How to Make Money with ChatGPT? 5 Business ideas using AI

Make Money with ChatGPT

The app Lenza is making $1 million a day. First of all, what is Lenza? How can you jump on this trend of AI? Well, we’re going to talk about what this is and how you can start finding business ideas to enter this space.

What is Lenza?

Lenza is a platform where you can start making AI images of yourself and they look pretty great. If you look around the internet, people are doing this all over the place.

Celebrities of all types are making these different AI, these photos. And because of this, this company is crushing it. But this is a bigger trend with AI and what’s going on.

Make Money with ChatGPT

For example, with OpenAI, they have stuff with chat GPT who just crossed over a million users in less than five days. Make Money with ChatGPT

All these things are speaking to a larger trends that people are making serious money, serious businesses using this technology.

So how could you start capitalizing on chat GPT that just got released and CLICK HERE, or even looking at AI, where to do something with images, what we see over here with Lenza, what could you do? Well, if I’m looking at something like chat GPT where I could be asking platform questions and then it’s giving me answers and it’s giving me content,

Make Money with ChatGPT

I would be looking at five different key areas and I would just look on Fiverr to start getting started of what I possibly could do. For example,

Number one, copywriting

I just typed in copywriting right here. I see copywriting emails, social media, copywriter, landing pages, sales pages, copywriting, and copywriting for websites.

If I’m getting started in the space, I would go on upwork or fiverr, say that I can write copy for one of these specific things. Make Money with ChatGPT

Say for instance, copyright emails, and then I would use the prompts from chat GPT to get copy, get the writing to start writing these email sequences.

Now you can use chat GPT to ask it any questions, or you could say create me a headline for and then you could do your target audience and then it could write the headline so the subject line of the email.

And then you can ask it to create five bullet points about a need for a certain industry. You can do all those things with chat GPT.

So again, I would look at five or look at the packages, what people are charging, and then I would just go and start creating a service based off those things. So that’s just copywriting. Make Money with ChatGPT

I would do the same thing with marketing ads if I was a consultant, say for instance, they wanted me to start brainstorming names of a company or names of a product, I would use chat GPT and I would also use it if I’m trying to create different guides.

Say for instance, if I’m trying to make different recipe guides, if I’m trying to explain how to do something, say, for instance, knitting, quilting, anything that took step-by-step instructions that I would need.

You can use that all with Chat GPT very easily. That’s all right there. But OpenAI doesn’t just have that. They also created DAllE 2.

Make Money with ChatGPT

Dalle allows you to create realistic images just by typing in a few different words. So just like right here, an astronaut riding a horse and then a photorealistic style.

I can change that teddy bear mixing sprinkles chemicals, as a mad scientist, as a 1990s Saturday morning cartoon or digital art. So you can see how it changes.

There’s a lot of things that you can be doing with Dalle as well. So if I’m trying to create different stock images, I could be doing this and shout out to Mark Fletcher that’s doing that with a platform that he just created.

Make Money with ChatGPT

I could do that with OpenAI or something that just came out as well. Whisper, that allows you to have accuracy on English speech recognition.

So transcription, so you could be making your own transcription company if you’re transcribing podcasts for people. Make Money with ChatGPT

So that’s another service that you could be doing. You could be offering to have all the transcriptions done for someone’s podcast.

So it makes it into blog posts as well. So, as you can see, there’s a lot of different things that you could be doing with Chat GPT.

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