10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024 – Detailed Guide For Upcoming Two-Wheelers in India

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10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

Today, we’re going to talk about motorcycles that are going to come in 2024.

Yamaha R3

The first bike is the Yamaha R3. Now, this is a motorcycle that has been updated quite some time back, basically in 2021, but for India, it is coming over here in 2023.

Basically, 2024, because it’s going to come next year for everybody to buy.


The pricing for the R3 has been announced at 4.65 lakh, which is a little bit, Too much. Parallel twin, there’s no other motorcycle competing here, and there’s only one, the Kawasaki Ninja, which has not changed a single thing for a very long time.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

The R3 also is getting its sibling over here, the Yamaha MT-03, a naked parallel twin motorcycle, and this motorcycle will come with the same 321 CC motor producing 41.4 PS of power and about 30 newtons of torque, while both the motorcycle will weight close to 169 to 180 kgs. 10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

The power-to-weight ratio of the two motorcycles are and overall will be very likable. Although we believe that it’ll be a very smooth curve and it’ll be a lot of fun to ride Yamaha.

Aprilia RS 457

The next One Is the Aprilia RS 457 is a mad-looking track bag that is accessible to a lot of people and it gets a 457 CC motor producing close to 46 BHP of power while the motorcycle weighs only 160 kg.

Now the power-to-weight ratio over here is going to be mad. It gets a twin-cellular engine, so performance will also be good. It will sound good as well and definitely it looks good.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

There is just one problem the overall motorcycle size is a little bit smaller because it is more of a track tool than a regular motorcycle.

You can expect a lot more performance, a lot more agility, and a perfect good-looking Aprilia finally for India.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

Kawasaki ZX6R

Next up, we talk about Kawasaki. Now, these are the motorcycles that have been already launched outside and they’re coming to India. One of them is the Kawasaki ZX6R, which has been updated.

Now it looks damn amazing because it gets the angry face of the ZX10R, while it still retains the lines of the older ZX6X.

Overall, this is going to be a mad, mad motorcycle, a proper middle-weight, which is going to cost close to 13,lakh ruppes because Kawasaki’s pricing has always been close to that.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024


For an example, the ZX4R here in India costs about 10lakh on road. Zx6r, goes upto easily 13 lakh plus, but that will have the proper inline four middle weight engine that you can do daily duties, that you can do track and it will sound maddening.

If you don’t want to spend too much for the ZX10R and you want something that is accessible and can do your daily duties too, don’t want the 400? The ZX6R will be your perfect pick, and it’s a Kawasaki main green machine.

Eliminator 400

However, if you’re looking to the classic side, there’s one more motorcycle coming and that is the Eliminator 400. 10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

If you’re looking for a motorcycle that’s on the comfortable side, you want a Kawasaki, you want a Japanese machine, but you want a different-looking Japanese, well, this Eliminator will get the same engine as a Ninja 400, producing close to 40 BHP of power.

However, it will be a very relaxed and comfortable motorcycle, and yes, it will definitely be a Parallel twin.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

If you’re looking for something in a classic way, Eliminator 400 can be a good pick.


Pricing could be close to six lakh rupees. Yes, it is going to be costlier compared to all the other motorcycles, the 350s, but then again, it’s a pure Japanese machine.

BMW R1300 GS

I like superbikes, I like adventure bikes, but I am more of a fan of adventure bikes when they go nuts. 10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

Here is one example with the BMW R1300 GS that’s going to come next year, early next year, probably in January or February.

But then again, this motorcycle is going to be crazy. If you want a do it all adventure motorcycle and it’s going to come in multiple variants where you get the spoke wheel variant, where you get the normal alloys and a touring variant, a rally variant.

It’s up to your choice, but this boxer engine, the 1300cc, it’s going to be pretty useful. It’s going to look like a balanced motorcycle.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024


While the BMW has already showcased it worldwide for India. It’s coming quite soon and pricing will be close to 25 to 38 lakh rupees.

Yes, it’s going to be a pricey motorcycle, but definitely worth every penny for what it has to offer.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

The design of the R1300 GS does not suit many people because the front has changed completely. However, if you look at it in person, it does look quite nice and balanced now.

Suzuki Burgman Electric

Next up is an electric. Yes, we’re talking about the Suzuki Burgman Electric.

Suzuki is finally coming up with a Burgman Electric and it’s going to come close to March or June 2024. 10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

However, this is one thing that everybody will like you will get a comfortable, spacious electric scooter, which is not a fashion going around nowadays.

