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In this dirty super-snazzy spine chiller, Mouse (Hayley Regulation), is a contemptuous artist at an impasse vaudeville club run by Mother (Famke Janssen), an extreme, obscure club proprietor.

At the point when Mouse’s just companions and individual club artists disappear under baffling conditions, no one at the club appears to be too worried about them, and the police can’t muster the energy to care.

Mouse and her consistent companion Monstrous (Keith Powers) immediately understand that it depends on them to uncover all the soil and begin the chase after the guilty parties. Download Door Mouse Movie

Frantic for answers and with time expiring, Mouse picks an extremely unsafe play that plunges her further down the deep, dark hole and into a corrupt hidden world, forgetting about her in the open.

What she finds is that defilement runs profound, beasts are genuine, and occasionally, equity is intended to be assumed control over.

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Movie TitleDoor Mouse
Genre: Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Avan Jogia
Producer: Jason Ross Jallet, Kyle Mann
Release Date (Theaters): Jan 13, 2023 Limited
Release Date (Streaming):Jan 13, 2023
Runtime: 1h 37m
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
Writer: Avan Jogia

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Download Door Mouse Movie
Download Door Mouse Movie

Door Mouse Movie Review

1st Review
A series of motions, bumps, swerves, dodges and turns, all deployed for a journey to nowhere special
2nd Review
There’s no urgency to any of this…Whoever advised Law to play the part this quiet and “cool” to the point of chilly should sit down and watch a few Bogart noirs.
3rd Review
Door Mouse isn’t exactly noir for the ages, and it has story problems. But it moves, it has style, and as played by Law, Mouse is a dead-pan heroine I’d like to see again, backed by a bigger budget.
4th Review
Populated by uneasy and often corrupt characters, Door Mouse boils down to a simple story of good vs. evil, of predators vs. prey.
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