5 Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT for Your Own AI Projects In 2023

Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

If you’re not already building an AI focused side hustle, you are behind the curve chat GPT freaked programmers out in the same way that Ben’s motorcar freaked horses out 150 years ago.

It could be all hype or it could be a paradigm shift into the artificial intelligence age. Either way, if you listen carefully, you can hear a stamp heat of developers in the background getting in on the next technological gold rush.

But like I’ve said before, during a gold rush, sell shovels here we’ll take a realistic look at how to build AI-driven apps from both technical and business perspectives. There’s a lot of VC money flowing into AI startups right now.

We’ll examine them to see how their tech is implemented and how they plan on making money, and you might be surprised at how easy it actually is to build an AI app when using the right tools. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

The ultimate shovel salesman is open ai, the creators of chat GPT, which is based on an auto aggressive language model called GPT- 3 or technically 3.5 by now.

We all know how impressive it is, but what’s crazy is GPT-4 is around the corner. GPT three is trained on an unprecedented 175 billion parameters, but that’s absolutely dwarfed by GPT-4 with 100 trillion parameters.

Maybe we’ve reached the peak of what is possible with deep learning and GPT-4 is a nothing burger openAI CEO says You’ll be disappointed, but maybe that’s what he wants you to think because he knows the technological singularity is near in which all of humanity is enslaved or exterminated.

Either way, the only thing that really matters in life is that we make some money. One idea you might have is to build your own superior GPT model, but that’s an idea I would describe. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

You’re up against a company with the smartest people in the world that’s received billions of dollars in funding from companies like Microsoft. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Use AI As A Service

Their technology is available via a paid API and just recently became available on Azure Cloud, and there’s all kinds of use cases if you use your imagination.

One example is video tap it, which takes a video as an input and converts it into a blog post by transcribing it and using AI to generate headers automatically.

An app like this could be accomplished by an independent developer or small team.

You could use Open AI Whisper to do the transcription GPT to generate the headers, and you could even throw in something like Dolly to generate unique images for the blog post. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

Provide AI As A Service

Now, I realized five seconds ago I said, you can’t compete with open ai, but don’t listen to haters like me.

GPT is not the only game in town. You have Deep Mind from Google with other language models like Chinchilla and Alpha Code that’s been out there winning coding competitions, and there’s also open source language models like Bloom.

If you have access to a lot of high quality data, it is possible you could train your own predictive model, then offer it as a service.

The process of turning raw data into an actual deployed machine learning model is called MLOPS. Tools on Google Cloud like Vertex AI handle every step of the process. They ingest and process data. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

They train and evaluate models and then deploy them to serverless infrastructure where you can actually use them in an app.

In addition, there are tools like Hugging Face that provides ML ops as a service, but they provide thousands of open source pre-trained models that you can use as a starting point.

Most importantly, you’ll want to get really good at some kind of a specialized use case. An example that comes to mind is Play.ht, Which can create custom AI generated voices. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

They have an entire fake podcast between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs,

but I did look into it and it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get your voice cloned, which is understandable because there’s very few companies that can actually offer this service at a high level, at least in today’s world.

Another crazy example is Beat Oven, which I’m using right now to generate this inappropriately tense background music.

It combines generative AI with real music to create unique music or how about resume worded, a tool that can analyze your resume and LinkedIn profile.

If you never learn to read good or write good, AI can now do all the heavy lip date, and I guarantee you there are developers right now building AI apps that will help kids cheat on their homework. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

At the same time, other developers are building tools to prevent AI cheating by using ai. There’s a ton of different angles to make money here.

No matter what you decide to build, it’s a good idea to build in public, which can sometimes make your business go viral.

That’s exactly what happened with Restore photos.io. It’s a simple next JS app that was launched a few weeks ago and already has over 40,000 users.

What I love about it is that it solves one simple problem. You upload a grainy photo, then it uses AI to restore it to a high resolution photo.

The code is all open source, and as you can see here, it uses an API called Replicate to perform the image transformation with an open source machine learning model.

In this case, the model is GFP GaN, but there are many other models to choose from. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

The key here is to find a problem, then create a no-nonsense, highly focused solution for it. Then finally, do some kind of TikTok dance while using it to make it go viral.

Use AI As A Marketing Gimmick

Another potential way to make money is to slap the label of artificial intelligence on an existing business model that already works.

