The BYD Seal 07 Two Big Changes: Major Upgrades in Hardware and Software 2024

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BYD Seal 07 Two Big Changes

The new BYD seal has two major changes, now, this is the BYD seal ’07. It’s been spotted in China. It should be due around the end of this year.

Two big changes, and one of them is hardware, one of them is software. Tesla has reduced the price of the Model 3 massively.

Comparison with Tesla Model 3

Now, the Model 3, the new version, the highland version, now starts at around $55,000 in Australia. That’s around $35,000 US.

It’s an incredibly good deal, but so is the Seal. So is the BYD Seal.

So you’ve got to have a look at both of them because work out what you like, what you prefer, because they’re both amazing value for money cars.

But the question here is, there’s a new BYD Seal. So should you buy it? Is this going to be a new one that will obviously supersede the existing BYD seal within potentially six months.

Well, actually, there’s not a big difference as far as I can tell between the current version and the new version.

But there’s one major difference, which could mean the new version will be significantly better.

Could mean it will either be much lighter or have a a lot more range. Now, the BYD seal’s range capacity right now, it’s actually pretty good.

Visual and Structural Similarities

But the new version has been spotted. The new version of the seal called the 07 rather than the existing BYD 06.

Honestly, I can’t tell the difference in terms of how it looks. Byd puts a few stickers on the car because this is the pre-production model.

It doesn’t look any different to me to the existing version. If BYD didn’t put those stickers on the car, no one would have even known this was the new version.

When it comes to looks, I think as far as I can tell, it looks the same. But there will be, like I said, one big change. That’s nothing to do with the size.

The size will be the same, the LED lights will be the same, the grill looks the same, the power will be the same.

Performance Specifications

what is the power? Reel drive versions, you have a choice in China of 150, 170, and 230 kilowatt motors that are just driving the car from the rear.

Also, torque is 310, 330, and 360 Newton meters. In Australia, there’s two versions, both real drive.

There’s the standard version with, I believe, 170 kilowatt real drive and the mid-spec version that has 230 kilowatt.

Then there is the performance version, which is all-wheel drive, clearly competes with the Tesla Model 3 Performance It’s a bit cheaper, though.

It has a 160 kilowatt motor in the front and a 230 kilowatt motor in the rear for a combined power output of around 390 kilowatt and approximately about 670 Newton meters of torque.

Battery Specifications

Apparently, the new version should also have the same size battery packs. Now, if that’s true, then it will have significantly longer range.

The existing battery pack for the standard range version, the cheapest version, is a 61 kilowatt hour blade battery.

Byd blade battery, the longer range, and the performance versions get an 82 kilowatt hour battery pack.

Hardware Enhancements

Now, the new version, apparently the only change that we know which will be made to this is it will have the new blade battery version 2.

Version 2 of this blade battery has significantly higher energy density.

It’s speculated, it’s believed from what we’ve heard from BYD, the energy density is around 25% higher than BYD’s existing blade battery.

Now, if the seal was to get this new battery, if the new seal, 07, did get that new battery, range should increase by, I would estimate, around 15%.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

In the real world, that’s a significant difference. BYD will have a version 3 of their Blade battery, but that won’t be for a few years.

I’m looking at it, I’m thinking a Blade battery version 3, it might be maybe three years away.

So you got a while But if you were to buy the seal today, not saying you shouldn’t, but if you were, it could only be six months before there’s a new, better version.

Other than the change that I’ve just mentioned, I have heard there will be some changes as well.

Software Upgrades

Not a significant, though, changes to software. So be able to improve the software. Less chimes and beep, and software that’s a bit better.

Autonomous driving software, apparently with the new seal, will be improved. And that’s part of the reason be able to have hired all these software engineers.

They’ve hired tens of thousands of them to help them improve be able to use software. So that could be a big change as well.

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