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BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment July 2021 & Jan 2022

Q. 1. Why does the passage state that the economic and social disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic is devastating?

Ans. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty.

while the number of undernourished people, currently estimated at nearly 690 million could increase by up to 132 million by the end of the year.

Q. 2. Why are ‘informal economy workers’ said to be particularly vulnerable?

Ans. Nearly half of the world’s 3.3 billion global workforces are at risk of losing their livelihoods.

Informal economy workers are particularly vulnerable because the majority lack social protection and access to quality health care.

Q. 3. According to this passage, who are the most affected by the pandemic?

Ans. These include workers in the informal economy and in poorly protected and low-paid jobs, including youth, older workers, and migrants.

BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Q. 4. What forms of support can be extended to those affected?

Ans. Different forms of support should be given, including cash transfers, child allowances, and healthy school meals, shelter and food relief, support for employment retention and recovery, and financial relief for businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises,

Q. 5. According to the passage, what can happen if there is no global solidarity and support in handling the social and economic impacts of the pandemics

Ans. Only together can we overcome the intertwined social and economic impacts of the pandemic and prevent its escalation into humanitarian and food security with the potential loss of already achieved development gains.BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Q. 2. Use the following words in sentences of your own

1. Devastating

Ans. The pandemic has devastating effects on the jobs.

2. Vulnerable

Ans. Kids are more vulnerable to the disease.

3. Solidarity

Ans. The situation raises questions about solidarity among themsem solved.

4. Catastrophe

Ans. The oil spin was an environmental catastrophe.

5. Potential

Ans. They had the great potential to become champion

Q 3 Rewrite the following sentences as directed:

1) They cut down many trees to construct the office. (change into passive voice).

2) The (type)
letters are ready for dispatch. (use the correct form of the word in brackets).

3) We’ve got a machine
(who, whom, that) prints in color. (use the correct word from those given in brackets).

4) We drew a short-list of candidates
(Who, whom, which, whose, to whom) CVs were very good. (use the correct word from those given in brackets).

5) It is up to you
to make the decision (fill in the blank with the correct preposition).

Ans. 1. To construct the offer they cut down the trees,

2 typed.

3 that,

4 whom. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

5 go.

BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Q. 4. Write short notes of about 150 words each on the following topics:

1. Organising a Portfolio.

Ans. Organising a Portfolio

. Pre-reading

Before you read the text on portfolios attempt the following questions. Then read the passage and check your answers. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

> Is a portfolio just another name for a resume?

Ans. Portfolio is not a resume because the coverage of the portfolio is wider than a resume Portfolio includes documents, photographs, etc. which prove the skills of a person.

> Is a resume included in a portfolio?

Ans. It is true that a resume is included in a portfolio as its first part.

> Can one put pictures into a portfolio?

Ans. A portfolio may contain pictures proving the skills and achievement oF a person.

> How long does it take to collect documents for a portfolio?

Ans. A portfolio may contain a large number of documents & the personality of the person and these may be collected on an ongoing basis. Appropriate changes are made in the portfolio while applying for different jobs. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Usually, when you talk to someone who is preparing for an interview and ask him/her if his/her portfolio is up-to-date, the response you get is that of bewilderment. People more often than not question the need of a portfolio.

Perhaps the answer to their question is, “No, a portfolio is not absolutely necessary.” But if you want to give a proof your skills, get an edge, make an impact, or in short do everything possible to procure a job, then yes, you really do need a portfolio when you are called for an interview for a professional position.

How is a portfolio different from a resume?

• A portfolio is not a resume. The first personal document in the portfolio is the resume.

• Portfolio contains tangible evidence of your skills and abilities.

• It may contain colourful graphics relevant to the skills required for the position sought.

• A portfolio is not sent out like a resume; it is usually taken along at the time of the interview. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

A portfolio is a powerful interviewing tool for just about all job seekers. It is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities and it represents your potential. It presents tangible proof of your skills and abilities.

Physically, it is a collection of things that represent work-related events in your life. Remember that while pursuing hobbies or volunteer activities, or simply pursuing your interests, you probably developed skills that can now be extremely useful in a work-related environment. The portfolio provides “Evidence of your potential by demonstrating what you accomplished in the past.

Why is a portfolio worth the work?
It helps you to:

• Make focused preparation for interviews.
• Convince others of your skills, abilities and qualities pertaining to the job requirement.
• Showcase and hence communicate your skills clearly.
• Demonstrate the results of your work.
• Establish the habit of documenting your accomplishments and results,
• Create a personal database.
• Assess your own progress in your career development.

