2024 Ferrari 296 GTS Review: The Italian supercar brand into the next generation

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Ferrari 296 GTS Review

The 296 GTS lists at $668,146, which is a sizable jump over the hard top GTB, which is more like $551,800. But what price? A little open air freedom.

Ferrari 296 GTS Features

What you do get for that investment, though, is what might be Ferrari’s most high tech offering to date, with a plug in hybrid system delivering potent performance rather than a really usable EV driving range.

Mega capable carbon ceramic brakes and an almost telepathic six way chassis dynamic sensor designed to link the car’s key functions to make the experience and the driver somehow better.

Elsewhere, there’s 20 inch alloys, keyless entry and the engine start button on the steering wheel.

Wireless smartphone charging and Apple CarPlay are both standard in Australia, with the latter controlled through the digital driver display.

Design OF Ferrari 296 GTS

It’s hard not to swoon when you gaze upon the 296 GTS, and I say that with no bias. I don’t actually think all Ferraris have looked this good.

But this 296 GTS is the brand at its sweeping, dreamy best from its tarmac kissing front end, which generates so much cooling and downforce that negates the need for active aero to the swollen haunches to the glass engine cover.

There is, however, a charging port there at the back, which is pretty novel for a Ferrari and allows you to plug in and recharge.

Ferrari 296 GTS Exterior

What makes this a 296 GTS, though, rather than a GTB, is this, the ability to open the roof, getting some wind in your hair and that exhaust note deep, deep into your sole.

However, I’m being totally honest with you, I think it looks better with the roof up. So the cabin of the 296 GTS gives you that kind of cockpit feel, which I love.

And there are certain things I really Like about it and a couple of things I’m not so in love with. But let’s start with this steering wheel, which might just be one of the best in existence.

It feels magical under the touch, as do these giant flappy paddles, which remain fixed in place when you turn the wheel.


Now, there is a huge amount of tech on offering the car, but all Of it is controlled from the steering wheel, which is a pretty fiddly and convoluted way to get things to happen.

In the car, if I’m being totally honest with you. Plus, there are a huge amount of switches and toggles it’s as complicated as an f1 steering wheel, and it takes a bit of time to get your head around.

I do love leather wrapped sports seats, so they’ve proven really comfy, even on longer distance cruises.

And the whole cabin is a really lovely, well stitched together, premium feeling space. And in this spec, even the passenger gets a little screen so they can control things for the driver

Things like navigation input, stuff like that. Meaning the driver can keep their eyes on the road. you really want to know about practicality, it’s got two seats, about 200 liters of storage up front, and a couple of hidey holes in the cabin, including behind the seats.

Now, the powertrain on offer here is both terrific, but a little bit terrifying.

Engine Specs

Pairing a twin turbocharged three liter v six with a rear mounted electric motor and a 7.45 kilowatt hour battery to deliver a total 610 kilowatt & 714 newton meter , which it feeds through an eight speed dual clutch automatic.

Now, those numbers, frankly, are staggering, and they’re enough, says Ferrari, to push this car to 100 kilometers an hour in just 2.9 seconds.

Now, as well as allowing the 296 to start up silently and slink off into the distance, the car’s little battery will unlock a 25 kilometer ev only driving range and contribute to the overall efficiency of just 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers on the combined cycle.

Now, when it comes time to plug in, the 296 is ac power only, and the brand reckons it’ll take about 90 minutes to go from empty to charge using an eleven kilowatt charger.

But of course, it will take a little bit longer using a seven kilowatt wall box at home.

Ferrari 296 GTS Warranty

Standard is a three year warranty, but you can extend that for up to five years.

Then, if your car has less than 90,000 kilometers on the clock, you can opt into the new power 15, which gives you up to 15 years total warranty coverage and is fully transferable.

Silent but deadly, at least on startup. The 296 GTS continues a new era of smaller engines and electrified power for the prancing horse.

It is a joy to look at and to drive and the sort of vehicle that turns every moment into a momentous occasion.

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