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BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

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BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment Jan 2022

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

a. Based on what you have learned about the different types of texts, how will you categorise this article by David Zinczenko? Provide sound reasons to justify your response.

Ans. It’s a narrative text. This is because David Zinczenko has used his own personal incident, imaginary tone and tactics. Also he asked questions which validates the fact of this article is an example of narrative text.

b. Based on your understanding of different techniques used by authors to achieve intended………………………..David Zinczenko is using in this article and to what effect?

Ans. The narrator is using argumentative, narrative and expository texts for achieving its agenda of expanding awareness among the readers. He is efficiently using all the necessary techniques to its fullest potential.

c. The article begins by contrasting youngsters suing McDonalds for lifestyle diseases ……………….What according to you is the author’s objective or purpose to begin in this manner?

Ans. The author’s objective or purpose to begin in this manner was to make the readers think about the same thing. His motive is to spread awareness.

d. What are the choices available to American youngsters for an affordable meal? What is the future implication of such choices?

Ans. It was a choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. Then as now, these were the only available options for an American kid to get an affordable meal. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

But most of the teenagers who live, as I once did, on a fast-food diet won’t turn their lives around: They’ve crossed under the golden arches to a likely fate of lifetime obesity. And the problem isn’t just theirs — it’s all of ours.

The future implication of such choices would be fat and obesity.

BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

e. Why are alternatives to fast-food difficult to find and how does lack of information tribute to the problem?

Ans. The consumers — particularly teenagers are supposed to find alternatives? Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you’ll see one of our country’s more than 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants.

Now, drive back up the block and try to find someplace to buy a Complicating the lack of alternatives is the lack of information about what, exactly, we’re consuming.

There are no calorie information charts on fast-food packaging, the way there are on grocery items. Advertisements don’t carry warning labels the way tobacco ads do.

Prepared foods aren’t covered under Food and Drug Administration labeling laws. Some fast-food purveyors will provide calorie information on request, but even that can be hard to understand. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

f. “And I’d say the industry is vulnerable.” Do you agree or disagree with the author’s observation? Provide logical arguments in support of your view.

Ans. Author says that the industry is vulnerable. Fast-food companies are marketing to children a product with proven health hazards and no warning labels.

They would do well to protect themselves, and their customers, by providing the nutrition information people need to make informed choices about their products.

Without such warnings, we’ll see more sick, obese children and more angry litigious parents.

BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

g. Having read the article fully, how appropriate do you think the title is, with regard to an eater’s responsibility?

Ans. The title is fully justifiable as it’s the duty of the service provider to make necessary changes for better services for the customer.

Q2. Find words from the passage which convey a meaning similar to the following words/phrases.

(i) a long speech by one person (ii) fat and round in terms of physique

(iii) not expensive (iv) tall and slender BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

(v) grown immensely in a short period of time (vi) a business providing or selling some type of goods or service

(vii) a person or company making a legal complaint accusing someone of doing something illegal in a court of law (viii) dangerous or likely to cause harm

Ans. (i) Monologue
(ii) Torpid

(iii) Affordable
(iv) Lanky

(v) Skyrocketed
(vi) Purveyors

(vii) Litigious
(viii) Hazard

Section B

Q 1. Read the following telephone conversation between Mrs. Ayesha Rafique and Mr. Milind Bansode.

(a) On the basis of what you have learned about telephone conversations and different domains, how will you analyse the conversations between

(i) Ms. Ayesha and Mr. Milind and (ii) Mr. Suresh and Mr. Milind?

Ans. The telephone conversation between Ms. Ayesha and Mr. Milind and Mr. Suresh and Mr. Milind is purely formal. The domain of the talk is office which indicates the communication of being totally formal.

Formal communication is typically conveyed from the top leadership to various departments and employees. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Usually every organization follows a procedure for formal conversation. Thinks about the annual meeting or even team meetings that your managers calls for.

BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

(b) Depending on your analysis of the domain of these conversations, recreate these telephone conversations considering them to be taking place in the opposite domain type, whereby Mrs. Ayesha is Mr. Malkotia’s family member.

Ans. Ayesha: Hello! Whose this?

Milind: Hello, this is Milind Bansode. May I speak with Mr. Suresh Malkotia, please?

Ayesha: No, he is not here.

Ayesha: Anything urgent

Milind: Yes, could you ask him to call me back as soon as possible? It’s pretty urgent.

Ayesha: I can pass on your message

Milind: He has my office number, but let me also give you my mobile number-it’s 9830457717.

Ayesha: Okay, I will give your no. to him.

Milind: That’s right.

Ayesha: Tell me your name please. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Milind: B as in Boston – A as in Agra – N as in Nagpur -S as in Singapore -O- D- as in Delhi – E as in England

Ayesha: I will say the same.

Milind: Thanks a lot. Have a good day.

