ChatGPT: How I made $5,792 in 1 Week [Online Make Money With ChatGPT]

Online Make Money With ChatGPT

I will show you how I earned an average of $5,000 out of my total earnings in seven days without any investment with this method. By creating articles with Chat GPT and converting these articles into human-generated text with secret method means, you can also rank these articles on Google.

Then I published the same article on Medium and Quora with adding an affiliate link to earn commissions.

Earning Proof

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Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Medium blogs also rank on Google. You can also see my Digestor 24 affiliate dashboard if I refresh this page , you can see this is my real earning proof which I earned by publishing articles on Medium and Quora.

Check my profile stats. I gained 1000 views only in seven days and 756 people read this entire article by publishing only three articles.

Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Then I publish these same articles on Quora and I gain thousands of clicks on my affiliate links. If you want to make two thousand dollars to three thousand dollars per week by doing only 1-hour work a day.

Chat GPT

If you do not know about Chat GPT in short, Chat GPT is a GPT-3 based natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI that allows users to have humanlike conversations with an AI chatbot. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

It can write YouTube descriptions and scripts. It can write content, it can generate AI art, it can code, it can help you decorate your home and much more.

Create Account

Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Firstly go to chat gpt open AI tool for creating an account on chat GPT. Now again go to this page. The first step is how to get blog topics in your niche.

For this, we need to do some keyword research to find low-competition keywords in your niche. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

To rank on Google for this, go to This is the best free SEO tool to find low-competition keywords.

After creating an account, go to the SEO section and click on this keyword research tool to find keywords. Now enter your niche keyword. For example, I enter the affiliate marketing keyword.

Make Money With ChatGPT

Click on Search the keywords in a few seconds. This free tool provides you with a list of keywords with providing search volume, competition and CPC information.


Pick up those keywords which have a high search volume, but the competition is too low. For example, this affiliate marketing Amazon keyword has low competition. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Pick up this keyword and create an article around this keyword with Chat GPT tool. For this go to this website. Simply search this query, provide the blog topic titles, then add your niche keyword and press the Enter key in a couple of seconds.

This tool generates ten different topic ideas related to your niche. Click on this regenerate button to get more different ideas.

Blog outlines

The second step is how to get blog outlines. Select any one of the title and search this term. Provide the blog outline of this title and double quotes.

Add your idea title, then press the Enter key. In a few minutes, this tool automatically generates an outline of this idea.

The third step is how to get outline content. Simply copy this first blog outline. Simply search this term.

Make Money With ChatGPT

Provide the blog section of this outline. Paste the first outline here and then press Enter. Chat GPT automatically writes the introduction of the article in a few seconds, then copies this content from Chat GPT.

Creates a new Word document file. Pastes this content here,Adds a heading. For example introduction bolds this heading and selects this text to heading number three. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Now go to this page again type this search term provides a blog section of this outline. Scroll up and copy the second outline of this blog.

Scroll down and paste the outline here. Then press the enter key. Wait for a few seconds. Go to the Word Document file, add a second heading list of ten side hustles.

Select this text, click on this button and select Text to heading number three. Bold these all headings. Now go to the chat GPT dashboard.

Copy this entire second outline content from this tool and paste it here. Repeat this step again and again for all other headings to write a full blog article.

Article conversion

Now after creating a full blog with Chat GPT, it’s time to convert the article into human-generated blog. For if you want to rank this blog on Google for this, copy this content. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Go to and search duplicate her article rewriter click on this first website, scroll down and paste the content here.

Make Money With ChatGPT

Solve this Google captcha and click on the Rewrite Article button. Now after a few minutes, this tool automatically rewrites the article.

Copy this blog from the start to the end. Goes to the Word Document file, select all text with CTRL A and paste the rewritten content here.

Now change the article font size to twelve and adjust the heading size to three. For example, select this heading, adjust the size and bold this heading.

Do the same step for all other headings and text. Now after this step, check this blog whether it’s human-generated or not.

For this, copy a few blog lines and go to HuggingFace.Co this is an AI content detector tool. Paste the content here, wait for a few seconds. this article 95% ray all means you can rank this article on Google.

You know this article also rank on Google. Now create a writer account on Medium creating an account on Medium is super, super easy.

After creating an account, click on the Write button, copy the blog title from the document and paste it here. Online Make Money With ChatGPT

Now again, go to a Word document, copy the entire article and paste it on Medium. Now add an image to this blog.

1) click on the plus button.
2) Select the image from your computer or smartphone.
3) Click on Add Alt Text and add blog keywords here. For example, side hustle ten side Hustle ideas without Investment.
4) Click on this save button.

Now add multiple affiliate links in your blog to earn commissions. For adding an affiliate link, select any text. Click on link button.

Add your affiliate link. For example, Digistore24.Com/affiliate if anyone clicks on this affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Now click on Publish button. Add five blog topics so readers know what your story is about. For example, I add side hustle tips to make money online, earn money online business, etc.

Click on Publish button and you can see article is finally published on Medium and if your article rank on Google, you will earn thousands of dollars.


After this, create an account on Quora, click on Create a Post and publish this same article here to get more exposure and earn more money with this method.

Make Money With ChatGPT

I earn thousands of dollars in seven days without investment by using only the Chat GPT tool. Create more articles around your niche by doing some SEO.

Your articles easily rank on Google and you can also earn money by the Medium partner program and affiliate marketing.

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