2024 Ford E-Transit Electric van now offers 32% more range and charges 50% faster

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Ford E-Transit Electric van

Ford’s electric van It was considered by a lot of people to be something you would just never buy, and for good reason.

I mean, I personally wouldn’t have bought one because it just wasn’t a vehicle that was fit for purpose.

Ford Improved Electric van

Ford now have significantly improved their electric van, and I think it’s going to be a real winner.

The Ford E-Transit, electric van, best-selling electric van in the United States. I do feel for some of these owners, though, they probably didn’t realize that the range was really, to be honest, not fit for purpose.

I mean, the range was just too small for the Ford E-Transit. It’s incredibly small. It’s only about just over 100 miles or about 160 kilometers of range.

Bigger battery

Now, Ford has significantly improved the E-Transit. They put a bigger battery in. It’s come from a 64 kilowatt-hour battery, which is pretty small for a big van.

For 2024, it now comes with an 89 kilowatt battery pack. That gives the van still In my opinion, a little bit too short amount of range, but it’s not bad.

159 miles it now has, which is 256 kilometers. Now, considering that the average courier does 74 miles per day, which is 120 kilometers, it should work, this is 26% more than the 2023 E-Transit had previously. Ford E-Transit

Ford added New onboard charger

In addition, Ford have added a new dual onboard charger to the E-Transit, which means it can to charge faster. Peak charging speeds are 176 kilowatt.

Now that Ford vehicles have access to Tesla supercharges as well, that’s going to significantly improve the ability for people who buy a Ford electric van to charge them and to charge them at fast speeds.

What this means is you can charge your vehicle about 67 miles of range in 15 minutes. Ford E-Transit

Plug in for 15 minutes, you boost your range by 70 miles. That’s a 49% improvement over the previous model.

Charging speed is almost 50% faster. Big, big difference, I think. They’ve increased range by 30%, improved charging speeds by approximately 50%, much, much, much more practical vehicle.

How Much Time Takes

Add to that a third positive, which is the access to Tesla Supercharges. To fully charge the e-Transit while it’s plugged into a Ford Pro Series 280 amp charger, it takes 6 hours and 11 minutes.

That’s the charging you would probably do at work or at home. That’s 22% faster than the vehicle could previously managed. Ford E-Transit

Now we have four big positives, 22% improvement in AC charging. Introduced in 2022, Ford reports the e-Transit is now being used by more than 5,500 companies across the United States in 65 different industries.

Since joining the lineup, the van has saved more than 3 million gallons of gas, so Ford, and avoided the emission of 55 million pounds, which is 26 million kilograms of CO₂.

Best Selling Vans

Now, the transit vans actually first began production in 2014. They were the best-selling commercial vans, apparently, in basically that same year.

Ford says that 1.2 million transit vans have left its Kansas City assembly plant over the last 10 years, and 99% of them are apparently still on the road.

I find that hard to believe, but considering all the recalls that Ford has, it wins a recall race every single year worldwide. Sales of the 2024 e-transit commenced this year.

Dont Buy Old Version

So if you’re wondering about the new vehicle, don’t buy the old version, even if it’s on sale. The new one’s just so much better. Ford E-Transit

It’s not even worth looking at the old one, in my opinion. Price What does it cost? Price starts from $51,000.

They do qualify for the $7,500 EV incentive. There’s a commercial clean vehicle tax credit you can get.


That would bring the price of this vehicle down to what About $43,000. So I think $43,600 is going to be, to be exact. That’s pretty good for this vehicle.

Final Word

Now, guys, what are your thoughts on this? There are other electric Vans in other countries, China and Europe, that have more range. And it priced similarly.

I think Ford can still upgrade this, give it a few years. I think we’re going to see these vehicles with probably a lot more range than what they have today. But big improvement here for Ford, a big improvement for consumers.

Probably a lot of people, probably hundreds of thousands of people working at companies across America, that their boss will make the decision, let’s buy some electric vans.

Maybe you can encourage them as well if you’re an employee or if you’re the boss, make that decision. Because now, much better option.

You’re not going to waste much time charging them. Charging speeds are massively improved. Range is significantly improved. Overall, I think big improvements here for the new e-transit, which is really good to see.

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