2024 Audi S4 Review|Audi S4 Inside, Outside Look, Pricing, Speed

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2024 Audi S4 Review

This is the 2024 Audi S4 with winter wheels and tires. A normal Audi S4 looks much racier than this.


So normally you’d have brushed aluminum or chrome finish around the side intakes.

The grille surrounds the Audi rings by the rocker panels, the rear bumper, and the exhaust ports, the window surrounds, and also the side view mirror caps, which I feel is like an Audi S car signature.

So in this car, all of those items have been blacked out, giving this a super stealthy look.

As part of that package, you’d normally get the 19 inch five v-spoke wheel design with titanium finish, which would really complete the aggressive look and show off the bright red S4 four piston calipers up front.

2024 Audi S4 Review

While wheels look very boring, it transforms the S4 into kind of a sleeper car.

People won’t know unless they know what to look for in these cars, like the unique front bumper, the slightly lower stance, the better brakes, and the rear bumper with the quad exhaust, which is the biggest giveaway.

But overall, this is a very handsome looking luxury car that’s going to impress wherever you go.

I’ll be drawing a lot of comparisons between this Audi S4 and the BMW M 340 I. They are very closely matched.


Now let’s Talk about the interior, this Audi S4 looks pretty racy. There’s a healthy serving of carbon fiber trim all over, giving this nice depth.

And texture to the interior. This is something that you get with the Audi sport interior package, which is $900 and not a bad upgrade because you also get the red stitching on the steering wheel and also the seats.

Leather Seat

As for the seats, they look awesome. Black leather looks high quality and high class. And there’s also nice bolsters to support your spirited driving. As for the center console, you have nice physical buttons here.

2024 Audi S4 Review


Always a good thing And if you just graze the buttons, it’ll show you the selections. Up top, there’s a 10.1-inch touchscreen with built in navigation.

And also wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. Now, the Audi A4 S4 family has pretty much looked like this for several years.

Digital Driver Display

And I think it’s time for a big redesign. The new BMW M 340 I has a single panel display style that integrates both the infotainment and the digital driver display.

And I think the design is more modern as there’s several car companies employing this interior design strategy.

Now, there’s a digital driver display and also a heads up display. Plenty of information on hand. And of course, you could also customize the views any way you want.

2nd Row

For the second row, these compact luxury sedans can be on the cramped side. There are 35.7 inches of rear legroom and 37.4 inches of headroom.

➤ There’s enough legroom here, but if you want more space, you’re going to have to go with the larger cars.

➤ Any Person with a 5.8 Feet,5.9 Feet Height Can feel comfortable in this car. But if you’re any taller, you might be crouching a bit.

➤ The BMW M 340 I is slightly worse at 35.2 inches of rear legroom and also similar headroom at 37.6 inches.

2024 Audi S4 Review

➤ And At back Side, There is good center console because of the heated outboard seats, automatic climate control, some venting.

Boot Space

As for cargo space, by the way, nice black lift spoiler. And the black Audi rings when we get inside, there’s twelve cubic feet of cargo space.

Pretty small for luxury sports sedans. Quite a big difference versus the BMW M 340 I at 17 cubic feet of space.

Power Engine

Now, when it comes to the power. The Audi S4 is powered by a three liter v six thats makes 349 HP & 369 Pound Feet Of torque. It’s a very gutsy engine that can

Easily land you in jail if you’re not careful. With the eight speed automatic and the quattro all wheel drive system, this thing goes from zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds.

It also does it, while sounding like an angry bull. Shifting is very proactive when you’re in dynamic mode, it tries to keep it in a lower gear at most times, and it makes the car.

2024 Audi S4 Review

Feel very eager to go. Of course, you can quiet all of that attitude down by switching it to a different driving mode.

As for the handling, the Audi S4 handles supremely well around corners. This has the spirit and athleticism of a proper sports sedan. Combine it with the quattro system, and this S4 is a grip monster.

And it reminds me of some of the all wheel drive rally greats of The past, but in a more presentable, bespoke suit kind of presentation.

This tester comes with the S4 package, which gives it a sport rear diff, so you can send more torque to the side with more grip.

And then there’s also the adaptive damping for the suspension. As for the steering, it feels very sharp and has great feedback.

And since it has electric power steering you can also adjust the amount of assistance. You can ask for a bit less boost for a heavier and more sporty driving feel.

Now, when you’re not going ten tenths in the Audi S4, this can actually be a really comfortable luxury car.

Leave everything in comfort mode, and the throttle response gets a bit softer and lazier.

The ride becomes more comfortable, and the exhaust doesn’t bark at you as much. It becomes a very sedate cruiser.

Comparison to the BMW M340i

How does it compare to the BMW M 340 I? The one I talked is the rear wheel drive version. You can also get it in the all wheel drive flavor with the X-drive, which is a little bit more expensive.

Whichever one you go with, you’ll get the three liter inline six b 58 engine with a single twin scroll turbo, which makes a healthy 382 HP & 369 Pound Feet Of torque. You could find that engine in the Toyota Supra as well.

Both the BMW M 340 I and the Audi S4 register the same zero to 60 time of 4.4 seconds. But the BMW M 340 I X-drive version does it in 4.1 seconds.

That’s the same as the BMW M3. The Beamer also makes a mean noise when you drive it hard.

It has adaptive suspension and different driving modes for your various driving situations.

And it handles steers and rides like a proper sports sedan. You definitely need to consider this car as well. If you’re thinking about the Audi S4.

Final Word

So I think my favorite part of this Audi S4 is its ability to be very relaxed. But also, with the switch of a few buttons, become just insanely mad.

When you have it in dynamic mode and then turn on that sport mode, this Audi S4 just becomes a blast to drive.

You never want to stop driving it. It’s really an incredible drive. This car when coupled with that dark optic package and the silly 18-inch winter wheels, this becomes kind of a sleeper car.

And it sort of looks like a Volkswagen Passat. And mileage-wise, it’s not bad either, you get 21 city, 29 highway, and 24 miles per gallon combined.

It’s not as good as the BMW M 340 I, which gets 31 miles per gallon on the highway. Now, would I pick this over the BMW M 340 I or the X drive version? That’s a really tough choice.

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