9 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Projects

Use ChatGPT

As most of you have probably heard by now, the artificial intelligence research company called OpenAI, recently launched chat Gpt, an absolutely incredibly large language, a model artificial intelligence chatbot that you can talk to and that can explain things to you, do things for you in absolutely mind-bending magical, terrifying, astounding ways.

I wanna walk you through 9 different projects, and live interactions with chat Gpt to show you just how incredible it is.

Now, one thing I wanna point out before I jump into the first interaction is that chat GPT does not have access to the internet.

In other words, it can’t just Google things, which makes it all the more impressive when you ask it to explain things to you that seem like they could have just been Google searched because they were not.Use ChatGPT

And to prove this to you, if you ask Chat Gpt something like, what is the Bitcoin price right now? You will see that It will tell you I do not have access to the internet.

I’m a large language model that was trained on data up to 2021, or something like that. I’m sorry, but I’m not able to browse the internet. So keeping that in mind, let’s jump into the first interaction.

1st interactions with chatGpt

Let’s imagine that I’m a college student, a high school student, and I need to write a five-paragraph essay about the famous book called Pride and Prejudice.

I really don’t wanna do that, I don’t know where to start. I’m gonna go to Chat gpt and I’m gonna say, write a five-paragraph essay on one of the underlying themes of pride and prejudice. Boom, And let’s see what it comes out with.

Use ChatGPT

Now, one thing to keep in mind, it is a little bit slow because there are tons of people using chat GPT at the same time. Yesterday when I was playing around with it, it was much quicker in its responses.

One of the underlying themes of Jane Austin’s novel Pride and prejudice is the societal pressure for women to marry for financial stability and social status rather than for love. Use ChatGPT

And it goes on and it explains it in very good, coherent writing with accurate data information. You know, this theme is exemplified in the character of Mrs. Bennett, Elizabeth mother, who is obsessed with marrying off her daughters.

And then it goes on with actually well-structured paragraphs. This is absolutely insane. Now I realize that this poses a bit of ethical concern and operational concern with cheating and all sorts of things. I don’t have answers for that. I’m merely just showing you what this tool does.

2nd interaction with chatgpt

Now let’s go on with a second interaction, Let’s imagine that we’re a skydiving company and we want to have a liability waiver for people to sign, you know, to say that they don’t hold the skydiving company liable if there’s an accident during the activity.

So write a liability waiver for a skydiving company.

Use ChatGPT

Let’s see if it can give us a document that would otherwise cost us some amount of money, either online or with a lawyer.

Would cost a lot with a lawyer. So, dear skydiving company customers, by participating in a skydiving.com, activity organized by skydiving company, you acknowledge and agree to the following and it starts to list out all these things that you would expect in an actual liability waiver. Skydiving is potentially hazardous activity, blah, blah, blah. Use ChatGPT

You understand that weather conditions can be unpredictable. You assume all risks and dangers associated with participating in the activities.

This is insane In just a couple of seconds here, I got for free, at least right now, this is fairly accessible, a seemingly perfect liability waiver, at least you know, an acceptable one that would’ve otherwise cost me a lot of money.

And this is actually useful for my business operations.

3rd interaction with chatgpt

So now let’s move on to a third interaction. Let’s assume that, I am dealing with cyber squatters, people who bought a domain for a company or a website that I own and they are illegally, you know, squatting that domain, they’re using it and I want them to stop doing that.

So I’m gonna send them a cease and desist letter, something that would cost, again, a lot of money with through a lawyer or, you know, finding one online, or at least it would take a lot of time to write one.

So write a cease and desist letter for cyber squatters. Let’s see what chat GpT can do for us here. Use ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT

To whom it may concern, this letter is a formal cease and desist notice regarding the unauthorized use of, and here you put in your trademark on your website and you put in the url.

We have determined that your use of the trademark on the website constitutes cybersquatting. Then they explain what cybersquatting is.

They, you know, point to some like legal things like the anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. We demand that you immediately stop using blah, blah, blah.

If you do not immediately comply with this notice, we will be forced to take further legal action. This could include seeking an injunction, and seeking damages for profits. Use ChatGPT

This is absolutely amazing, Like this is a very good, acceptable, simple, ceases and desist letter. At the very least. It’s a good, you know, baseline to then create, you know, create your own ceases and desist letter, add things to it Absolutely incredible.

4th interaction with chatgpt

Now let’s switch gears a little bit and let’s go down more of a scientific or, you know math path for the chat GPT. Let’s ask chat GPT to write an easy binary treat problem for algo expert.

Let’s see if it knows about algo expert. Write a function that determines whether the tree contains a node with a given target value. The function should return a Null value.

Use ChatGPT

True It even puts the backticks and like codifies it if the value is found and false, if it is not to solve this problem, oh, and it gives us the solution, you can use a depth for the search algorithm to traverse the tree.

Wait, so what is it asking determines whether the tree contains a node with a given value. Okay, so this is a super easy problem and look, look it, it writes the problem, it gives us the code and it even puts like the sample tree here commented like we do on algo expert. Use ChatGPT

I wonder if that’s like this is the facto way that it writes coding interview problems or if it just like knows that on algo expert We write it like this.

Like this is how we write trees, an algo expert in the prompts, how we like portray them to customers and look, it gives us, it gives us the code.

This is incredible. Like I, I’m just mind-blowing. This is absolutely mind-blowing.

