What Is Chat GPT | How To Use Chat GPT Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners?

What Is chat GPT? Use Of chat GPT

Today I will tell you about such a thing, due to which you can do all your work within a minute. The work which takes you hours, or months to do, that work will be done in a minute.

The work for which you spend thousands of rupees, you spend lakhs of rupees, that work is also free and you do not need to watch YouTube videos, nor do you need to search Google,

how to make a video or reel viral will know. You have to make any website, it will be ready within a minute. If you want to solve a hard question of maths, then you will solve it in a minute, if you have to write an essay and give it to the children,

if you want to explain a topic, that too will be done in a minute. Have to write an email to the boss, make a CV for the job. What Is Chat GPT

Writing any article on a topic, software or even if you want to make a mobile app, you can do everything in a minute with the help of chat gpt, you will not need to search Google for anything.

Welcome to this article on how to use Chat GPT, the revolutionary AI chatbot created by OpenAI. This state of the art artificial intelligence allows you to generate conversational text to any questions you might have. It can even code for you.

chat gpt

Now Chat GPT Free

In this article I’ll be showing you how to set up an account and how to use it because there’s two different interface that you can actually use.

For now, the AI chatbot is completely free, but if I check my usage page, I can see that every request cost me around two to $0.04. So in the future, this will be paid, but for now you can use it completely for free. What Is Chat GPT

But only time will show how much it will exactly cost. All right, it’s time to get you set up so you can use this revolutionary technology for your own benefit.

How to create an account in ChatGPT

Step 1: For the very first step, you’ll open your browser and type in Chat.openai.com.

Step 2: Then in order to use it, you’ll need an account with OpenAI, the company behind this.

Step 3: So simply click sign up and say Create an OpenAI account.

Step 4: Here you fill out a new email, a password,

Step 5: After verifying your email and the phone that connects with your account, you’re ready to go.

And now if you log in at ChatOpenai.com, you will be faced with this interface. And this is the basic interface. And now we can start asking it questions.

What Is Chat GPT

Interesting Thing In ChatGPT

But I want to show you another way to access this because this is the user friendly way. But you can also go to the playground over at Beta.OpenAI.com/PLAYGROUND.

And in the playground we get more customization options so you can actually pick the AI model that they trained here. What Is Chat GPT

And while the DAVinci003 is the newest one that is also used in this user friendly interface, you can pick other ones in order to learn more about the technology.

What Is Chat GPT

Most of the time DaVinci will be the best one, but it’s just interesting to see some of these options here. For example, now you can go ahead and lift the maximum length of the character.

So if you’re trying to write an essay, this is a great way to control the length. And while you could just use this and say, write me a 2000 word essay on artificial intelligence’there, you go some of these manual controls can be useful. And here’s the killer feature that I’ll end this with. What Is Chat GPT

What Is Chat GPT

You can load these presets, okay? And these presets can be a fantastic, fantastic startup points to explore the chat if you want even more inspiration can go to Beta.Openai.com/examples and then you can see an even wider range of examples.

Chat GPT Full Tutorial?

You can check here

Is chat GPT bot?

Yes, chat gpt is bot that is created by Open AI

Should I write article by using chat gpt

yes, you can write an article infact anything you can write, and its totally unique content

Which one is best between google and chat gpt

I may not be able to answer this,
But the way it is becoming famous, it can definitely create problems for Google in the future.

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