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TS 2

Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies

TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

TS 2 Free Solved Assignment July 2021 & Jan 2022

Q 1 What do you mean by tourism products? Describe features of Indian tourism products.

Ans: Tourism products:

The tourism industry is a service industry. It provides products to tourists. These products are nothing but services.

This service product refers to an activity or a set of activities that a marketer offers to perform, resulting in the satisfaction of a need of the customer or the target market.

Products that fulfill or satisfy the customer’s leisure, pleasure or business needs at places other than their own places of residents are known as tourism products.

A tourism product can be either a tangible item. For example, a comfortable seat in an aircraft or the food served in a restaurant.

Further, tourism products can also be an intangible item, for example, the quality of services provided by the cruise liner or scenic beauty at a hill resort.

Features of Indian tourism products:

Tourism products are mainly service products or services that have several characteristics. For example, in business tourism, conference planning and management is a service offered by large hotels and convention centers. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Other products which tourists consume like wildlife, and flora and fauna are natural products. Some of the features are:

1 Intangible: Unlike a tangible product, say, a motor car or refrigerator, no transfer of ownership of goods is involved in tourism.

The product here cannot be seen or inspected before its purchase. Instead, certain facilities, installations, items of equipment are made available for a specified time and for a specified use.

2 Psychological: A large component of tourism product is the satisfaction the consumer derives from its use.

A tourist acquires experiences while interacting with the new environment and his experiences help to attract and motivate potential customers.

3 Composite Nature: The tourist product cannot be provided by a single enterprise unlike a manufactured product. The tourist product covers the complete experience of a visit to a particular place. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

4 Highly Perishable: A travel agent or tour operator who sells a tourism product cannot store it.

Production can only take place if the customer is actually present. And once consumption begins, it cannot be stopped, interrupted or modified.

5 Unstable Demand: Tourism demand is influenced by seasonal, economic political and others such factors.There are certain times of the year which see a greater demand than others.

6 Fixed supply in the short run: The tourism product unlike a manufactured product cannot be brought to the consumer; the consumer must go to the product.

This requires an in-depth study of users’ behaviour, taste preferences, likes and dislikes so that expectations and realities coincide for the maximum
satisfaction of the consumer.

TS 2 Free Solved Assignment
TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

7 Absence of ownership: When you buy a car, the ownership of the car is transferred to you, but when you hire a taxi you buy the right to be transported to a predetermined destination at a predetermined price (fare).

You neither own the automobile nor the driver of the vehicle.

8 Heterogeneous: Tourism is not a homogeneous product since it tends to vary in standard and quality over time, unlike a T.V set or any other manufactured product.

A package tour or even a flight on an aircraft can’t be consistent at all times. The reason is that this product is a service and services are people based.

9 Risky: The risk involved in the use of a tourism product is heightened since it has to be purchased before its consumption. An element of chance is always present in its consumption. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Q 2 Describe the tourism potential of the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai.

Ans: Tourism potential of the Prince of Wales Museum:

The Prince of Wales Museum, now commonly known as ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya’,was established during the early 20th century.

This museum is considered as a heritage structure in Mumbai because of its admirable architecture.

The Prince of Wales Museum is one of the most significant museums in India. The museum showcases several collections of ancient artworks, sculptures and artifacts in its galleries.

After the inception of the renovation project in 2008, many new galleries were opened, which contained artworks of Hindu God Krishna, textiles and Indian traditional costumes. Regular exhibitions and lectures on several topics are also held inside the museum.

The Prince of Wales Museum was originally a building that was used as a military hospital for the Children’s Welfare Exhibitions.TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Tourists from the world all over, make it a point to visit this magnificent heritage building and to explore the various ancient artifacts preserved within this museum.

Mumbai city has been the choice of merchants and philosophers from all over the world. Due to its proximity to the seashore, it is also called as Gateway of India.

Every year, millions of tourists come from all over the world to explore the majestic beauty of this city.

This is the brief description of Mumbai, in this particular article, about a famous museum in Mumbai which has a distinctive set of houses in India. Through which you can understand many aspects of Indian history.


The Prince of Wales Museum was built in order to honor and commemorate the visit of King George V to India. Although the idea for a museum was initiated in 1904, the foundation stone was laid down by the Prince of Wales in 1905.

In 1907, the government of Bombay (Mumbai) Presidency granted the museum committee a strip of land called the ‘Crescent Site’.TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

The Prince of Wales Museum was designed by a prominent architect, George Wittet and was erected on this site in 1915.

Initially the museum was used as a military hospital and a ‘Children’s Welfare Center during the ‘First World War’. The museum was inaugurated in 1922.


The Prince of Wales Museum is one of Mumbai’s prized, British Raj era structures. The museum is built in the Indi-Saracenic style of architecture.

The design of the building is a blend of 15th to 16th century Gujarati and Islamic design, in addition to English brickwork.

The structure is adorned with an impressive Mughal white dome that adds splendor to its appearance. The building is bordered by lavish green gardens.

