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BYD Atto 3 Review

Byd are pretty new to the Aussie market, but with about 10,000 Atto 3 owners to date, the Atto 3 has consistently held the place as second most popular EV in Australia since its introduction back in September 2022.

Australians are finally getting an onslaught of EV options, and this one from BYD, the Atto 3, is a wallet-friendly one, and not skimping on the really cool features either.


When it comes to the design, BYD Atto 3 definitely started off as a unique-looking subcompact SUV. But since then, there are so many more of them on our roads now, so it definitely feels more familiar.

The design definitely keeps EV attributes. For example, it’s very minimalist. It has a grill-less front with LED headlights and daytime running lamps, and it has a sleek yet sharp design.

And the rear takes notes from more expensive EVs like Mercedes, with this cool, full-width rear LED lighting. They are all paired with a set of 18-inch alloys as standard, and you have a choice of five colors available.

So overall, I really like the design. It’s slick and modern without being too intrusive, and I always feel inspired when I look at the boot.


There is only a single motor, and it gives you 150 kilowatts of power and 310 Newton meters of torque, all set to the front wheels. You can pair your motor with one of two lithium-ion blade batteries.

A standard range 50 kilowatt-hour battery, which offers a WLTP range of 345 kilometers. Or you can opt for the extended 60 kilowatt-hour battery, which gets you 420 kilometers of range WLTP.

Charging Duration

Byd ATTO 3 has varied charging times depending on your power A seven-kilowatt home charger will get you to full charge in eight and a half hours.

A 50-kilowatt fast charger, the time is reduced to around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The maximum charging speed you can get out of the ATTO 3 architecture is an 80-kilowatt rate.

This will get you from zero to 80% charge in just about 40 minutes.

Driving Experience

Driving the Atto 3, much like driving most EVs, adopts certain benefits and disadvantages.

It’s definitely got that instant EV pickup and torque, but it’s It’s not over the top being a single motor, which actually gives it quite a comfortable, not too over-the-top feel. Zero to 100 is listed as 7.3 seconds.

The road noise, it’s there. I mean, it’s pretty good for the category, actually. I probably was expecting a little more.

It has quite a normal sound. I mean, that’s combined with the EV fake sound that they put on. The steering is good It’s a little touchy.

BYD Atto 3 Review

Weight Of BYD Atto 3

the overall The weight is very nice. It weighs in at around 1.7 tons. It gives a nice planted feel when driving, but maneuverability is not its strongest point.

Now, the suspension is very nice in this car, like cushions very well over bumps. I would rate that very highly. I also like that you’ve got a couple of little tabs here for changing your driving mode and also the regen braking.

You can have it on low, medium, and high. It’s just nice to not have everything on a screen. You can just reach and you know the feel of those buttons and can operate them easily.

Interior View Of BYD Atto 3

Inside the Atto 3, there’s definitely a lot of quirks. Now, this is not an interior I’m likely to forget quickly. It’s definitely quirky. It has a very vintage, retro vibe, but also very futuristic.

There is a big music theme running through this interior. If you didn’t recognize the music theme, here it is, undeniable. Apparently, there’s several songs that you can play with the tuning as well, according to BYD.

Not only does it have the distinctive elements, but also the unconventionary upholstery colors, which I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

Interior Features

Apart from being very eye-catching, which it definitely is, the interior is quite practical with the seats being comfortable and there is lots of good storage.

Nice space under here for a bag. Cup holders and a good-sized center console. There are door pockets, lots of flies, but they don’t come with the car.

More features include a wireless charging pad, USB-A, USB-C, and 12 V power upfront, and a really good amount of storage space throughout the coven.

There’s definitely a bit of a Tesla influence with the screen size and functionality. A really cool feature is you can actually switch it from landscape to portrait, if you prefer that.

Now, the back seat’s actually pretty impressive. The seats are very comfortable and the headrests are adjustable.

The middle seat is actually usable, too. We’ve got cup holders in the armrest, USB and USB-C, air vents, the cool door handle design, map pockets, and these other pockets as well.

For the space back here, for this category. It’s actually really good. I mean, you’ve got plenty of knee room, and headroom is excellent as well.

Pricing Of BYD Atto 3

Pricing for the Atto 3 starts at $48,000 for the standard range model, and if you want that bigger battery with more range, it will cost you $50,000.

Don’t forget to keep checking for the latest government incentives for EVs. The BYD Atto 3 really brings something cool to the EV table for people on a budget.

It’s got its quirks on a style that might have your eyebrows rising, but all in all, it’s doing a solid job keeping Aussie drivers plugged into the electric scene without breaking the bank.

Definitely one to consider if you’re keen on making that EV switch with a dash of style.


So my thoughts. Well, the Atto 3 is a quirky car. It’s It’s got a lot of features, and it drives really well. It’s unique, as you can see from things like this.

I think it’s a really strong contender in the EV market for people on a budget, for people who are a little bit hip and cool, who want something a bit different.

It feels pretty reliable. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely one to check out.

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