywhere.

There are two standard USB and two USB-C amounts conveniently up the front. They allow for your connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Apple CarPlay can also be wirelessly connected.

The last feature I do want to mention is the ambient lighting.

It’s very elegant, and you have a range colors and moods to choose from. There is a heap of boot space, and accessing the boot is easy and convenient with a hands-free power tailgate that you can easily operate with your foot.

It’s great for opening it, but for closing it, I wish there was a button unless perhaps I’m just missing it.

Grand Cherokee 4xe Safety Feature

In terms of safety, the Grand Cherokee 4xE is like a protective bubble. It’s equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control and pedestrian automatic emergency braking.

The optional night vision camera is particularly noteworthy, and there’s also a a very handy surround view camera.

There are also several different parking assist options that help you squeeze into spaces like a pro with this larger SUV. The price tag, admittedly, is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s $129,950, and that’s not including on roads.

However, considering the technological advancements and the luxurious features, it seems Jeep is aiming for a market that values the fusion of luxury, capability, and environmental consciousness.

Final Word

To sum up, the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xE is a pretty compelling proposition.

It’s a vehicle that seems to have looked at the electric future and decided to embrace it wholeheartedly without shedding its rugged, adventurous DNA.

It’s a statement of modern luxury and environmental responsibility, a combination that is becoming increasingly relevant in our times.

For those who can afford it, it represents a harmonious blend of off-road capability, luxury, and eco-friendliness.

It’s nice to see an offering of this type, and it really has me watching this space with interest because I’m hoping that these are the early steps from Jeep towards a pure electric model in the very close future.

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