2024 BMW iX1 Review Electric SUV With 313 PS and 494 Nm At Rupees 70.70 lakh

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BMW iX1 Review

This is the BMW iX1 and is this electric version of the X1, the one you really should be considering.

The iX1 has a surprising amount of engagement to offer you as a driver, given that it’s an electric SUV to start with The seating position is quite natural, not too high or too low for an SUV

Power & Torque

But much of this is down to the fact that it puts out 313 PS and 494 Nm via an A WD setup through a motor on each axle.

So on the move power builds of course with that immediacy that you expect from an ev, but it’s also measured so it’ll build in a linear clean swell that’s very easy to get used to. BMW iX1 Review

So in any situation you know exactly what the drive frame is doing and that really helps you get used to saving driving very easily.

And another great trait is that this performance keeps going well past triple digit speeds.

So even if you are at on the highway, even in the lowest modes, there’s really no problem in the way the iX1 delivers performance.

And of course given the output there is a lot of it, switch it to the efficiency mode there too It’s very usable. BMW iX1 Review

You can pretty much use it daily in that mode, even at higher speed and conversely switch it into sport.

And this thing really does wake up the responses from the turtle, they’re already quite precise. They sharpen up quite a bit.

Diesel X1, which is this boost mode and here really does feel even more effective considering it’s just giving you the full outputs very instantly. So in that sense it’s really quite exciting. BMW iX1 Review


The iX1 is powered by a 66.4 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack. The WLTP range is up to four 40 kilometers.

One of the factors helping this is that the iX1 seems to have quite an efficient region program being able to recuperate a good deal of energy, even the lowest modes, the drive modes also well calibrated and the iX1 efficiency doesn’t plummet at highway speeds. BMW iX1 Review

The motors efficiency and the good 0.26 drag coefficient may be factor of helping this.


Charging speeds are also reasonable if not class leading.

The BMW will DC fast charger up to 135 kilowatts, which needs 29 minutes to get from 10 to 80%. The 11 kilowatt AC charger takes 6.3 hours to fully top up the battery.

BMW iX1 Review

So yeah, while it is quite potent, you do miss the sound, that would’ve sort of made it a bit more engaging. But what really strikes you with the iX1 isn’t the performance to be honest.

It’s again the really quite fine balance between ride and handling that BMW has been able to manage. BMW iX1 Review

On Road Experience

So first off is the ride, even though this is an ev, it doesn’t feel any less splash than the regular X1, So it’s very well damped.

So even at low speeds over rough roads, it has that fluid, that sort of slightly soft edge to it that really helps. And this hasn’t come at the cost of handling it.

You have that all wheel drive grip first off, which the regular X one doesn’t have. That really shows in the kind of speed that you can carry here and the kind of performance that you can extract from this car. BMW iX1 Review

And of course you have that usual EV trait of all the weight being low down. So that also means that body movements are really quite well controlled.

So you have a sense of confidence driving around corners and really getting the most out of this powertrain.


And also aiding, about steering. So in various mode it’ll, so depending on the mode, either lighten up or become a touch more heftier and direct. But of course you can’t forget the fact that this is an EV and it is quite heavy.

So if you are a bit too enthusiastic, you will notice that it starts to feel that it’ll run wide. BMW iX1 Review

But it does have a talk vectoring by braking system that really does work quite effectively to reel you back in.


You’ll be hard pressed to tell the BMW iX1 apart from the regular X1 from afar. Look closer And the giveaways are the blanked out grill, which in this M sport version still mimics that of an I see BMW and the blue outline for the BMW badges.

So like with the X one, this EV two carries a good deal of presence with its upright stance and the expressive face.

But you do notice the 13 November reduction in ground clearance in the way the SUV feels a touch more hunkered down at the rear three detailing to the light is still quite eye catching. BMW iX1 Review

And like the front, the contrasting black surfaces seem to cut down the iX1 mass to good effect.

This electric SUV manages to exude a degree of sporting is helped by the quite traditional M sport alloys.

Yes, the reduced ground clearance means you will have to be careful over the largest speed breakers and the spare wheel is now just packed into the boot eating into space.

Display & Touchscreen

The tech setup is also shared with the ICX1. Yes, the 10.25 inch drivers display see some change with EV specific information.

And this is presented quite neatly. Again, the idea seems to be to ease you into electric mobility Naturally. BMW iX1 Review

The screen is easy to navigate on, customizable to a good extent. The 10.7 inch touchscreen continues with its touch heavy interface.

Most of the bugs from earlier seem to have been fixed. So while it does take a while to get used to some functions like the climate control and drive mode, it’s a more fluid experience than earlier.

Interior Features

The BMW iX1 gets the same features of the regular X1.

So some of the highlights include massaging, front seats, a panoramic sunroof, 12 speaker Harmon curtain audio, leather upholstery, ambient lighting and connected features. BMW iX1 Review

There’s a good deal of safety equipment to view our emergency breaking and lane departure warning as well as a brake based differential locking function on hill descent control.

You also have an active park feature, but we would’ve also liked blind spot monitoring and 360-degree cameras.

Price & Verdict

Price Rupees 70.70 lakh, you pay about to be seven lakh more from the BMW iX1 over the diesel X1. We think this makes it a great pick. BMW iX1 Review

If you are looking for the added performance and handling chops, the usual EV positive side, you don’t have the immense range of the diesel X1, but the iX1 is arguably more engaging to drive without sacrificing on comfort.

You also don’t lose out on practicality or equipment.

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