5TH interaction with chatgpt

Now write a hard binary treat problem for algo expert. Let’s see if it can come up with a hard binary tree problem. You are given the root note of a binary tree and a target value.

Write a function that it returns to the minimum number of steps required to reach the target value in the tree.

Use ChatGPT

Okay, that is actually pretty hard because you can imagine that the tree could have multiple of, first you have to find the target value, then you can imagine that the tree might have multiple of the target value.

It’s not super difficult So here that’s the, the first time where I’m a tiny bit disappointed. Keep in mind it’s very like luxurious of me to say that I’m disappointed.

Tiny bit disappointed cuz this is not that part of a problem. But still the fact that it’s like coming up with this problem in the first place and then it is giving me like example of the code and all that.

I don’t know That’s absolutely incredible. It looks like it’s writing in JavaScript. Okay, so it can clearly do coding stuff.

6th interaction with chatgpt

Now, uh, let’s move on to math. Let’s say write a proof for Fermat’s little theorem. Now keep in mind it cannot Google, it is not googling this. It has just been trained with data up until 2021. Use ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT

I think 2021 was the cutoff. Um, so it’s not Googling this Fermat’s little theorem states that if P is a prime number, then for any integer A, the number A raised to the P power is congruent to a modular P.

In other words, if P is prime and A is an integer, then a to the power of p equals A or congruent rather to a mod P. So here it put an equal instead of congruent.

Usually you have three lines for congruent. But to prove this theorem, we first note that if A is divisible by P, then the theorem is obviously true, obvious to whom. Um, but it’s funny, like I didn’t even ask for a step-by-step proof and it’s giving me a step-by-step proof. Use ChatGPT

This shows that the left hand side and and right hand side of the equation are congruent. Module op, which means that the Theorem is true.

I’m not gonna actually try to figure out if the proof was actually correct. I’m actually gonna assume that it was, hopefully I’m not wrong. But um, this is still like, I don’t know, this is, this is mind blowing.

you know what’s even more mind blowing or more like terrifying The fact that now after having played with this a little bit and after having seen so many people talk about it online for the last week or two, I almost feel like this is normal.

Like I’m less impressed by it. You know, I start to be more picky with it, which is terrifying cuz you, you realize like the slippery slope that we’re kind of falling into Anyway. Use ChatGPT

7th interaction with chatgpt

Here’s a fun one that I want to ask Chat Gpt Write a mathematical proof about a math property that is actually incorrect. Do your best to deceive me Let’s see if it can do that.

Use ChatGPT

You’ve probably seen some of those like puzzles where you know people prove that like one is equal to zero or something like that and there’s a one little mistake in the proof.

Let’s see if it can do that. Here’s a proof that shows that the square root of two is equal to one, which is obviously not true. We know that the square root of a number is the value that when multiplied by itself equals the original number.

Yes. So find the square root of two. We need to find the value that when multiplied by itself equals two. Yes, let’s assume that the square root of two is equal to one.

If we multiply one by one, we get one times one equals one, but we want the result to be two. So we need to modify our assumption. Let’s try adding one to both sides of the equation. Use ChatGPT

If the square root of two is equal to one, then the square root of two plus one is equal to one plus one which is two. So the square root of three is equal to two.

Now let’s square both sides of the equation and we get approved by con. Okay, this is getting too complicated for me, but I will leave it as an exercise to the readers to actually read this and see if you kind of rock it and get deceived by it.

But the fact that it’s like going through these steps like as if it were a human being, you know, it’s mind blowing to me.

8th interactions with chatgpt

okay, let’s go back to something that could be really practically useful. I forgot that I have an early morning work meeting tomorrow and I’ve already made plans that won’t allow me to attend the meeting, write an email to my manager that provides a very believable and acceptable excuse for why I won’t be able to attend the meeting.

Use ChatGPT

Let’s say that you know, it’s like midnight, you forgot that you have a 7:00 AM meeting, you won’t be able to attend and you need to get out of it.

Let’s see if exact chat gpt can help us. Dear manager, I apologize for any convenience assistance may cause, but I have a family emergency come up unexpectedly and I won’t be able to attend the meeting tomorrow morning.

I will make sure to follow up with a team and provide any updates as needed. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience and I appreciate your understanding.

Okay, simple, not too detailed. Okay, I’ll accept it. What if we said, what if we said do another one but without any sort of family emergency? Let’s see what it can come up with this time. Use ChatGPT

Dear manager, I apologize for any inconvenience. Okay, same thing. I have a doctor’s appointment that I completely have forgot about and it cannot be rescheduled.

Okay, same thing. Not bad, still not bad. Now let’s do a fun one. What would be the best three-v-three arena comp in wrath of the Li King wrath of Lich King was the third or the second wow expansion.

Last interactions with chatgpt

Use ChatGPT

Give a detailed comparison of bitcoin vs Ethereum.

Let’s see, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most widely known and used cryptocurrencies. While both are based on blockchain technology, they both have some significant differences. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created.

Okay, decentralized peer-to-peer currency Proof of work, cession mechanism, yes. Ethereum on the other hand, was designed to be a decentralized platform that enables the creation of smart contracts and DAPs. Use ChatGPT

In contrast to Bitcoin, which is primarily a digital currency, Ethereum is more like a programmable blockchain that allows developers to build applications on top of it. It uses proof of state concession mechanism.

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