Yamaha 2024 RX100: Exciting New Model Ahead

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Yamaha 2024 RX100

Today, we are buzzing with excitement as we bring you the latest look on the highly anticipated return of an iconic bike, the Yamaha Rx100.

Now, let’s dive into the details of the new Yamaha Rx100, set to make waves in the Indian market.

The Yamaha Rx100 is a bike that holds a special place in the hearts of Indian bikers Known for its two-stroke engine, the old era Rx100 was a legend in its prime.

Now, Yamaha is bringing it back with a modern twist, promising a dashing look and best in class power.

The bike resonates with the emotions of every Indian rider and has even gained popular on social media, originally début in 1985 and discontinued in 1996 due to engine issues.

The Rx100 is making a powerful comeback now.

Engine Details

So come to the engine upgrade in the old model, the Rx100 had a 100 cc engine with 11 PS of power and 10.39 Nm Torque.

The two-stroke engine was a gem in its initial moments, but the mixing of oil and fuel led to its discontinuation.

In the new model, Yamaha is reviewing things up with a 200 cc engine for more power and speed to the bikers.

Expect a larger piston displacement and a dual-way five-speed transmission in this bike.

If you move to the features, the new Yamaha Rx100 is not just about power, it’s about modern upgrades too.


Anticipated an all LED light setup with DRL springs and a braking system representing the ABS model.

Variants may offer dual-channel or single-channel ABS with a retro-style design and a single-channel ABS with a retro-style design and a single upside-down seat.

The Rx100 will also feature a USB charging port, digital instrument cluster, service indicator, navigation, and much more.

Launching Time

So exciting times are ahead While the exact launch launch is yet to be confirmed, we can expect the Yamaha Rx100 to hit the Indian market in 2024.

The price is estimated to be around 1.5 Lakh. Keep your eyes filled for updates on this highly-awaited comeback.

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