Q 2. Based on what you have learned about intonation, read the following sentences and specify the type of intonation in each of them with a brief explanation of each choice.

i) Finish your homework or you cannot go out with your friends.
ii) Mr. Qureshi does not want to be disturbed. What do you need from him?

iii) What a gorgeous place! Isn’t it perfect for the photoshoot?
iv) Does Gauri like her new workplace or is she planning to apply somewhere else? v) As long as it is cold, my parents will be using the heater.

vi) I am going to get coffee. Do you want a cup?
vii) In case Arun asks for me, tell him that I will meet him on Monday.

viii) Where is your friend who wanted to come with you?
ix) Nusrat will not call Ravi unless there is a medical emergency at home.

x) Raushan and Komal have prepared parantha, dal makhni, kadai paneer and
tandoori chicken for our get-together.

Ans. (i) Fall rise because there is a fall on the word homework and rise on the work friends.

(ii) Fall rise because fall is on the word disturbed and rise is on the 2nd part of the sentence.

(iii) Fall rise because fall is stressed upon the word disturbed and rise is stressed upon the word photoshoot BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

(iv) Fall rise, for question we generally use the fall rise intonation as fall and rise are simultaneously put on the 1 and 2 part of the sentence respectively.

(v) Fall, Falling intonation is being used in this sentence as fall is stressed upon the word heater.

(vi) Fall rise, questions generally have fall and rise intonation.

(vii) Rise, rising intonation as the stress is rising on the word Monday.

(viii) Fall rise, fall and rise again because it’s a question.

(ix) Fall, falling intonation is used here.

(x) Rise, rising intonation is used here.

BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Q 3. Consider this sentence: This is my house! Depending on the placement of stress, it can have three versions with three different …………………………….. specifying the variation of stress and the corresponding change of meaning as shown above.

i) Mihir went to London last year for postgraduation.
ii) Prerna will meet Darsheel in the theatre next Wednesday.

iii) I don’t think Sameer will reply to Gautam.
iv) Why are you not doing your assignment?

v) Dheeraj loves listening to Jagjit Singh’s ghazals.
vi) That is a completely baseless accusation! BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

vii) Ravi’s sister bought a new car last week.
viii) Niharika expected Abhishek to buy her a bouquet of red roses.

ix) How is his opinion a factor for the conference?
x) I put my credibility at stake to save your reputation!

Ans. (i) London (implying a particular space)
Last year (implying the time)
Post-graduation (implying the specific reason)

(ii) Darsheel (implying the person)
Theatre (implying the place of meeting)
Wednesday (implying specific time)

(iii) Reply (implying to specific action)

(iv) Not doing (implying specific action)

(v) Listening (implying specific action)
Jagjit Singh’s ghazals (implying specific thing)

(vi) That (implying specific thing, different from other particular thing)
Baseless (implying the uncertainty of the talk)

(vii) Ravi’s sister (implying a particular person)
New car (implying a particular new car and not some old car)
Last week (implying a particular time period, which was fix)

(viii) Buy implying a particular action) BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
Bouquet of red roses (Specific object, different from the rest)

(ix) His opinion (implying towards a particular opinion and not other)

(x) Credibility (Specific aspect)
Stake (Specification of the situation)
Your reputation (implying the domain of conversation is from other’s person life/perspective)

BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment


Q 1. Differentiate between skimming and scanning as reading strategies. How do affective and applied comprehension complement each other for an in-depth understanding of a text?

Ans. As the term states, intensive means in-depth. This reading method is especially used when reading academic texts, where the goal is to prepare for an exam or to publish a report. This method helps retain information for much longer periods.

Scanning: Imagine if you went to the Louvre museum only to see the Mona Lisa. You’d quickly walk through all the corridors and rooms merely glancing at the walls until you found it. Scanning is quite similar to that.

It is one of those kinds of reading where you read to search for a particular piece of information. Your eyes quickly skim over the sentences until you find it.

You can use this method when you don’t need to go deep into the text and read every word carefully. Scanning involves rapid reading and is often used by researchers and for writing reviews.

Skimming: Through this method, you try to understand the text in short. Though one saves a lot of time through this method, one will gain only a shallow understanding of the text. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Skimming is a great way to get a broad idea of the topic being discussed. This method is generally used to judge whether the information is useful or not.

A good example of this is picking up a magazine and flipping through the pages. You take in only the headings or the pictures to get a broad idea of what the magazine covers.

Critical Reading: Among the different types of reading strategies, critical reading has a special place. Here, the facts and information are tested for accuracy. You take a look at the ideas mentioned and analyse them until you reach a conclusion.

You would have to apply your critical faculties when using this method. Critical reading is often used when reading the news on social media, watching controversial advertisements, or reading periodicals

Reading for Pleasure: Reading for pleasure is when we read because of our own free will expecting to derive intellectual satisfaction and joy. It is also called reading for recreation and is mostly done voluntarily and enthusiastically.

Although it can also be done on someone else’s suggestion but we do it mostly as a habit, at a time and place of our choice. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

There have been number of research studies to validate the benefits of reading for pleasure.

