Electric car owners pay double taxes and fees compared to gas car owners in 36 US states

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car owners pay double taxes

A recent study has revealed that electric car owners are paying more in taxes and fees and car registration than internal combustion engine drivers in 36 different states in North America and also in Canada.

Questioning State Commitment

This news study does make me question, whether are US States really committed to electric cars if they’re taxing them like this? Maybe not.

Maybe they’re just committed to revenue more than anything else. Electric car owners are freeloaders who skirt around gas taxes that pay for the upkeep of America’s roads and highways.

Actually, that’s what politicians in Australia have said as well, all while using their infrastructure just as much as anyone else.

That’s what a lot of people think who are fans of gasoline-powered vehicles and believe that EVs are just some big, elaborate scam. There’s a lot of people who believe this stuff.

They believe EVs are a scam, that they’re just being charged with coal, even though less than 20 % of America is powered by coal.

Now, please repeat that fact to your American friends, because it’s all these ridiculous Facebook posts that have been liked by millions of people, from these moronic people who pretend to be in the army, wearing army gear, saying all of America’s EVs are charged by coal.

Analyzing Atlas Public Policy

Atlas Public Policy, a policy and data research firm, Crispy the numbers. They concluded that actually, registration fees targeted at electric vehicle buyers and taxes levied at charging stations actually mean you’re being overtaxed compared to internal combustion engine owning vehicles.

State-by-State Analysis

That actually applies in 32 different US states. So, yeah, you’re paying more than you should be. Considering this is a new technology, energy.

It doesn’t cause health problems like gas cars do, diesel-powered cars do. There’s more and more evidence that those vehicles cause cancer.

And not just cancer, but heart problems and various diseases. The firm found that in 36 states, including Washington, DC, electric car drivers who exclusively charge their vehicles at public fast charging stations pay an EV penalty.

That means they’re charged more, in fact, significantly more in various taxes and fees than an average gas car driver pays in fuel taxes each year.

Strategies for Offsetting Fees

Now, there was a story within the last week saying that I believe, Alberta and Canada, they’re also charging a registration fee for an EV, you’re going to pay an extra few hundred dollars every single year.

There’s some states in the US doing the same thing as well. Utah has the highest penalty.

Utah, a whopping $369 annually. Georgia, number 2, $325.60, so $326. Kentucky, third, $261. Sixteen states have a penalty higher than $150.

The worst states for having an EV are Utah, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

Now, the best thing you can do to offset these ridiculous charging station taxes, get solar panels on your roof. They’ve never been cheaper than they have before. And Especially if you live in a state like Texas, it’s a complete no brand.

You can avoid a lot of these taxes. Anyway, I mean, you can’t really get around it completely, but that certainly will help to offset these funny fees.

The lowest penalty was found in Oregon. Even after a $90 registration fee, EV owners there pay $120 less in taxes and fees annually than gas car driver.

In an attempt to make up for lost revenue from gas taxes, lots of states ask EV owners to pay extra yearly registration fees. That ranges from $50 in Hawaii to $225 in Washington, according to Atlas public policy.

However, the firm says that charging is subject to multiple overlapping opaque taxes that unfairly jack up EV ownership costs.

There are sometimes per kilowatt-hour taxes on energy dispensed along with regular sales taxes as well.

Currently, there is no structure to prevent the overlapping of these fees, so EV drivers may be subject to a double, triple, or quadruple tax, depending on what state they reside in and where they charge, said the company.

Meanwhile, gasoline drivers are only subject to the gasoline tax and are generally exempt from sales or other taxes.

Now, of course, the exclusion here is if you… But if you do almost all your charging at home using solar, even better. But even if you don’t, even if you don’t use solar, you’re still going to get around a lot of these taxes.

EV Issue

Now, clearly, there’s an issue here. Ev is being penalized when they are a big solution to improving our air quality.

Would you want to stand in the garage with your internal combustion engine powered vehicle running for, say, a couple of hours? Well, first of all, you’d be dead, right? But think about it.

That’s the air you’re breathing Everything in, in cities, constantly. This stuff’s shocking. We shouldn’t be taxing EVs. We should be incentivizing them to the point of just getting everyone to adopt them.

As soon as we’ve adopted them, as soon as we hit that 50 % critical mass, take away incentives.

Sure, at that point in time, everyone’s going to start moving to EVs because that’s where everything’s going. It’s like smartphones.

Eventually, everyone goes, Oh, they’re better. Let’s get them. But we need manufacturers to make more, encourage them to make more rather than taxing them.

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