The museum has three different parts for Natural history section, Archaeology section and Art section. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Museum Artifacts:

Innumerable forms of art and artifacts hailing from India, Tibet, Nepal and other far eastern countries are preserved in this museum.

The museum also houses a collection of 2000 rare miniature paintings from several noteworthy art schools in India. Ancient Indian art and sculptures are exhibited in the museum’s sculpture gallery.

One can also find decorative artworks made from wood, metal, jade and ivory among the museum collections.

There are also rare archeological artifacts that date back to the ‘Indus Valley’ civilization in the 2000 B.C. Remnants from the ‘Maurya’ as well as ‘Gupta’ periods are beautifully displayed in the museum. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

The ‘Natural History’ section of the museum includes a collection of reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds and fishes.

There is another section that displays Indian arms and armor that displays an array of weapons, swords, shields in addition to other projectiles. The museum has a section comprised of European oil paintings.

Q 6 Describe the places a tourist can visit while residing at Kovalam.

Ans: Places a tourist can visit while residing at Kovalam:

Kovalam is one of the must-visit places in Kerala that offers you enchanting views of the ocean. Known for temples and sunsets, there are plenty of places to see in Kovalam.

If you haven’t seen much of South India, Kovalam is a good starting point. And for details like where to go and what to do in the city, we are always here rounding it up for you.

Places a tourist can visit while residing at Kovalam are as follows:

1 Lighthouse Beach – Kovalam’s Most Iconic Spot:

Most popular of Kovalam tourist places, Lighthouse Beach is the most happening and crowded one. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

A 30 m tall lighthouse erected on the Kurumkal Hill, right along the beach, acts as a landmark to the beach and hence the name.

Climb over 140 steps to reach an observation area from where you can witness the village of Poovar on one side and Beemapalli Mosque on the other.

2 Hawah Beach – Serenity & Relaxation:

A little less crowded and surrounded by verdant coconut and palm plantations, Hawah Beach is a choice for those who prefer serenity and relaxation.

It is also one of the famous tourist places in Kovalam, right opposite to Lighthouse shoreline.

3 Samudra Beach – Spell-binding Beauty:

The calmest beach with spell-binding beauty in Kovalam is none other than Samudra Beach. It is not crowded, and is mostly preferred by newlyweds who wish to spend time away from hustle and bustle. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Samudra Beach is one of the coolest places to visit in Kovalam, detached from other beaches in Kovalam by a promontory and some shore crevices.

4 Karamana River – Leisure & Relaxation:

Karamana River originates from the southern part of Sahyadri Range. The river predominantly flows through an outskirt region of Kovalam called Karmana, hence the nomenclature.

It is a typical stream of peninsular India – broad and gentle. Tourists mainly visit the river bank to enjoy boating.

5 Vellayani Lake – A Must-Visit:

Vellayani Lake is a large freshwater body in Kerala and ranks high in the list of famous places to visit in Kovalam.

Located just 7 km from the city, it is a unique biome comprising a wide plethora of flora and fauna. A quaint road in the form of a bund intersects the lake.

6 Halcyon Castle – Luxury Hotel Stay:

Halcyon Castle, also known as Napier Museum, was built in 1932 by Sri Rama Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran as a summer retreat. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Sri Rama Varma sold this palace to Kerala Government in 1964. Now, Halcyon Castle has converted to a 5-star luxury hotel and is run by Ravi Pillai, an NRI businessman.

7 Kovalam Art Gallery – For Art Lovers:

For those who have an inclination towards paintings and art work, Kovalam Art Gallery or Sree Chithra Art Gallery is a paradise. The gallery displays valuable and significant paintings of famous painters of the Kerala community.

8 Valiyathura Pier – Jaw-Dropping Views Of Malabar Coast:

The pier is a 214 m long jetty, located near Valiyathura. It locally means a big port. The pier attracts tourists for its jaw-dropping views of Malabar Coast and the Arabian Sea.

9 Neyyar Dam – An Ideal Picnic Spot:

This gravity dam is located on the Neyyar River, along the foothills of Western Ghats. Due to its placement,the dam formed a beautiful lake which is an ideal picnic spot in Kovalam.

10 Aruvikkara Dam – Enjoy Boating:

Located on the banks of Karamana River, Aruvikkara Dam is among popular picnic spots in Kovalam. Tourists visit this beautiful dam and lake for day outing mostly.

11 Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple – An Old Rock Shrine:

One of important places to visit in Kovalam for religious people is Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple. It is as old as 18th century and located in the outskirts area of Kovalam.

Q 8 Write an essay on Kalinga-Bali-Yatra.


Orissa was once a part of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga. Ports flourished in this area as early as 5th and 4th centuries BC. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

The sea-route between ports of Orissa and Bali were very active at that time. By the beginning of Christian era merchants from Orissa established cultural and trade relationship with Indonesia, Malaysia and Orissa.

The adventure-filled journeys conducted by the ancient sailors and merchants of Kalinga are still preserved through the Bali Yatra Festival.

Bali Yatra menace voyage to Bali it’s a festival celebrated in the Indian state Odisha at the silver city Cuttack, this city is one of the oldest city of this state.

