WARNING⚠️: Don’t Use ChatGPT Until You Read This 1 Powerful Article

Don’t Use ChatGPT

I’m going to be talking about Chat GPT and why you should be careful about using it. Chat GPT is a new chatbot technology that has gone viral recently. And while it is a great tool, I use it myself almost every day.

It also has some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. So if you are thinking of using Chat GPT, Read This article before you start using it.

It might just save you tons of time. So if you’re ready, let’s okay, what I’m about to show you is this is an article that I produced with Chat GPT.

Don't Use ChatGPT

How to make money with AI

So what I did I asked Chat GPT how to make money with AI. And this is what the answer that it gave me. Say you want to use this for your blog or your article on your website. Don’t Use ChatGPT

You have to be very careful because as you can see, once I highlighted this, copy this and paste in the originality AI, which is actually an AI detector and a Plagiarism checker as well.

So copy and paste this and I click Scan. Now, there you go. As you can see, it is 96% AI and 4% original. Though it does not have any Plagiarism, it is still very dangerous.

Don't Use ChatGPT

Article by Search Engine Journal, it says AI generated content is against guidelines. Another article by Business Insider, it says, a fierce battle between Google search algorithm and website that uses AI to churn out content.

In fact, it is so scary because Google appears to be down ranking pages created by AI, which it deems as low quality.

So if you’re going to use Chat GPTs, it’s going to be very scary. But I’m going to show you a quick hack that you can escape from all of this.

So back to the article generated by Chat GPT. I’m going to copy this and going to paste it into another AI writer that has the ability to repurpose that particular content so that it doesn’t clash on the AI detector. Don’t Use ChatGPT

Don't Use ChatGPT

So what I use is right, write Sonic has what they call content rephrase.

So I’m going to click on content rephrase. I’m going to paste it here. Once here, I’m going to click generate. So what it does is that it’s going to refresh the content that I have into something which is more palatable for the AI detectors. So, yes, say we are going to use this.

And the good thing about content refresh, I like it a lot, is that you can actually summarize only the most important thing.

So you will not be writing words for the sake of writing words. So copy this. I’m going to go back to originality AI, which is AI detector and Plagiarism checker. Going to click on Content scan again. Don’t Use ChatGPT

Click New. Paste this here. I can click scan. Now, as you can see from here, that’s 97% original and only 3% AI which is really really awesome.

Don't Use ChatGPT

This is an example of how you can actually hack your way through Google detection itself.

So now you know this secret itself, you will not need to feel using content generated by chat GPT. So again what I have mentioned is if you are generating content with chat GPT, it will most likely be triggered by an AI detector.

So you need to rephrase the content. You can either do it manually or you can use a tool like I do called Write Sonic and you can rephrase it, which you can use that particular new content to put on your blogs and your website and you will not be afraid of Google penalizing you. So yeah, I hope this helps you.

So if you are thinking of using chat GPT to create articles and blogs to rank on Google itself, or even thinking of building a website for your affiliate marketing, this will definitely save you a lot of time and at the same time will save you from Google penalizing you. Don’t Use ChatGPT

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