2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review: Targets Toyota HiLux and Isuzu D-Max with new diesel 4×4 and 4×2 L200 ute

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2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

The Triton can be had as an entry level GLX 4×2 or 4×4 before the range.

Steps up to the GLX plus 4×4, the GLS 4×4 and then tops out with the flagship GSR 4×4.

All of it share the same diesel engine and six speed automatic gearbox.


The bad news, every Triton model is more expensive and not just by a little bit. We’re talking between roughly 3000 and 8,000 bucks here.

Interior & Exterior

The cheapest Triton GLX model is a mix of utility and technology and features 17 inch steel wheels, cloth seats, vinyl flooring, a seven inch driver display, and a second nine inch multimedia screen with navigation Android auto and wireless Apple CarPlay.

Stepping up to the GLX plus adds a rear diff lock sidesteps, fog lamps, 17 inch alloys, LED brake lights and tinted rear privacy Glass, springing for the GLS earns your Mitsubishi’s super select four wheel drive two system, including its center differential and some added off-road functions. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

There are also 18 inch alloys, a tray liner, heated electric door mirrors, LED lights are black grill, dual zone climate and push button start.

And finally the flagship GSR is fitted with black 18 inch alloy wheels, body colored side slats across the black grill at the front, A sport bar and roof rails.

Inside there are leather seats, unique floor mats and better cabin materials too.


Now Mitsubishi says most of the design work has been centered on making the Triton feel a little bit more aggressive and most of that work has occurred here at the front end or what the brand calls its Dynamic Shield, which can be black body colored or chrome, depending on the trim level.

Elsewhere though, well kinda looks like a Ute, doesn’t it? But there are some bigger changes in the cabin. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

The top spec Triton and you’ll find a space that’s quite a nice blend of utility and comfort.

And by that I mean it certainly feels nice enough in here, but it never feels too fancy, which would probably feel out of place on a car in this category.

And there are a couple of things here I really like. I love the nine inch screen. The technology works great.

It’s got wireless apple CarPlay wireless device charging, but I particularly love that all of your key functions and that includes your radio functions, your air con controls, even the handbrake are all hands on tactile experiences.

So no need to dig through a thousand menu screens.


The new gen Triton has grown in every meaningful dimension, and that means more space in the cabin and especially more space in the back seat.

Now the tray’s been lowered slightly too to make loading and unloading slightly easier. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

It’ll carry a Euro palate and it’ll tow three and a half tons braked. And there are lots of little practicality perks in the cabin as well.

The door pockets, they take big bottles. There’s storage up front for a clipboard or a folder, there’s storage for your devices.

Even the USBA and USBC charging ports have been powered up to get your devices charging quicker.

Under the bonnet

Now, big news under this bonnet where the twin turbos set up making 150 kilowatts and 470 newton meters, that power is fed through a six speed automatic, although some of the other body styles will be offered with a manual and it’s two or of course four wheel drive.

On Road Experience

Now, Mitsubishi has taken in describing this car as SUV, like in fact that was the goal when they were working on the MVH and the dynamics, the ride quality and comfort.

And I’d say they’ve largely succeeded, but with a caveat, it is comfortable. But for a ute, and what I mean by that is they’ve largely succeeded in making this car feel far more comfortable for long distance cruises and things like that.

But there is still some Ute like features, you can’t quite shake it, you know, that kind of rattle or rumble through the body when you go over a broken road surface.

Those kind of things are still present as is a little bit of noise from the engine. But overall, it is a pretty comfortable place to spend time on the road.

And that includes rocky climbs and descents, really deep ruts, all that kind of stuff. And I gotta say this, Triton has impressed across the board, it has done it all with absolute ease without really breaking a sweat.

And another feature I quite like is you can swap from too high to four high on the fly without having to come to a complete stop. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

Of course, if you wanna go to fall low, you have to stop putting in neutral and engage it properly.

So overall, I would say that Mitsubishi has definitely, definitely improved the Triton formula here.

And the good part about that is it doesn’t matter whether you want to go on the road or off it, it’s kind of better at both.


Tritons four wheel drive variance, separate claims, 7.7 liters per hundred kilometers on the combined cycle with emissions pegged at 203 grams, a kilometer of CO2.

Two wheel drive bottles are marginally more efficient though there’s now also a 17 liter add blue tank, which you’ll have to top up at today’s prices in Sydney at least.

That would mean $150 to fill the Triton up, which based on the claim fuel use, should deliver a driving range of bang on 1000 kilometers. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review


Now full credit to Mitsubishi for equipping even the cheapest Triton with a swag bag of safety stuff, including a center airbag and an active safety kit that wouldn’t seem out of place on a premium SUV.


Like all Mitsubishis, the Triton is offered with a 10 year warranty and 10 years of cap price servicing, but you only get the full 10 if you service with Mitsubishi.

Otherwise it drops to five years and a hundred thousand kilometers. Servicing is required every 12 months or 15,000 kilometers.

And the first five years are capped at $489 per visit. After that, they go up, but your 10 year total should be 6,690 bucks. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Review

There’s really no denying that this new Triton is a big step forward for Mitsubishi’s Unit.

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