A portfolio can be an important learning tool for job seekers to help them assess their learning and to compare it to the employer’s need for skilled and capable employees.

How do you make a portfolio?

You start by developing a portfolio Collection that contains all of your artifacts. If you have written, developed, created or earned anything, you can file, print, frame, photocopy, photograph or digitize it. This is the stuff of which portfolios are made. These may include any of the following:

• Articles
• Awards
• Brochures
• College transcripts and degrees
• Drawings and designs
• Grants
• Letter of communication
• Letters of reference
• Manuals and handbooks
• Photographs
• Presentations
• Programming examples
• Project summaries and reviews
• Scholarships
• Training certificates

These should be used according to their relevance to the position currently being sought, and should appear in chronological order. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

The portfolio should be housed in a sturdy 3 ring binder with not more than 20 pages. This will allow you to add or subtract documents as needed. The binder should be neat and orderly, and the contents well organized.

The first page of the portfolio should be the index. This will give the interviewer a concise overview of what is actually contained in the portfolio. It will enable him her to look at the documents of interest, and quickly get an idea of your achievements.

The first personal document should be your personal resume or curriculum vitae. This concise document should outline all relevant credentials, education, work experiences, and activities.

The next section of the portfolio will include all certificates, commendations and other credentials.

The most relevant or the most recently gained document should come first in this section. Following this should be educational degrees, achievements, club recognition, or volunteer acknowledgments. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

This section may come prior to the credential file if a person is just entering the professional world, or just graduating from college. The remainder of the portfolio can be personalized from here.

The ideal portfolio is organized, neat, and presents a clear picture of who this person is that is applying for the position.

It is important to remember that the interviewer is busy, so the portfolio should present a person in the best light without too many frills or time-consuming inclusions.

The portfolio, like the resume, should be fluid. Adjustments need to be made in it for each position sought.

It is important to keep the portfolio updated and complete. At the back of your mind, keep looking for documents to add to your notebook.

The portfolio is your best chance of demonstrating skills and experience to a prospective employer. Make sure you have one. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

2. Types of customers.

Ans. Types of Customers

Indecisive Customers: Such a customer may take a very long time in taking a buying decision and he continues asking more and more questions, taking a lot of time and does not get convinced with the answers provided.

The best way to handle such a customer is to firmly explain to him about the features of the product being offered by you and to ask questions relating to his specific requirements order foretapele alternative

Reluctant Customers: Such a customer, after attentively listening to all the offers made will try to avoid taking a final decision at the moment of closing till he may remark I am in a hurry I will get back to you shortly.”

Now, keeping his calm, the salesman has to drive such a customer into making a decision by making him aware that he must buy the product now because of the extra benefits limited time offers, which may not be there later. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Demanding Customers: By missing his voice and finding fault with everything offered a demanding customer may try to be in control to get his unreasonable demands met.

He may even provoke you by accusing to neglecting him. But the salesman must keep his calm, firm and focused on the needs of the customer.

He should be flexible and negotiate with the customer by making his best offer in terms of policy of his company to satisfy him.

Rude and Inconsiderate Customers: Such customers generally become offensive, demanding and promptly start using abusive language to seek attention.

These people are actually insecure and defensive though they may appear confident. One has to remain calm in face of such customers. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

In the event of such customers interrupting the interaction of the sales person with some other customer, they should be told smilingly but firmly that he would attend him after he finishes with the present customer.

Talkative Customers: These customers love to talk and ask host of questions, may be due to their being lonely or talkative.

In order to handle such persons, the sales person has to be friendly with them and ask questions that limit his talking opportunities.

The customer should be asked product related questions in a friendly manner without belittling.

Passive Customers: There are some customers who listen to the speaker patiently without adding their own views and concerns.

Such persons are difficult to be handled because they do not explain their needs and thoughts and give just general responses, like. OK, or yes…etc.

So, it is necessary that these customers must be got deeply involved in conver-sations so as to help them to put forth their problem and to get any idea of their real needs.

One more way to make them confident is to apprise them of some other satisfied customers having similar needs. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Dissatisfied Customers: Some customers are always complaining and they feel victimized because they consider that their concerns are the most important.

Such customers, to a greater extent, pass on negative things about companies to others. It is seen that these customers want others to listen carefully to their problem and attend to them exclusively.

It is also important that the sales personnel should not try to make excuses or doing a covering job while talking to them.

Best way is to empathize with the customer without patronizing, to make sincere efforts to understand his problem in the right perspective and to initiate steps to solve the same.

Irate Customers: There are always some customers who may angry due to some reason, such as faulty service and just to be taken seriously, they resort to anger.