If you’re looking to get yourself an electric scooter, if you want it from a Japanese brand, and if you want a decent amount of range, comfort, and a scooter that is spacious enough for tall guys out there, so Burgman is definitely to look out for and Burgman Electric is soon to come.


Pricing will be close to 1 To 1.5 Lakh, That’s about it.

However, the range that we might expect from this scooter, as you’ve seen it in testing and a lot of places, it’s somewhere close to 95 to 110 km, which is the average range of all the other EVs, EV scooters going around nowadays.

Suzuki Vstrom 800

However, if you’re still into adventure motorcycling, then a middle-weight Suzuki Vstrom 800 is definitely coming. 10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

Yes, it will be priced close to 10 or 11 lakh on road, but then again an 800cc motor from the Suzuki’s lineup is something that is torque-loaded.

And Vstrom, it’s a storm of a torque. That’s what the name is all about. It has been showcased worldwide.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024


It is definitely coming to India with a pricing close to 10 Lakh Rupees. Overall, this is going to be a perfect touring motorcycle.

I can’t say adventure because the suspension is not as long travel as the other adventure motorcycles, but it is a perfect, long, comfortable touring motorcycle that can go the distance like none other.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Next One Is you have Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 coming soon. Shotgun 650, the one that was shown in Motowars, is going to be the same motorcycle, but Motowars edition is a limited edition and a similar motorcycle of that sort is going to come soon.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

It’s going to be the same 650 as we’ve already ridden, but it’s going to be more of an engaging, low-rider, fun motorcycle to be very honest.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

There’s another version of it and that’s going to be the Scrambleer, which is basically a modified interceptor.

If you want to go a little bit of trail riding, you want to have a little bit more fun with and go touring as well, then it’s going to be a Scrambler variant where it will be a little bit more accessible for better terrains and can do a little bit more off road duties as compared to what the interceptor does.

Himalayan 450

Himalayan 650, no idea about this one because 450 is their priority right now. 450 lineup there’s going to be another motorcycle coming, which is going to be a smaller one, but we’ll keep that aside.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

For now, the Shotgun 650 and the Scrambleer 650 are coming soon.

Bajaj Chetak Scooter

The next set is from Bajaj. Basically, I can say that Bajaj, KTM and Hasquana family started with Bajajs. You’re getting the new Chetak coming soon.

It’s going to be an updated scooter. It’s going to have a little bit more range. It’s going to have some connectivity features, probably a better screen.

10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

A little bit different design. Might not be major change, but it will look a lot fresh of a scooter.

To be very honest, I have liked the Chetak so much because of the build quality that none other scooters offer, and that is what I’m looking out for.


Pricing, again same 1.50 to 1.60 lakh, so it’s going to be on the higher side. However, the build quality is awesome.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

Duke 390

The next thing is the new Duke 390 adventure coming in. With the 400s already coming in, the Duke 400, which has been updated with the fast, powerful engine,

the new 390 adventure would also get the newer engine with an overall design upgrade and a better chassis setup too.

You might also see a rally variant of it coming in probably because KTM wants to get a rally variant of the 390 as well. Then comes the Husqwana pair.

Husqwana has Swart, Pillen and Whitpalan. We have already seen the Spy shots of the new 250 Swartpilot and Whitpilot being tested out with a new 250cc engine and that’s pretty nice.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024

However, we’ll definitely see an upgrade to the Swatpalan-Witpalan with the 401, with the new 400cc engine coming in over here as well.

Duke 390

If you’re looking for some unique-looking motorcycles, you should definitely look out for these as well.

Hero 160

If you’re looking for a 160cc scooter, so Hero is also going to get this room 160 soon.. It’s going to go on sale quite early in 2024, maybe March or April, aspects.

If you’re looking for a performance scooter that looks quite dope, it’s more like an adventure performance scooter combination. Yes, it’s going to be a little different, a unique scooter overall.10 Hottest Upcoming Bikes In 2024


You should wait for it. It’s going to be priced close to 1.60 to 1.70 Lakh rupees. Yes, from Hero, it’s going to be a little bit pricier. Again, because this is purpose-built, it’s going to be a little bit costly.

These were the upcoming bike, scooters, electric vehicles that you should definitely be looking out for.

If you have any other doubts of any other scooters, is it coming or not, just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll try to find more details about it.

However, if you are confirmed and if you like something or if you are waiting for something like the BMW R1300 GS that I am waiting for. Just let me know if you are waiting for the same or any of these here, go for it.

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