Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers: How it’s Changing the Job Market in 2023

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

Individuals and businesses are slowly realizing there are cheaper and more reliable ways of automating certain tasks than hiring people. So today we’ll discuss three more jobs that Chat GPT will replace.

But let’s clarify. By replace, I do not mean this job will be gone and nobody will be doing it anymore. What I mean by replace is that instead of a ten-person team working on a project, it might just be enough to have two people plus chat GPT.

And I want highlight one thing that seems to really understand the nuance and the points that I’m making here that people think it will fully replace any of these jobs, but it will change them.

Instead of the junior developer working all day writing thousand lines of code, or however much they will write 15,000 lines of code with this AI, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

It’s not that we don’t need customer support employees anymore, we just need less.

And he also makes the point that I was about to say here, although at some point AI would get good enough that it could do literally anything better than a human, and at that point, things will really start to get weird.

Okay, so that take it a little too Dystopian for me. I think there’s still a lot of things humans will have to do.

But what’s relevant for this article is the fact that the jobs that will partially be replaced now are exactly the ones that will be erased first when this thing upgrades to version four, five, and six. So with all that being said, let’s look at three more jobs that Chat GPT is revolutionizing right now.

First up, lawyers

again we’re talking about entry-level positions here, so let’s look at what lawyers routinely do. A lot of the work is looking at and studying previous cases that might apply for the current case they’re working on.

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

They also summarize and craft arguments present in court. And everything I just described can be done really well by a language model like Chat GPT.

It is not unthinkable to feed it most court cases that have been decided upon in the history of the United States. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

And once the database is categorized and processed by AI language model, it could search for similar cases and instantly write up a report that could replace hundreds of human work hours.

And again, that doesn’t mean we don’t need lawyers anymore. It just means that one will be able to do the work of five.

Maybe even you could filter for the specific judge that you’re going to face and it’s just going to analyze every court’s transcript ever and give you a route that has the highest probability of success.

Truly crazy stuff, but something that seems like a distant future a few years ago with examples like chat GPT is rapidly turning into reality.

Social media marketers

the next job where competing got a whole lot harder is social media marketers. Over the course of the last few years, there has been a literal tidal wave of social media marketers that popped out of nowhere.

And the reason this business became so popular is, first of all, there’s a lot of demand for it because obviously every business kind of needs social media channels. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

But secondly, because the barrier of entry is really low, you can simply take your phone, shoot some pictures, write a few captions, and sell that to clients. Okay, that’s one version of the business.

But then there’s the second part where it’s running ads and there are just so many courses and videos online that teach you how to do this, that this isn’t rocket science either.

You simply test various ad copy, see what works better, and then just run with that and sell it to your clients. So why is AI super dangerous for this? Well, if you look at the stack of a social media marketing agency, it begins with sales.

Well, with AI, it’s really simple to compose emails and to send them to hundreds of people. Then you go into the phone calls or meetings with a script that also AI prepares for you. And let’s say you get the sale.

Next up, you’re going to have to brainstorm some ideas for a client Well, let’s consult chat GPT. Give me some ideas for social media content for a bakery.

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

Assume means a bakery is our client here. And there you go, I just came up with a list of ideas I could present to my client, copy that and paste it into the email. And you just did the work of. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

I spent half of the brainstorming ideas for your business.

Okay, but then you’re going to have to create the content too. Right? But in most of cases, these small social media agencies don’t shoot the content themselves. They hire professionals.

Chatgpt can write better code then any professional
How chatgpt can useful for making videos

So let’s say the client likes number five and they commission videography to create the content. Now all they need to do is schedule it, which software makes extremely easy, and write captions for it.

Write me ten captions for point number five. Watch our skilled bakers in action. Okay, but now there’s the advertising part of it, right? Well, it’s just one prompt away.

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

Write me sales copy for Facebook ads for my bakery clients, all right. And last but not least, we need to target it too. What target audience would enjoy the sales copy.

It literally tells you to target people near to the location or people that run special events such as weddings or birthdays. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

And let’s be real, if somebody’s a little tech savvy, he’s going to automate all of that emails, idea generation, communication with the client, and even the advertising part. And all of a sudden, one savvy social media marketer is going to outperform 20 others.

Social media agencies are going to have a hard time competing, no doubt. So while all that is super interesting.

Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers


And the last job that is in trouble here is business consultants. The classic model of simply overhire on people and then help your clients is simply not as effective as it could be once you add AI to the equation.

If you ever worked in consulting or know people that have, you will know that it’s a common practice to let people learn on the job.

Just go help the client and you’ll learn while you do it.

Well, guess what? AI can do that automatically and then deliver results right away. And it cannot just learn of one person, but it can learn of a database of all the past clients the consultancy company has served.

So instead of the client getting a 23-year-old that has no business experience, it will all of a sudden get the experience of thousands of consultants and the data from tens of thousands of businesses. Chat GPT Impact on 3 Careers

And once it filters for the region of the business, it’s consulting and its income level and the competition in its area, well, trust me, that 30-page report is going to have some actionable items that go beyond what a newbie could come up with.

And very quickly, it’s going to be hard to justify a full-time salary for hundreds or maybe thousands of people if maybe all it takes is some of your best performers and some trainees to replace them in a few years.

But hey, let me say this, consulting is a very, very wide area. But yeah, this tech is really scary, especially for young people that are trying to enter the market and find a place in society for themselves.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to bring something to the table that society wants and will want. And that’s exactly what I cover in this article, which will teach you how to prepare for the future and pick a career path that is resilient to superhuman technology.

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