We’ve already seen many companies do that in recent years, but like McDonald’s going fully automated, which is great because it means no unwanted reproductive fluids in your Big Mac or like Upstart, an AI lending platform that uses machine learning or a fancy way of doing statistics to lend money on more factors than just the credit score.

Its IPO Investors are currently holding the bag for a 90% loss, but it’s early investors got rich. You could build an app like this yourself without even using deep learning. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

You just need like 10 lines of Python code to run a regression on the input data. Then boom, you’re now an AI lending platform, assuming you also own your own bank.

The takeaway here is that you can use the artificial intelligence label to make your business look disruptive, even if it’s running a grift that’s been around forever.

Now, if you really wanna make a lot of money, don’t look around at other cheap poor people like yourself. Instead, sell to enterprise and government.

Finish this sentence blank.ai provides a tool that will save your company 70% per year in blank costs. Congratulations, you just wrote a pitch for the next AI unicorn startup. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

The blank might be something like shipping, logistics, talent recruitment, or business presentations.

As is the case with present.ai, this startup will take a company’s branding and marketing assets and automatically create tons of slide templates for business presentations.

I have no idea what their tech looks like under the hood, but it looks like a use case for generative image models or tools that can take text as a prompt and return images as a result.

Mid journey

One of the most impressive tools in this space is mid journey. You can use the beta by going to their discord and ask for something like a business presentation.

For my oil and gas company, the result you get back looks like something produced by a talented human. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

Generative AI is so hot right now, but there’s just as much if not more opportunity in natural language processing.

Another huge cost for enterprise is customer support Chat GPT has made it clear that customer support jobs will largely go to AI in the coming years.

However, the average company has no idea how to integrate this technology into their business.

Move Works is just one of the companies that is bridging this gap. They build AI chatbots that integrate with your entire tech stack.

They can solve problems faster and cheaper than a human could ever dream of. There are tools like aws, Lex and Google dialogue flow that you can use to build chatbots right now. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

They can handle business logic on the backend with webhooks and can be integrated with GPT-3 to provide unique human-like interactions.

A Game-Changer for AI In 2023?
Making Billions From ChatGPT

As you can see, there are going to be tons of opportunities in the next few years or ambitious and clever developers. However, there is a dark side to all of this.

Technology is moving so fast that an idea that might look like a guaranteed success today turns out to be completely obsolete a year from now.

In addition, the sad reality is that big tech is going to absolutely dominate this space. They have all the data and computing power required to really push this technology forward.

It’s really hard for me to compete with my Intel Pentium processor from my mom’s basement. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

Even if you do manage to build a game-changer, Zuckerberg is just gonna steal it anyway. Another dark side to AI is that this technology will likely be harnessed by scammers. It’s actually pretty scary.

Also, at one point or another, everybody has wired money over to their long lost Nigerian prince relative only to be disappointed.

When that big inheritance never comes through, scams like this are only going to get better. We can scale them up by using tools like chat GPT to automatically format letters in proper English.

Um, well actually upon testing, I guess scam emails are not allowed. In addition, you could even target a specific person and combine their face with some real Nigerian prints, so the target actually sees a long lost relative with resemblance to their own face.

We’re entering a brave new world where it’s going to be very difficult to distinguish fakery from reality. Innovative Ways to Use ChatGPT

DeepFakes have been around for a while, but they’re only going to get better. Big companies that have all your data know everything about you.

They know what you read, how you write, how you look, and how you act, and they’ve been using that data to serve you advertisements.

But nowadays with generative ai, they quite literally have the ability to become you in the digital sense. Sounds creepy, but the good news is that we can use this technology to live forever.

Even if I get smashed by an elephant or fall into a volcano, I will continue making these Article because the artificial me will be indistinguishable, nay superior to the real me and won’t make silly typos.

Not only will I continue working, but I will continue to raise my family in the metaverse and not just my kids, but their kids and then their kids because I will be the apex alpha artificial grandpa, the first of its kind.

They could even upload me to a life-like Robotic Doll, so my wife and kids never even know I died. That’s actually a great business idea.

Create a company that clones a person’s persona, and uploads it to a doll that is automatically deployed when that person’s organic form terminates.

That may sound crazy, but it’s within the realm of possibility in our lifetimes.

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