Their real need is that they want special attention and proper explanations for their problem and for this they show anger to remain in control.

When any customer speaks in a high pitch voice or speaks in abusive language, the sales person should keep his calm and act professionally.

This is also true that the irate customers have problem with the organization, not with the person with whom they are talking. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

So, the person must focus and try to understand the problem and take prompt steps to solve it.

Among the steps needed to handle difficult situations, the most important is to lend them your ear to properly understand their feelings and allow them to come out fully and then to understand its reasons.

• Attentive listening without interruptions which may add to their frustration.

• Show a reassuring attitude so that the understand that you are seriously trying to resolve their problem.

• With the help of the customer, try to find out a solution to their problem and initiate steps in that direction immediately direction

• Request him to send a written complaint by e-mail

• Make a personal call later to know whether everything was well with him.

The success of the salesperson depends on his ability to handle different type customers and how he uses his patience to counter the inappropriate language being used by the customer with his politeness and professional skills, BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

3. Characteristics of work ethics.

Ans. Characteristics of Work Ethics

Definition: Work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work. It is the ability to maintain proper moral values within the workplace. It makes one feel personally responsible for the work that he does.

It is associated with those who work hard. The characteristics of work ethics can be categorized under interpersonal skills, initiative, and being dependable.

Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal skills include the ability of a person to communicate well with other people, the qualities which he shows while interacting with others.

Interpersonal skills include our habits, attitudes, appearance and behavior which affect the way we interact with others. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Our attitude and inter-personal skills are influenced by our family and friends, the immediate world around us, television and films, etc. Some skills, such as our appearance and personality, are inherited.

Every person has some inappropriate habits which others may notice but he himself may not be aware of.

After coming to know of these, he may try to change these and with this his relations with others would surely improve.

Our interpersonal skills have a bearing on our success. Others judge us by our relationship and interpersonal skills, so it is our responsibility to improve these.

Initiative: Initiative is our ability to see and do what is necessary without waiting for somebody else to tell us about it. It means to do something on our own, without anyone else telling us. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

If we do not improve, we may miss opportunities and perform badly, due to which we may lose job.

Initiatives help us in understanding risks and options and with this our business may grow. On the other hand, a lack of initiative may lead to failures and losses.

We must put in our best efforts for achieving success. Good performance depends on the effort that we put in an activity and we should have the correct attitude, skills and the initiative to perform better.

Being Dependable: Being dependable is the quality of being reliable. It includes honesty, reliability and the quality of a person of being on time, as against undependable persons who do not take initiative and waste their time and resources.

At the time of recruiting new employees, most companies consider ability the candidate to be dependable, besides other skills and characteristics such as good communication skills, positive attitude and punctuality, and personal characteristics such as politeness, confidence and proper dress. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

4. The three stages of a presentation.

Ans. Stages in a Presentation

The three stages in a presentation are:
(a) The Beginning (b) Body, and (c) Conclusion

(a) The first stage of a presentation begins with greeting the audience by saying: Welcome or Good Morning or any other similar greeting After this the premier mentions the topic of the presentation and briefly defines it depending on the kind of persons comprising the audience.

It is very important for every presenter to know the level of the audience before starting a presentation.

Further, the presenter should inform the audience that in case anything is not clear, anyone may ask questions in between and he would surely try to explain it more.

Alternatively, he may request the audience to note down their doubts or queries and he would take them one by one at the end of his presentation. A presenter can start the presentation by saying:

• Respected Ladies and Gentlemen
• Good Morning to all of you,
• I welcome you all to this session,
• I would briefly define the topic of the presentation,
• In the beginning of the presentation, I would try to define the topic first.
• With your permission, let me start by defining the topic of the presentation.

(b) After the first stage, the next stage is the body of the presentation. Since it is the main part of the presentation, efforts should be made to sequence the ideas, preferably in the following way: BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

• About the main idea;
• Other related ideas and its linkages:

• The results or implications:

• When there are more than one important idea, the presenter should state its order in the beginning like, First of all, I would like to discuss….Thereafter, the discussion would cover….. and finally. In the end, we would take up…….

While going over to a new topic, the presenter may say: ‘Now, I will take up…… or We can now discuss a little bit on …….

5. The importance of cultural awareness in a multicultural workplace.

Ans. Cultural Awareness in a Multicultural Workplace

The nature of our workplaces has changed over the last several years. We now have colleagues at work from all over the world.

This new multicultural workplace has brought differences in cultures which in turn bring differences in areas such as communication styles, managerial styles, workplace etiquette, approach to time, and a plethora of other cross-cultural differences.

