EV Sales Up in France 45%: Truth Behind Global EV Sales Growth

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EV Sales Up in France

Everyone chose to keep saying and telling me that EV sales are going down worldwide, but the facts don’t support this at all.

In fact, if you like headlines, well, you’ll believe that narrative.

EV sales in China

But if you prefer facts, well, here are some actual facts. For one, EV sales have skyrocketed in China this year.

China is the world’s largest car market by a mile. 35% of all cars worldwide are sold in China.

growth in Norway, Sweden, and France

However, there are other countries as well where they have increased significantly.

We’ve got Norway, Sweden, and another one you might not know about, which is France.

Evs have grown by 45% year over year so far this year in France.

France’s EV market share and top-selling models

In France, EVs, their market share took 24.3% in April of 2024 per clean technica, who say that full electric volume was up, as in full electric cars grew by 45% year over year.

The best-selling EV in France is the Peugeot E208, which is fairly… There’s some good subsidies you can get on this vehicle, but it’s the best-selling EV so far this year in France.

Tesla Model Y

Second place is the Tesla Model Y. Evs climbed in volume to 24,884 vehicles. That’s growth of 45%, and this outperformed the overall market, which grew by only 11%.

Much of the overall automotive growth was likely due to the incidence of Easter holidays.

As CleanTechnica says, they gave the month of April two more automotive selling days in 2024 compared to 2023.

But this doesn’t actually mean much, What was it? I mean, 45% growth in France is a pretty stagnantly good number.

EV sales across various regions

So far this year, EV have grown volume by 28% compared to the same period last year.

So the first four months of this year, EV sales are up 28%, EV sales in April, up 45%.

These numbers really fly in the face of the media narrative, which is that EV sales are going down they’re clearly not.

For one, EV sales in the United States didn’t go down this year. They’re actually up by 2 %. Sure, it’s not that much.

But considering EV sales are up more BY 115% for the first quarter of 2024 versus the first quarter of 2022, that’s pretty good.

Sure, they’re not going to go up enormous numbers every single quarter. But they didn’t actually slow down, they increased by 2 % in the US.

trends in the US, China, and Europe.

They have increased by around 40 % in China. They’ve increased by 45 % in France. They got up in Norway, Sweden.

So this whole narrative from the media is really statistically incorrect. Now, looking at the best selling cars in France.

So far this year, the best selling cars are the Peugeot E208 in first place with 11,000 customers, the Tesla Model Y in second place with 6,432 sales.

Future of EVs

In third was the Fiat 500 E with 6,295. Next was the Renault again with 5,418. Pretty surprisingly good numbers for the Renault again.

As you can see, the French really do like French cars. Renault Twingo is next with 5,000 deliveries, followed followed by the Peugeot E2008 with 4,766.

Massive discounts in Australia right now on the Peugeot E-2008. The Tesla Model 3 was next with 3,704, followed by the M G4, which is now being It’s being penalized, actually, because it’s made in China.

So is the Tesla Model 3. There are now actual tariffs on Chinese-made vehicles in France. M G4, 2,992 sales, followed by the BMW iX1, 2,784.

improvements in EV technology.

The Citroën EC4 was next, followed by the Volvo eX30, which has just gone on sale.

So hopefully we see higher EX30 sales, but I believe they are made in China, so it might not do so well.

Opal Corsa E was next, followed by their Fiat 600 E, Hyundai Kona, and the Jeep Avenger. By the way, the Jeep Avenger is an EV.

Those were the best selling cars so far for the first four months of this year. Ev sales in France you know what? Kudos to you guys in France.

You guys are really helping drive the market. Can you guys approach the Sweden numbers, looking at more than 50% EV sales or get towards Norway eventually? Evs are just a better product, and they’re going going to continue to get better.

New battery technology, new charging technology, new motor technology is improving them at a very fast pace every single year.

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