2024 BYD Game Changing Electric Car Takes the Market by Storm

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BYD Game Changing Electric Car

Byd just received 20,000 pre-orders in a single day when it revealed this new electric car. I actually think it’s BYD’s best value car they’ve ever made.

BYD Best Value Proposition

BYD, the Probably seen it, $14,000 for the base price. People keep going on about the seagull as if it’s some big threat to General Motors and Ford and Volkswagen.

It’s not a car they’re selling in most countries worldwide, and certainly not selling it anywhere near the prices that they sell it for in China.

This car, in my opinion, is a car you might want to talk about as being a threat. I get that because this is a car How do people buy.

Contrast with the Seagull

People don’t buy the Seagull. As in global sales of cars the size of the Seagull are minuscule.

They’re like 2% of sales worldwide they’re nothing. That’s the car market that no one buys.

You might as well just worry about tractors or, I don’t know, go-carts, because really, Really, the Seagull is not a relevant car.

That’s why I’m baffled by these stupid reports. This car is different, very different, because this is the segment people are buying.

Rising Demand for Small EVs

It’s the fastest-growing EV segment, the fastest-growing car segment in the world, period. Small, crossover, electric cars.

Byd received 20,000 orders after launching this car, and you can see why. I mean, it doesn’t look amazing, but it’s pretty damn good for the price.

Yen Up Launch and Pricing

The Yen Up was launched on the 26th of March with the price starting at $13,400 and topping out at $16,600.

Design and Size

It’s bigger, a little bit bigger, about 15% bigger overall than the BYD Dolphin electric hatchback. But as you can see, it’s the style that people want.

It’s the look that people want. It’s the thing that people are buying right now. I mean, this thing is only 4.3 meters long, 1,830 meters wide, so it’s a 1.8 meters wide, and it’s 1,675 millimeters tall.

But this is the growing segment here. This is the vehicle that you can see BYD going to kill it with because we’ve seen that, reservations.

Look at the BWD seal. How many reservations did BWD get in China. They didn’t talk about it because it was so few of them.

This, on the other hand, is going to fly out the door. 20,000 reservations within a very short period of time.

Learnings from Past Models

It looks much better, byd have learned from the criticisms of the Dolphin and the criticisms of the ADO 3 They significantly improve the interior.

They wanted to buy BOD Addo 3. They looked at the inside and said they couldn’t handle it.

The inside was just too polarizing for them. They couldn’t drive around in that. The guitar strings, the red guitar strings and stuff, yeah, I agree with them.

it’s a good car, but the interior, they could have done a better job. But now this car, it’s cheaper than an 803.

Advanced Technological Features

The interior is much simpler, nicer, more elegant. A bit of learned from that. In addition to that, it has an 8.8-inch full LCD instrument panel.

That’s for the driver on in front of the driver. It’s got a 13-inch floating control touch screen.

It’s got an 8-inch heads-up display, which the 803 doesn’t have. It has a flat bottom four-spoke steering wheel. It has BYD’s Dialink 5.0 operating system.

It can actually have over-the-air software updates, which BYD now do, unlike almost any other manufacturer except for Tesla.

Cutting-Edge Functionalities

Other configurations include voice control, recognition, over-the-air updates, like I said, wireless charging, remote control parking, NFC, key entry, and level to advanced driving assistance functionalities.

Now, of course, the level to assistance functionalities are not really that functional. They aren’t for most car manufacturers, though.

Blade Battery Technology

Very importantly, though, it comes with a BYD blade battery, lithium-ion phosphate battery. It takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%.

It has the same motors as the Addo 3 and the Dolphin. The entry-level model, the $13,000 model, it comes with the standard single motor, 70 kilowatt, 180 newton meters, and a 32 kilowatt hour blade battery, giving it 300 kilometers of range.

But the model that most people are going to buy, this is around $15,000. It is 130 kilowatt, 219 newton meters, more than enough power.

It’s got a 45 kilowatt blade battery, giving it close to about 400 kilometers of range. That, in my opinion, $14,000 is going to sell incredibly well.

You can see this car that automakers should be worried about. This is the one they’re going to look up and take a lot of notice off because BYD can sell these at these insane prices without losing any money.

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