To maximize potential at work and to maintain a comfortable work atmosphere, cross-cultural awareness is essential. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Cultural differences at the workplace may be due to differences in people’s country of origin, race, religion or ethnic background.

The best way to have an integrated workforce is for workers to understand each other’s culture and benefit from the strengths of each culture.

How do we build cultural awareness

try and learn a bit more about other cultures and countries? Information is easily found on the internet and in books.

You can also ask your colleague then try to use that knowledge to understand socio culural habits of people from other cultures and how they react to situations.

If you learn something interesting about a co-worker’s culture, ask about it or mention it in a relevant situation Hearing about it from them will clarify it to you even better.

One of the first rules of cultural awareness is refraining from assuming one way is wrong and the other is right. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Here, are some common differences in people from different nationalities.
The length of pleasantries before getting down to business varies from country to country.

In the eastern part of the world i.e. in countries like India, you would traditionally greet someone with folded hands or even touch the feet of elders, whereas in the west you would do so with a handshake.

In Japan and Korea, bowing to greet someone is a common sight. The Koreans also think it disrespectful to hand something over to another person with one hand.

They use both their hands to do so. The French greet formally with a handshake and informally by lightly kissing the cheek or air kissing’.

In the Middle East people hold each other lightly by the shoulder and hug.

If you get somebody flowers in France, buy them in odd numbers, but not The French always believe that gifts should be opened when they are given, in front of the giver.

In India, you may easily ask somebody where they are from. But if you asked the same question in Britain, it may be viewed as an attempt to “Place the person on the social or class scale.

In Britain, even close friends do not ask pointedly personal questions relating to professions or relationships whereas in India, it is considered a sign of closeness for us to take an interest in our friends’ personal lives. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

In England, seniors at the workplace are generally addressed formally whereas in the USA, first names are common. Cultural differences also dictate the dress codes in organizations in different countries, with some being much more formal than others.

BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment
BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Section – B

Q. I. You are interested in applying for the position of Customer Service Manager in a company in your town/city. Write an application for this position, showing how you are suitable for the job.

Ans. Amit Chauhan
Dear Hiring Manager,

I am delighted to be applying for the Customer Service Manager Position at Innovation Advertising. Due to my previous experience in the customer service field, I have developed many skills that I can leverage to successfully fulfill this role.

I enjoy working with others, resolving customer inquiries and building feedback systems that help raise satisfaction rates.

The opportunity to become a member of your team at Innovation Advertising offers me an outstanding chance to utilize my talents for serving your clientele in a professional and conscientious manner.

My previous job at Foundry Marketing was heavily focused on customer interactions, and I resolved between 10 and 12 open cases each day.

Doing so helped improve the average buyer feedback by 26 and put the company in a position to win multiple awards for exceptional service to the community

I worked alongside a team of seven professionals who relied on my organizational skills to meet sensitive deadlines. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Some of the most significant skills I would utilize if hired to be your Customer Service Manager include outstanding communication ability, attention to detail and critical reasoning of constant dedication to maintaining a positive work environment and assisting the development of everyone around me.

In my most recent position, this cooperative and productive attitude contributed to helping the company reduce the average employee turnover by 19%.

Thank you for spending time to review and consider my application. I look forward to learning additional information about the Customer Service Manager position as well as the corporate culture at Innovation Advertising.

If I am selected for this role, I will showcase all of the aforementioned skills, provide exceptional service to your customers and learn how to best support your organization.

Amit Chauhan

Q. 2. Prepare a short CV (Curriculum Vitae) clearly mentioning your career history, skills, achievements and any other details.


1 Personal

Name: Dhara Taneja
Date of Birth: 8th September 1980
Nationality: Indian
Address: 45-A Sector, Shakti Nagar, Bhopal, 462022
E-mail : dhara.taneja a hotmail.com
Telephone : 0755-25XXX56

2 Job Objective
To become a successful Senior Executive in a large Travel and Tourism Company.

3 Education

2000-2002 Post Graduation Excel Institute
in Travel and 1st Div.
Tourism Bhopal

2000-2001 Diploma in St. Teresa’s
Marketing IInd Div.
Management Institute

1997-2000 BBA RBT College
1st div.

4 Work Experience

2002 till date- working as a management
– Trainee with Golden Tours and Travels, Bhopal
– Handling prospective customers. Conceptualized, creating and distributed brochures.
– Supervising the maintenance of records of customer queries.
– Attending to customer queries.

5 Projects

Won special appreciation for a project on International Travel Options for Middle Income Groups

6 Skills
• Good Organizational skills
• Strong customer relations
• Interpersonal skills
• Computer proficiency.

Extra-curricular activities
• Debates and public speaking
• Member or Organizing committees for several cultural events.

