What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it ? Student Use For Their Work in 2023

What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

So I want you to think about your ninth grade during class. The principal you recognize the voice gets on the intercom and reads the following statement to everybody.

Do not use chat gpT or any other automated writing tool for school papers. This is cheating and will not be tolerated. If you are caught using chat GPT or any other automated writing tools for school papers, there will be serious consequences.

This is an actual statement that a principal said about Chat Gpt. Where was Chat Gpt when we were in high school? Can you imagine some of these papers, by the way, in a minute, I’m gonna go on the website.

There’s two things we gonna surge on this website. Chat Gpt, that got a million users in five days fast than Facebook Took him two years faster than Pinterest It took him four months faster than Angry Birds took him 35 days.

We’re gonna test two things.

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One, I’m gonna search, write a rap song as if Tupac would write it.

Two, I’m gonna say, I want a paper written on the Iranian revolution written by Donald j Trump’s voice. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

What is ChatGPT

Let’s see what it says. Having said that, what the hell is Chat Gpt? Let’s learn about it.

So let’s get right into it By the way, just outta curiosity, who do you think is behind this Chat Gpt? Meaning, who do you think started a company in 2015?

What if I told you a guy named Sam Altman and another guy named Elon Musk with the co-chairs when they first started the company, and some of the names of people that committed to giving a billion dollars to this nonprofit were Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston.

They brought a CTO from Stripe named Greg Brockman, and they brought the world leading expert in machine learning.

On top of that, like it’s almost like saying the Justice League of computer scientists, the most brilliant minds, came together and saying, what can we do to innovate and advance open AI in ways no one’s ever seen before? And that’s exactly what they’ve done. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

So now you may be asking, so what’s the big deal about Chat Gpt ?

I mean, don’t we already have Google? What’s the difference between this on Google? I mean, can’t be better than Google, right? So let me give you a visualization.

Imagine you go to a library, Google is, you go in and say, Hey, I would like to read a book on the history of the Iranian Revolution. No problem Here’s a book Go read it That’s Google.

You go to Chat Gpt you gonna say, Hey, can you give me the summary of what happened in the Iranian Revolution? Yes, here you go. It just gives it to you Here you go Do it yourself.

Here I’m gonna interact with you. And by the way, in Google, you’re talking to a website in Chat Gpt It’s as if you’re talking to human being writing back to you in a conversational style Okay? Lemme just put it to you this way.

What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it
What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

New York Times just came out with an article saying, this is a code read for Google And Elon Musk said in a tweet, this is scary.

We’re not far from dangerously strong AI. So let me kind of give you an example. I’m gonna go on the website right now.

First Sample Of Chat GPT

Like I promised you earlier Let’s see what happens if I type in write a song like Tupac Let’s see what it says. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

It’s doing it for me right now. Here’s a sample, Tupac inspired song.

I was born in the gut of raising the streets.
Mama was a hustler.
Daddy was deceased.
I had to fend for myself.
No time to sleep.
The only way to survive was to stay on my feet.
I’m a warrior.
I won’t back down a for what I believe won’t let them push me around.
I’m a soldier.
I won’t give in.
I’ll stand tall even when it feels like the world is caving in.

This is insane by the way that this, this is happening real time right now. It’s writing the song in a minute. How crazy is this, Mario? Okay, let me do another one here for you.

2nd Sample Of Chat GPT

Write a paper on Iran Revolution, revolution and make it sound like Donald Trump. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

The Iranian revolution was a huge deal, folks. It was a time of great upheaval on turmoil in the Middle Eastern country of Iran.

The revolution was led by a Teleman who was a very dishonest and corrupt man. He was, , supported by many radical Islamic groups and they were all determined to destroy the great and peaceful country of Iran.

Under the leadership of Khomeini, the Iranian people were subjected to all sorts of horrors. The this is, it’s still going, it’s still writing it.

I mean, what are you gonna write a paper for? Fyi? You know what’s happening? The whole thing with the principles, and you cannot use this anymore.

So teachers are starting to realize that kids are using Chat Gpt, there’s a website called Quill Bot, which you’ll go here and get the paper. Then you take it from there, put it on Quill Bott. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

Then quill Bott makes it seem like you wrote it so the school cannot track it. And then you submit it and, and the teacher has to believe that you wrote it or somebody else wrote it, but they can’t track it.

I mean, do you realize how big of a disruption this is for copywriters, for schools, for teachers, for professors? How are you gonna know now to kind of get things to be more real life? You have to write the paper in class to believe that the person wrote it, not a website wrote it.

Anyways, this is the website and what it’s doing that’s revolutionizing many different industries. However, were they the first to do this? Did anybody else do this on what happened to ’em? What if I told you both Microsoft and Meta try to do this? And they both flopped for different reasons.

Microsoft did it with a company called TA for 24 hours. This was like in 2015 or 2016, and it was all AI, you know, generated content that’s coming up and is doing it itself until all of a sudden the tweets went from being a good human being to being a white supremacist, literally calling out feminists within 24 hours.

That project was over with for Microsoft. And Meta had a similar type of website called Blender Bot three. But they had a challenge because a user asked a question about who won the election. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

And Blender Bot claimed that Donald Trump won the election. Obviously it was over from there. But now Chat Gpt what they’ve done the last few weeks has gone from zero to 29 billion in valuation.

So they’re the ones so far that have been able to get it right the most. Doesn’t mean they’re not gonna have any glitches, but so far so good in the first few weeks.

So what does this mean to everybody? To you? To me, to the consumer. It’s just another cool tool to use. But to people involved in spaces like technology copywriting, they’re gonna experience a lot of disruption.

So that could be leading to unemployment or it could lead to millions of new jobs being created.

Just like nobody thought some of these, uh, websites were being created. Oh my God, that thing’s gonna eliminate so many jobs as.

3 Careers Down after chatgpt

No Google Creator jobs due to creator jobs, rather enough, they create many different unique ways of making money. So advancement, innovation, coming at a very, very fast pace. What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it

And by the way, this may not be the brick phone, but it could be the Nokia phone, okay, that we’re talking about with advancement.

This is definitely not at the level of the smartphone or the iPhone. So it’s gonna be very interesting where this AI goes to.

We’re definitely going into uncharted territories that we’ve not been in, which means get used to having to adapt and learn very, very quickly and having to see things that we’ve never been used to before that can disrupt many different industries or help you grow your business to the next level.

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