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During an epic diamond heist, a notorious thief is betrayed by a rogue agent who escapes alone with the stones. Enraged, he forces two guards to help him track down the mole.

Hilarity ensues whilst, on the hunt, the three find themselves lost in a remote village dodging recalcitrant locals. But things are not quite what they seem there either….

This hard-pedalling caper won’t be enough to revive the city’s cinema in the face of the mainland film behemoth, but gets points for effort.

Everything Under Control squanders the potential to be an entertaining and zany heist film, by overloading on repetitive gimmick jokes, tacky visual effects, and nonsensical, time-wasting scenes that lower the quality of this already bad movie

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror
Distributor: Trinity Film
Release Date (Theaters): Jan 20, 2023
Original Language: Chinese

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Download Everything Under Control Movie

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