7 Interests

Sports: Swimming, Badminton.

8 Cultural: Member of Spic Macay-An organization that promotes traditional art and culture.

9 References

Ms. Anita Lal. HOD Travel and Tourism, Excel Institute, Bhopal-462005. Tel. 0755-24XX345.

Mr. R. Andrews. Principal, St. Teresa’s Institute, T.T. Nagar, Bhopal-462005. Tel. 0755-24XX345.

Section – C

Q. 1. Write an outline of a presentation on the following topic: “Coping with Climate Change’: issues and challenges,

Ans. Climate Central unveils Our Changing climate an informative and customizable climate change presentation that meteorologists, journalists, and others can use for educational outreach and/or a personal Climate 101 tool.

• The presentation follows a “Simple, Serious, Solvable” framework, inspired by climate scientist Scott Denning. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

This allows the presenter to comfortably explain, and the viewers to easily understand the causes (Simple), impacts (Serious), and solutions Solvable) of climate change

• Changing Climate is a revamped version of our 2016 climate presentation, and includes the following updates and features:

• Up-to-date graphics and topics

• Local data and graphics

• Fully editable slides (add, remove, customize)

• Presenter notes, background information, and references for each slide

• Supplementary and bonus slides

Climate Central is presenting a new outreach and education resource for meteorologists, journalists, and others climate change presentation, Our Changing Climate.

This 55-slide presentation is a guide through the basics of climate change, outlining its causes, impacts, and solutions.

This climate change overview is unique because it includes an array of local graphics from our ever-expanding media library.

By providing these local angles, the presenter can demonstrate that climate change is not only happening on a global scale but in our backyards.

This presentation was designed to support your climate change storytelling, but can also double as a great Climate 101 tool for journalists or educators who want to understand climate change better. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

Every slide contains main points along with background information, so people that are interested can learn at their own pace or utilize graphics for their own content.

In addition to those features, it follows the “Simple, Serious, Solvable” framework inspired by Scott Denning, a climate scientist and professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University and a good friend of the program).

These three S’s help creates the presentation storyline and outline the causes (Simple), impacts (Serious), and solutions (Solvable) of climate change.

• Simple It is simple-burning fossil fuels is heating up the Earth. This section outlines the well-understood science that goes back to the 1800s, presenting local and global evidence that our climate is warming due to human activities.

• Serious. More extreme weather, rising sea levels, and increased health and economic risks are the consequences of climate change. In this section, well, we get serious.

Climate change impacts are already being felt around the world, and they will continue to intensify until we cut greenhouse gas emissions.

• Solvable With such a daunting crisis like climate change, it is easy to get wrapped up in the negative impacts. BEGLA 136 Free Solved Assignment

This section explains how we can curb climate change and lists the main pathways and solutions to achieve this goal.

With the rollout of our new climate change presentation, we at Climate Central would value any feedback on this presentation.

Feel free to reach out to us about how the presentation worked for you, how your audience reacted, or any ideas or topics you would like to see included

Q. 2. You are planning to appear for an interview for the position of Research Assistant in a reputed institution. Write out Ten questions you expect to be asked and your answers to these questions.

Ques. How do you imagine a typical day at work in our lab?

Ans. The most important thing is to not get carried away with your answer. You will certainly get a chance to bring new ideas on board and to test your own hypotheses. but at the moment you apply for the job of an assistant.

Ques. How would you describe an ideal colleague or an ideal boss?

Ans. Scientists and researchers often have tricky personalities. Some are consumed by their work, and some by their ego… That’s the reason why you may get this question in your research assistant interview-they to want to know your affectations.

Ques. What is your experience with this or that software?

Ans. They may ask about some software for statistical analysis, or even about something special, some niche product they use in their lab.

Now you can find yourself in two positions: Either you have the experience, or you have no idea what program they are talking about.

Ques. How do you ensure to make no mistakes in your work?

Ans. Everyone makes mistakes. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries were a result of a mistake. However, you should try to convince them that you do your best to minimize the number of mistakes.

Ques. Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

Ans. I want to see myself in any higher profile as handling the team of the researchers.

Ques. What are your salary expectations?

Ans. It is very much negotiable.

Ques. What are your plans for your academic career?

Ans. There are no such plans as of now.

Ques. What is your total job experience?

Ans. In total it is around twelve years.

Ques. Are you ready to relocate?

Ans. Yes, very much If my job demands that.

Ques. When can you join us if selected for the post?

Ans. I need to serve the notice period of one month in my previous organization. After a month I can join your organization.


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