BYD New Electric Van 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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BYD New Electric Van

it seems like BYD is releasing a new vehicle almost every week. maybe every two weeks, but whatever the case may be, this is incredible what they’re doing.

I actually think it’s an electric vehicle that a lot of people are going to want to buy.

what’s the story here from BYD? Another vehicle from BYD has been revealed.

Over the past 12 months, there’s been so many models I’ve lost track.

New Van: Tang Max or BYD Zoo

This new van is possibly going to be called the Tang Max. But apparently now people are saying it’s either the Tang Max or the BYD Zoo.

We don’t know much about this vehicle, but we apparently have seen spy shots from a Chinese blogger.

Vehicle Specifications and Potential Features

It looks like a large MPV, probably around about 5.2 to 5.3 meters long. Clearly, it’s got the potential of being a seven-seater.

But in China, recently, there’s been a bit of change, some MPVs have had actually eight seats, two seats, six seats, and even four seats. There’s all these different options now with MPVs.

Market Competition and Luxury Segment

Geely, Zeka, their new Zeka electric van is probably the most luxurious vehicle.

This Zeka EV, it has two seats in the back, and it’s a big van, massive space in there.

So BYD could do something similar,they could have a luxury version. And knowing BYD, they’ve definitely moved into the luxury segment now with their Yang Wang vehicles.

They’ve got a couple of brands now. They’re manufacturing and luxury vehicles. There’s also Denza as well.

Plug-in Hybrid and Fully Electric

So very, very good chance that the BYD are going to bring this out with different options. There could There’s going to be different options in terms of powertrain.

I’m going to guess there will be a plug-in hybrid version as well as a fully electric blade battery version, probably using build these new batteries, which would be good, they’d give it more range.

Battery Technology: Upgraded Blade Battery

Build these new batteries, well, they now have an upgraded version of their blade battery, which has higher energy density.

I think the energy density is about 22% higher, which would mean quite a bit more range in, say, a new version of the BYD seal.

Also a new version of most of their cars. I’m going to guess that eventually, they will phase out their existing BYD blade battery and only use the new version of the blade battery, which also has the capacity for faster charging as well.

Pricing and Market Viability

What would be the price potentially? Well, Auto Home is saying the price is going to be 30 to 34,000 US dollars.

Is that really going to be the price, no way. There’s no way they sell it for that price 30 to 34,000, absolutely zero chance.

Could they sell it At an affordable price of, say, 40,000, definitely.

Luxury versions might be 60-70,000. apparently, the first versions will be plug-in hybrids, unfortunately, using BYD DMI Plug-in Hybrid System.

Comparison with Competitors’ Electric MPVs

Now, one of the reasons for that could be the fact that, well, the competition already making some amazing electric MPVs.

look at Lee Auto’s electric MPV that thing is sensational,not selling very well. Xpung, new MPV I would love that thing is absolutely sensational.

Their new MPV, Xpung’s new MPV is just, what, 550 kilowatt fast charging, 550 kilowatt, more than 700 kilometers of range.

I think it’s got about 680 horsepower. Same thing with the Zecas MPV as well.

That’s just three different car brands, all with these luxury, fully electric MPVs with massive range.

Future Electric Versions and Platform Upgrades

Range is not really the issue, some people are saying, BYD are only making the Shark in a plug-in hybrid version because range, not enough range.

Now, I don’t believe that for a second, if you can make an MPV which is similarly sized, they’re similarly sized as these MPVs.

These MPVs are 5.4 meters long in China, and they’re fully electric. There’s some of them that have up to 800 kilometers of range.

Now, if you can get that in that vehicle, you could make a pickup truck with 800 kilometers of range, no problems at all.

I mean, they’ve done it in America, general Motors have done it with Silverado. The cyber truck has about 330 miles of real-world range. That’s more than enough.

Byd will bring out an electric version of the shark, they say, their pickup truck, but it’s not going to come until 2025 or something like that, probably waiting for the new battery to have enough production of the new battery in order to increase the potential range of that vehicle.

I can see an electric version of this van coming up with BYD’s new architecture as well.

When I say architecture, they have a new skateboard, a new platform it’s called their BYD platform.

I think it’s a 5.0, and it has some upgrades, like I said, faster charging the new batteries, and some other changes as well.

I’m excited for this plug-in hybrid version doesn’t interest me personally, but a fully electric version, that’d be an awesome vehicle, like an awesome family car, surfboards, you could fit in that thing, bikes.

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