Some of the benefits are improved vocabulary/ spellings/grammar due to incidental learning, better language competence, improved problem-solving capacity,

better social attitudinal/communication competencies and better average academic scores.
Additionally, many studies suggest that reading for pleasure improves general knowledge.

It also enhances understanding of other cultures, self-confidence, improves decision-making power as well as provides greater insights into human nature.

Reading Comprehension is the ability to easily and efficiently read text for meaning. It is the last step of the reading process taught to children, after they’ve acquired phonological processing skills and learned phonics, fluency, and vocabulary.

There are five categories of reading comprehension that may be taught in a language classroom. These are:

• Lexical Comprehension: It means that the it will explain new words after the text have been read to the learners. A wide variety of different words can be used to ask learners questions.

The successful comprehension of a text depends on the activation of appropriate content and background knowledge.

This in turn depends upon the reader’s lexical knowledge. No comprehension is possible in any language unless the reader has a foreknowledge of the lexicon and also a basic understanding of syntactical patterns. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

If this is lacking then the reader will not be able to read accurately and appropriately and therefore the impetus of the passage will be lost.

Since it will not have the desired impact upon the reader the essence of the exercise of the comprehension will be lost.

• Literal Comprehension: it will help learners to understand the text beter and make sense of the text. This type of comprehension will help the learners to identify the main concepts of the text.

The reader uses clues to supply meaning to the text. It involves two dimensions: chronological and surface understanding of the explicitly stated content details in a passage.

It can include the perception and processing of factual information; the recall or recognition of main thematic ideas,

a detailed chronology of the sequence of occurrences and events, comparison of language and content, appearance and traits of character description, and the cause-and-effect relationship explicitly stated in a story may be regarded as literal level comprehension tasks.

Recall would require the reader to refer to and furnish an idea or ideas stated by the author, however recognition on the other hand would require the reader to decide whether or not a type specific information was presented in the story.

The ability to comprehend literal information presented in a story leads to higher levels of understanding and appreciation and is thus important for the reader as a linguistic and literary skill. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

• Interpretive Comprehension: It means asking questions such as what if, why and how. The reader must be able to read between the lines of the text.

They understand the passage to arrive at a deeper understanding of the entire content.

This process is similar to that of literal comprehension and involves the sequencing of main ideas, the understanding of chronological sequences as well as their application to the events in the narrative,

details of actions, characterisation and a complete understanding of the cause or underlying effect of an action by a character whose subtle traits are elucidated in his or her behaviour.

Applied Comprehension: It means that the one can apply the text to a real life experience eg, school environment. This type of comprehension uses the information gathered from the text to form new ideas.

This will help the learners to link his/her own experience to the text and assess the quality, values of the text and generalizations based on the text.

This may involve drawing comparison, making contrasts, highlighting sameness and discerning differences.

For instance, a study of a fairy tale involves the application of the lesson of the same to real life, the parallel of the situation to daily incidents and the moral of the subtext as a
didactic lesson. BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Even a fable or an allegory when read with meticulous attention can bring about a realisation of the fact that this can be applied to contemporary reality and is thus universal

Effective Comprehension: It means that learners understand how a plot in the story works, how the characters fit into the story and also can include emotions.

The teacher can also show learners social scripts to make sure that the learners understand the development of the plot.

This shows the topicality and immediacy of the passage and the intensity and relational ability of the reader.

For example, the characters in a novel may propel the narrative forward by their actions but in a short story the situations may impact a character to act in a specific way.

Both plot and character are inter-related in a literary passage and thus the development of the latter is dependent on the progress and actions of the former.

Q 2. You and your best friend have not been able to meet because of the lockdown and widespread disruption of services due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now that places have started operating again and life is returning to normalcy, you are itching to meet your best friend, watch a movie together and enjoy some good food.

However, your best friend is somewhat not convinced about the plan and wants to monitor the situation a bit.

Engage in an informal conversation trying to persuade your best friend to meet and go ahead with the plan. Prepare a written transcript of this conversation.

Ans. 2.

Me – Hey! What’s up? BEGLA 138 Free Solved Assignment

Best friend – Hello! All fine, you tell?

Me – I am good too. So, what’s your plan to meet up?

Best friend – Yeah! About that, umm I am thinking about it but not sure.

Me – Hey! Let’s meet up na. Everything is getting normal now.

Best friend – Yes! But the disease is not over yet bro! I think we might wait for some time.

Me – No yaar, we can meet with safety measures. I have planned everything with keeping safety as a priority, nothing will happen.

Best friend – I trust you on that but I have heard that places are not doing the things appropriately.

Me – No! bro, I have done the research and have planned to visit specific places only where, they are taking the thing seriously.

Best friend – Okay! Fine let me do the planning and later up soon

Me – Okay! Let’s catch up. See you soon, tell me soon as possible. I will do the booking. Bye.

Best friend – Sure! Bye, take care.

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