Kalinga is the ancient name of Odisha, many years before this brave land was popularly known in South Asia as a nation of great traders.

In old days the Sadhabas would unfold sail to outlying lands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Sri Lanka etc countries for trading as well as for cultural expansion.

For the purpose of sailing they used large vessels those are called Boitas.

For showing gratitude and admiration towards the great Sadhabas’ of Odisha of ancient time and to remember this great event and those golden days every year Kalinga Bali Yatra festival was organized.

Bali Yatra festival is observed on Karthik Purnima Day every year in Orissa. The festival is reminiscent of Orissa’s maritime links with Suvarna Dwipa of by-gone days of which island of Bali is a part. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

On the day, colorful paper boats are floated in tanks, rivers or sea reminding the present generations of hundreds of Kalinga merchants who used to sail on high seas in pursuit of maritime glory.

Kalidas in his Raghuvamsa referred to the king of Kalinga as ‘The Lord of the Sea’, as a testimony to his fame and glory.

The now Bay of Bengal was then the Kalinga Sea and was dominated by the ships of Kalinga.

Sreevijaya monarchs of Indonesia had intimate cultural and trade relationship with Kalinga. The journey from Kalinga to Bali took about 40 days during that time.

With the decline of Brahmanical and Buddhist dynasties in Indonesia and Malaysia, their maritime links with Kalinga coast gradually diminished.

Measures Taken to Publicise Kalinga-Bali Yatra:

Orissa government did a lot of promotional activities to publicise the journey. It was widely publicized through advertisements, press releases, brochures, leaflets etc.

The media coverage from the part of Indian and Indonesian media for the Yatra was very good. The progress of the journey was regularly reported by Indian newspapers.

A number of features and articles were carried to highlight the whole event. The department of tourism also published a number of brochures, folders and posters on the occasion of Kalinga Bali Yatra festival. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

All the poster works and folders were of international standards.

Promotional works included:
i. Poster with a painting of Late Gopal Kanungo

ii. Poster with Kalinga Bali Yatra logo taken from a maritime panel of Bhoga Mandap of Puri Jagannath.

iii. Folder on Kalinga Bali Yatra highlighting the cultural synthesis of Kalinga Bali Yatra

iv. Catalogue on Kalinga Bali Classical Art exhibition highlighting the selected cultural items of the exhibition

V. Booklet on Kalinga Nrityayana with the detailed account of the dance repertoire,

vi. The sticker with Kalinga Bali Yatra Logo

vii. A portfolio reproduction of Dasabatar Pata-painting

viii. A guide to Orissa written by Moureen Libel

ix. Reprint o special features of Orissa

X. Booklet on Orissa published by Department of Tourism, Government of India and reprinted by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Orissa

xi. The program card with details of the program of the entire Kalinga Bali Yatra Festival

TS 2 Free Solved Assignment
TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

Q 9 Describe European Tourist Market for India.

Ans: European Tourist Market for India:

The main characteristics of the European tourist market for India as follows:

1 Non-ethnic: The tourists from continental Europe are non-ethnic. Hence, they require more motivational force to visit India.TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

2 Competitive: Competition is increasing as never before because almost all countries of the world, particularly the developing countries, have now developed tourism infrastructure and they want to achieve optimum utilization of the facilities by getting the maximum number of tourists, if necessary, by price war.

3 Complex: Europe is a complex market because of different languages, different cultures, and different economic systems.

4 Seasonality: Seasonality is a big problem in case of Operation Europe. For this, we are responsible to some extent because for the last 30-40 years we have been telling the world that the best season to visit India is October to March.

As a result, our facilities get overstretched in winter and under stretched in summer. Hence, there is no evenly spread traffic throughout the year from Europe.

5 Image of India The objectives and priorities of the western media are different. They do not have time or space for the third world countries, except when there is war, famine, riots, tragedies or political upheaval.

Besides, we have the problem of the dateline. When Mr. Asish Ray reports from Delhi on CNN about cholera in Bangladesh, with the map of the Indian sub-continent in the background, viewers think the epidemics in India.

Frankly, sometimes for us, no news is the best news.

6 Current Industry Structure Mergers and take-overs keep taking place in the tourism industry of Europe.The European industry is now dominated by the large German companies.

That German companies predominate is not surprising. They have the largest domestic market and are also multi-modal. TS 2 Free Solved Assignment

They have also invested more in other markets than most of the French or British (though no more than the Swiss, Swedes or some of the Italian companies).

German groups are also generally strongly committed to downstream investment in hotels and incoming agencies.

For instance, the Germans now dominate the Benulux markets; since its purchase of Sunsnacks in 1991,NUR has an estimated 50 % of the market, and a further 35 % is occupied by Sun International with its close ties to ITS.

This invasion has given rise to the complaints by the Belgian operators that German operators use the Belgian market to dump excess capacity at give away prices.

The Netherlands is also “colonised” with its two leading travel companies, Holland International and Arke, being owned by ITS and TUI respectively of Germany.

NUR of Germany, Hotelplan of Switzerland and Nouvelles Frontiers of France are also strong in the Dutch market.



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