Empower Your Chatbot with GPT: Use AI Anywhere with These 5 Powerful Extensions

Chatbot with GPT

These extensions maximize the power of Chat GPT and will unlock AI on your phone, any website you’re on, and even feed it data past 2021.

Put your other work down, and give me five minutes, because this is going to save you hours every single week.

Alright, so a lot of people are interested in the business opportunities that come from AI and their APIs.

Today, I’m going to be sharing some Chat GPT hacks that I have found very, very useful. Also, these tools are AI businesses, so if you are interested in creating one, I would definitely use these as inspiration and go study them.

But I know your time is valuable.so Let’s get straight into the article.


The number one tool I use the most is a chrome extension called Merlin, and this extension lets me summon chat GPT on any website that I’m on by simply hitting command g the cool thing is, I can highlight any words on the tab that I’m on.

Hit command g and prompt Merlin to give me an output based on the highlighted text. Chatbot with GPT

So I’ll use Twitter as an example. If I am on Twitter and I see a tweet from a friend that I like and I want to respond to, all I have to do is highlight the tweet, hit Command G and then prompt Merlin to give me a witty reply to this tweet and voila just like that, I have an AI-generated reply that’s witty and relevant.

Chatbot with GPT

If you’re a big Twitter user, this will save you hours and probably improve your Twitter game.

Tweet hunter

Side note, there’s another cool platform I found for all your Twitter people out there It’s called tweethunter.IO and basically what this tool does is it scrapes all of your tweets and then uses AI to generate tweets that are in the same subject matter tone style of your tweets.

So I searched my Twitter handle and I have to say it was spot on, like borderline indistinguishable from my own tweets, which is kind of freaky, but also really helpful if I’m not feeling creative one morning.

God in a box

All right, moving on to the next tool that I use, and this is going to be Chat GPT directly into your text messaging app on your phone. So if you’re a WhatsApp user, your tool is called God in a box. Chatbot with GPT

And if you’re an iMessage user, your tool is called BFF. the idea is simple when you sign up for this service, you get a text message and that’s basically a text message from Chat GPT.

Chatbot with GPT

And now you have a new text message thread from Chat GPT. You can text them any prompt that you want and then it will reply in text message form the result of that prompt.

So say you’re in a group chat with some friends. Someone sends a long message that you want to reply to You just copy that message, go over to your text thread with chat GPT.

Say, hey, write me a response Paste the message and I’ll write you reply to that message. Copy, paste it back over natively all within. WhatsApp? So this is really, really helpful and will save you tons of time when texting friends, family or even coworkers. Chatbot with GPT

Now, I haven’t actually used this one. I think the BFF was on a waitlist so I couldn’t actually get access to it and I don’t use WhatsApp, So you guys are going to have to experiment. But I did find these and a lot of the reviews were solid. So go check those out.

I’m pretty sure the WhatsApp one is active and ready for anybody to use. And another side note, if you’re like me, you have like five different social media platforms, three different texting apps, discord and Random, other platforms that have a messaging system.

And checking all these platforms on a daily basis is virtually impossible, which results in me missing really important messages.

So one my friend actually showed me a website called Texts.com which compiles all of your messaging platforms into like one simple-to-navigate user interface, which is a game changer for me. Chatbot with GPT

This means I have my text messages, Instagram, DMs, Discord Messages, Twitter, and WhatsApp all in one place, which is extremely helpful.

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It’s not an AI tool, but it’s still, like I said, a big game-changer for me. Again, this one, you’re going to be put on a waitlist as well, but once you get access to it, I promise you it’s going to change your life.

And again, guys, I just want to be as clear as possible. I am not affiliated with any of these companies. I am not getting paid to talk about any of these tools and Genuinely, used tools that I have found useful in my day-to-day life.

So if any of them are of value to you and you end up using them, Then share your feedback below which one you like most. Chatbot with GPT

Hugging Face YouTube Whisperer

Now this next one has a slight niche use case, but has been extremely helpful for our internal team.

I have actually started a new YouTube channel, meaning all of my videos are going to be translated and there’s going to be a Spanish version on that channel.

But basically, my friend, who actually does the voice dubbing for that channel, has been using this tool called Hugging Face YouTube Whisperer, which basically transcribes my videos and makes a script of my videos, and then he translates it into Spanish using another AI tool.

So it’s super simple, yet super helpful for a niche use case like that. He can take any YouTube video, it’ll write the script word for word, then he can just put it in a translator and then read that to do the voice dubbing.

Chatbot with GPT

Web Chat GPT

All right, now, the last but potentially the most impactful tool that literally just came out is going to be the Chrome extension called Web Chat GPT, which essentially lets you augment Chat GPT prompts with relevant results from the web. Chatbot with GPT

So many of you may know that Chat GPT is actually limited to information before 2021, meaning anything after 2021 it doesn’t know because it hasn’t been trained on yet.

But this extension adds relevant web results to your prompts to Chat GPT for more accurate and up-to-date conversations. And what I love about this extension is that it is a simple widget overlay of the existing Chat GPT user interface.

So what this means simply is if you have the extension installed, there’s going to be this new widget that pops up and all you have to do is turn on the switch that says Search on the Web.

Then you can choose what dates you want it to search for and what country you want this information from, which is mind-blowing. So it’s super simple, yet super powerful. Chatbot with GPT

And these are genius AI businesses that you can kind of take inspiration of and start yourself. But to the creator of this tool We salute you, Thank you for the excellent tool.

If there are any tools you have been using that have been very helpful in your day to day life, I would love to hear about them in the comment section below of this article.

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