The Top Five Cars That Ruin the Car Community 2024

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Five Cars That Ruin the Car Community

The top five cars that ruin the car community. Every time you see these on the road, they are being out of pocket and making real car enthusiasts like us look bad.

Infiniti G 37

Coming in at number one, we have the Infiniti G 37 coupe. I’m sure most of you saw this coming.

The first owner generally looks like a middle aged man with a 800 credit score who wanted a fun car for the weekend, while the second owner often has a bold haircut, earrings, and a gold chain.

If you fit this description, you 100% have one of these cars. For some reason, teenagers love to drive them.

Like Nissan Altimas everywhere they go. And act like theyre on a racetrack in a school zone.

You can see most of these cars either being totaled or with a deafening single exit exhaust that sounds like a dying trumpet.

They have to make sure everyone knows of their presence. You can also find these cars at takeover events and intersections.

They are usually the ones hitting people out of orbit while they attempt to do donuts. All G 37s are fancy Altimas, so the altima energy just carries over to the next owner.

V6 and eco-boost Mustangs

At number two, we got a combo package, V6 and eco boost mustangs.

I know I’ll hurt some feelings with this, but why didn’t you just go with the V8, you want to own a muscle car, yet you got something that sounds like my monitor and want to act like you got something quick.

I truly feel bad for people that put an exhaust on these cars. You’re just showing the world that you’re a traitor to America. g

And then when people get these cars, especially the ecoboost, they get a terrible flame tune that melts everyone’s ankles off at car meets.

Like, come on, these cars are already boats and weigh 4000 pounds. Slap a V6 or four cylinder in there, and now you’re getting beat by a soccer mom in her minivan.

And don’t buy these cars instead, get either an older mustang with the V eight or get a proper V six, preferably a V six Altima, because that’s what you deserve at that point.

Mustang drivers in general also like to crash their cars into big crowds because their owners can’t control its terrible weight distribution to power ratio.

This just shows the lack of self control that this community has.

But to be fair to some Mustangs, the v eight s mostly get a pass because America and you guys may be thinking, why isn’t the Nissan Altima on this list? Well, they simply don’t have a real car community.

They are just menaces on the road that exist only to seek and destroy us car guys by swerving into our dream cars we worked so hard for.

They have no regard for human life because what do they have to lose? Their cars are already clapped out and destroyed.

So why would they care about you on the road?


At number three, we have another treat any BMW that is not an M car. So mainly 330 ys, 328, iis, 335 iis.

These communities mainly consist of people who could not afford to buy an m three or M four, but drive like they have one.

The reason I know this is because they love to tailgate people that are already going 20 over the speed limit.

The up badging of these cars is also insane. People love to put the M car badge on their 328 is that are slow and have 150k wi miles.

People who buy these cars also want to flex what they don’t have for their friends and family.

Just remember kids, anyone can buy a clapped out BMW. So just because you have one, it means nothing.

These cars are also very unreliable and making it 100 K Miles without blowing something up or spending 10k plus on so called maintenance.

So do yourself a favor, save your money and wait until you can get an M car. They actually put more effort into reliability and build quality.

1990s Car

Now at number four, we got a community that needs to be annihilated civics from the 1990s.

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of these cars are well taken care of and have very clean builds.

But then you got the clapped out rust buckets that think they run the streets.

You’ll just be casually driving on the road wondering why you hear a weed whacker when there is no grass around.

And the drivers are always geeked out on monster energy drinks going from zero to 60 in three business days.

The VTEC is non existent and the only thing they can rely on for speed is their hopes and prayers.

A lot of those types of civic owners make them all look bad. Every civic you pull up on isn’t going to be some stock car.

People sometimes buy these cars and put LS motors in them because of how light they are.

So listen very carefully before you decide to race them at the light.

Dodge Charger

Now coming in at number five, we have our favorite, the Dodge Charger or really any Mopar car.

You can find these in any inner city, specifically Atlanta, where they are taking over intersections and hitting you at 100 Miles/Hour.

392 Scat pack is the most notorious for completely ruining the car community.

They are caught street racing, running from police and give all of us car enthusiasts a bad name and oftentimes 392 is their credit score.

Scat pack owners all feel the need to show off and do burnouts at stoplights to show off the boat they have.

And don’t even get me started on the hellcats. People are willing to throw their life savings and credit away whenever they get these cars.

We need to blame it on the rap culture. They are idolized and sought after by hooligans who really shouldn’t have them.

Any time you see a police chase, 50% of the time it’s either an altima, also known as a heltima, or a mopar vehicle.

We need to get these cars off the streets and in junkyards where they belong.

They are the reason car meets are getting shut down and why we have new stupid laws that are getting real car enthusiasts put in jail or having their cars impounded.

So do yourself a favor and stop acknowledging these cars when you see them on the road.

Hellcats are also always known to be stolen, so I truly feel bad for you.

If you own one, you better hide it in a garage or sell that thing before you become a victim.

People will literally steal these cars over supercars any day, all to just joyride it and total it a block away.

So if you’re a owner of one of these cars, just know that the police will always be on your back and you run a high chance of being pulled over.

Always remember to stay away from these cars in traffic. Now here’s the bonus car and that’s any squatted truck.

Every person that has one of these types of vehicles has been dropped on their head as a baby.

Like how do you even see out of your car while you drive it? Every person in the squatted truck community oftentimes are on crack or are teenagers with money and stupid ideas.

If you overdose on Red Bull or monster energy drinks and build a truck, it will end up being squatted.

We must all band together and take these abominations off the streets and pay no attention to them at car shows.

It is our duty to keep the car community alive and well without degenerate activities.

So if you’re going to buy any of these cars on this list, don’t be a statistic. Those are six cars that ruin the car community.

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