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8 Best Cars Coming In 2024

Hey, what’s up guys? 2023 gave us some amazing new cars from the Lamborghini STO to the Aston DB 12 and of course, the Tesla cyber truck if you live in America.

But 2024 looks like it’s gonna be just as good as 2023. So I thought I’d share some of the motors that I’m most looking forward to and you might be surprised by some of the stuff I’ve picked.

Mercedes AMG GT

First up, Mercedes AMG GT We’re expecting big things from this one. The last one was an absolute riot to drive and brilliant to look at, especially that black series A proper cartoony cupe.

The first bit of good news with this new car is that it hasn’t gone electric for now. It’s sticking with a twin turbo V eight petrol engine underneath that very, very long bonnet.

They’re gonna make two versions A GT 55 with 469 horsepower and a GT 63 with 577. The 63 will do north of 62 in about three seconds.

It’s four wheel drive a standard this time, so not as Larry as before, but it does have format plus. So you can send all the power to the rear wheels if you’re not afraid of very, very large insurance claims.

Now this one’s gonna be a bit more practical ’cause you can add a couple of tiny rear seats this time around, which is almost certainly to entice people considering a Porsche 911.

It’s always nice having somewhere to put your luggage I guess, or your friends with short legs,

Porsche Macan

Porsche MaCan, unlike the A-M-G-G-T, the MaCan is going electric, but for this car I do think it’s probably a wise move.

I know, I know it’s a shame that there’ll be one less SUV with a proper engine noise, but look at the tacan.

That thing proved that an electric Porsche can be amazing to drive. So the 2024 MaCan will almost certainly remain one of the best SUVs to drive on the planet.

It’s built on a different platform to the Tacan on a whole new chassis developed with Audi, but Porsche took it away really early and set about trying to make sure it feels like a proper Porsche.

Three versions are coming from a basic one with 430 horses to a 600-horsepower turbo model.

That one has a thousand new to meters of torque and that’s gonna make it one of the quickest family crossovers on the market and hopefully a bit cheaper than a tacan winner.


Next up the RENAULT 5 Yeah, it’s back that time as well. They’ve made it electric this time though. But before you start whining about the Halian days of RENAULT 5 turbos and getting all upset about electricity, you ruin everything.

The original RENAULT 5 was all about affordability and being practical, especially for the masses and that’s exactly what Renault is planning here.

Prices are gonna start at less than 20 grand, which will make this an absolute game changer for electric cars. And they haven’t just shoved the guts from an old Renault Zoe into a new body to get it down to that price.

It’s built on an all new cutting edge electric platform, including tech like vehicle to grid charging like a tacan and the battery will be good for 250 miles of range.

8 Best Cars Coming In 2024


Next up it’s the BMW X2 and it’s electric twin. The IX 2 BMW called the original X two A coupe SUV, when really it just looked like a slightly flatter BMWX one or a slightly taller one series.

So this time around the X two and IX two have been given the classic BMW sporty SUV treatment as in a sloping rear end like an X four or X six.

I’ll let you be the judge as to whether that’s an improvement, but all X twos and IX twos come in M sport trim a standard as well.

So they’re gonna be sporty plus there’s gonna be an M 35 model of the X two with 300 horsepower.

It’s worth saying though, that the basic electric version has more power than the 35 i petrol version 313 horsepower versus 300 and it’s only 0.2 slower to 62. It’ll do it in 5.6.

The interior is a massive step up as well, mainly because it feels like a shrunken down IX now.

And despite the cupe style roof, it’s got more interior space and boot space than four Oh and in an effort to make it seem more fun and let’s be honest a bit more like a Tesla, you can play games on the screen using your phone as a controller.

I’m just telling you here because when you come to buy one you’ll never use that feature ’cause the games are rubbish.

Aston Martin Valhalla

Now the Aston Martin Valhalla, it started life as a V six hybrid concept in 2019 that Aston Martin co-developed with Red Bull racing.

It’s changed a little bit since then Red Bull is still involved and it’s designed all the arrow parts that cover the carbon fiber chassis, but the engine is now a Mercedes a MG four liter twin turbo V eight mid mounted with two electric motors to help out one on the front axle and one on the gearbox for a 950 horsepower total.

I think you’d the green. It’s an amazing looking thing. It’s got dihedral doors like a kig zig and it spits out its waist through twin turbo tailpipes on the roof.

The Valhalla is probably the car I’m most looking forward to driving next year. If I can get my hands on one, they’re only making 999 at each one for about 700,000 pounds probably.

And you know how it goes with these things. They’re all probably sold out already,

Citroen E-C3

The Citroen E-C3 2024 Citron C3 could have a massive impact on the car market like the RENAULT 5. The C3 will become electric only in 2024, hence E-C3 and Citroen is promising exceptional value for money.

It’s aiming for sub 25,000 pounds starting price and that actually would be exceptional when you look at all the details, it’s much roomier than the last C3.

It’s got much more modern and high tech insides and every single version’s gonna get Citron’s, progressive hydraulic cushion suspension as standard.

Yeah, totally stupid name, but if you’ve ever tried it then you’ll know it makes ride quality that rivals a Magic Kingdom parade or a cloud.

In fact, it could be the first electric super mini that rides like a luxury car. We’ll have to wait and see how it is for handling.

But let’s face it, people won’t care either way. It’s gonna be cheap, the battery’s gonna be good.

Uh, it’ll do nearly 200 miles of range and it charges fast as well 100 kilowatts, look out for this one.

MG CyberSter

Alright, next up MG CyberSter. I think that’s how you say it. After years on the SUV trail, MG is back in the Roadster game in a big way in all ways.

Bar one, it follows the classic MG formula, two doors, two seats, retractable fabric roof, rear wheel drive, but this time it’s electric.

Two versions are coming. A basic one with 335 horsepower driving the rear wheels good for naught to 62 and 4.6 seconds and a dual motor four wheel drive version with more than 500 horsepower.

Not convinced you might be when you consider this, right? The chassis dynamics in this car were developed by a man called Marco fan.

Marco’s Day job used to be working on Michael Schumacher’s F1 car at Ferrari when he was winning all the races there.

The battery’s pretty huge as well. 77 kilowatt hours, which means it’s good for 300 miles of range and if MG can keep the price as close to 50,000 pounds as possible, which they might, this could be a classic in the making.

Ford Mustang

Next up, the Ford Mustang. Love these. I love it so much that I actually bought one myself and you might have been worried that the proper Mustang was going the way of the Mack E, but thankfully the good old petrol powered muscle car lives on it’s wider than before.

The overhangs are shorter and the air vents are bigger, but more importantly, it’s still got that five-liter V eight this time with 480 horsepower and a manual gearbox as well.

Now for those people who want a more focused experience than the standard gt, the dark horse version has upgraded suspension, better aerodynamics, more power up from 486 horsepower to 500, and it’ll be the basis of Ford’s motor sport efforts from 2024, including GT three racing and nascar.

And it’s even a GTD version,, this one’s a carbon fiber-bodied 800 horsepower track-optimized but road-legal monster that Ford engineers created out of hours just to see what they could achieve.

I mean, that might be a PR story, but either way we’ve got a new 250-grand mega Mustang and I can’t wait to drive the pants off any of them

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