Make Money By ChatGPT: How I made $12,000 with this Ai Writer 2023

Make Money By ChatGPT

Today, I’m going to show you how I use an AI writer to make a staggering $12,000. An AI writer is a powerful tool that can help you write content faster and more efficiently.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, this is a great option to consider. So if you want to know how I did it, then keep reading.

Make Money Using ChatGPT

So You can check it here, It has shown to be able to make $12,000. 1st off. How did I do this? Well, I was running a campaign for an email and WhatsApp.

Now I’m running to my existing database and get them to purchase a product in my landing page. So if you don’t have your database, you first have to get your database by getting leads, whether is it paid traffic on Facebook ads or organic traffic on Google itself, or other social media itself as well.

So this works because I have my existing database, therefore I can generate $12,000 in 1 hour. Now, which part of it has been written by AI? All of them.

Email, WhatsApp? And landing pages with just a little bit of minimal editing on my site. And am I happy with that? Yes, I am super happy with that result because it has cut my time of coming up written content from 4 hours to 1 hour.

Make Money By ChatGPT

To somebody, 4 hours can mean half a day. And to me, I can use so much of that time to do something else. Because as an entrepreneur, most of us have lots of things on our mind. Make Money By ChatGPT

We have to handle clients, we have to handle sales, we have to handle lots of things. And being able to cut so much time freeze my time to do a lot of things.

And I’m happy with that. Other than that, I tried this as well on many different campaigns, in fact, three of them.

And what I see, it shows that it has similar consistent results, roughly around 12,000 or so with my existing database around 2000 or whatnot you may be thinking what sort of AI writer that I’m talking about? ITS CHATGPT, and you can start writing it for free.

The good thing about this AI writer is that it is SEO Optimized and it’s plagiarism free. So you don’t need to worry about all those kinds of things.

How it works is that you can get ideas from there, you can get an intro out from there, you can get outline out there, or even create an article from there as well. And there’s so many things you can create from there,

All right? It’s also used by no notable companies such as Rocket and Spotify and has won numerous awards. So definitely nothing to be afraid of.

You also can write a lot of things from that whether it Quora answers, landing pages, Facebook ads, your company mission and company bio or whatnot. All right? Make Money By ChatGPT

So especially for new companies, or if you are a startup or someone who has never done a startup just wants to do some online business or side hustle, this will save you a lot.

But try it out, guys. For me, after trying this out, I never went back. I use this tool almost every single day and this is something that saved me thousands and thousands of hours and brain juice and my sanity as well from running my own business and whatnot. And it helped me a lot.

I cannot stress this out. This is something all entrepreneurs should check. As you can see in this page itself, this guy will scheren he has written an article for one article per day and now into it and shows that he’s really happy with it.

Make Money By ChatGPT

The other thing about this AI writer is that it’s backed up by one combinator, which in fact has backed up twitch, ready, Airbnb openSee.

Totally helped increase my confidence in it as well. One of the things about this is that I have to tell you is that you please do not copy and paste.

As you can see, this article biologic design, Google, in fact, can detect whether or not you are using AI writer. Make Money By ChatGPT

Now, this is very important. What this means is that you can be lazy because you’re using AI writer, but you can be super lazy.

Make Money By ChatGPT

Like blindly lazy. You can’t just copy and paste. You have to add a few of your elements there. For example, your offer is totally different from anyone else. You have to change something on that.

Whether it’s the price, whether it’s the offer description, whether it is the brand name. You can’t just copy and paste. You have to add little big things from your point of view.

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Then that way your copy will be so much more powerful and Google will not be able to 100% detect that content is written purely by an AI. OK, understand that you can’t just be super lazy. Make Money By ChatGPT

I know it’s unsafe, a loss of time, but still, it took me 1 hour of editing to get everything right. Okay, it doesn’t mean instant.

Although the article writer will come out your article in an instant or come out your copy in an instant, you can’t just blindly copy and paste. You have to add a little bit things on your point of view as well, or your ideas as well. All right.

But the good thing about this is that the pros outweigh the cons. It’s suitable for solo entrepreneurs, it helps save time and it helps with ideas, especially ideas.

So many times I cracked my brain thinking of ideas and I couldn’t find out what’s the best way to do. Yep. So that’s it.

This is how I managed to make $12,000 in 1 hour. And if I can do it, you can do it too. Make Money By ChatGPT

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