IGNOU BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment 2022- Help first

BEGC 131


BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment July 2021 & Jan 2022

BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

1. How does this passage explain the term ‘climate change”?

Ans. Climate change is the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place.

2. Explain any two effects of climate change on weather patterns.

Ans. Climate change may cause weather patterns to be less predictable.

BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment
BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

3. What is the cause of current climate change?

Ans. The cause of current climate change is largely human activity. like burning fossil fuels, such as natural gas. oil and coal. BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

4. What is global warming? How is it caused?

Ans. Burning these materials releases what are called greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere.

There, these gases trap heat from the sun’s rays inside the atmosphere causing the earth’s average temperature to rise. This rise in the planet’s temperature is called global warming.

5. According to this passage, how is “human influenced climate change different from climate change that occurs naturally?

Ans. Throughout the earth’s history, the climate has continually changed. When occurring naturally, this is a slow process that has taken place over hundreds and thousands of years.

The human-influenced climate change that is happening now is occurring at a much faster rate :

Q. 2. Make sentences of your own with the following worsted

1 alteration

Ans. He did ā a good job in the dress alteration

2. Accelerated

Ans. The fact of change has accelerated in recongnemic

3. Seasonal

Ans. The mango is a seasonal fruit.

4. Predictable

Ans. His moves are very much predictable. BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

5. Continually

Ans. She is continually gloating over her new job.

BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment
BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment


Q1 Rewrite the following sentences as directed:

Ans. 1. being, 2. been. 3. Does, 4. Has, 5. have, 6. don’t. 7. which, 8. being, 9. educate 10. loose. 11. construction, 12. Can. 13. injured, 14. blacing, 15. strange

Q2 Match the following words/phrases in section A with their meanings in section B

Ans. 1. (J)

  1. (d)
  2. (e)
  3. (a)
  4. (h)
  5. (g)
  6. (I)
  7. (c)
  8. (F)
  9. (b).
BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment
BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment


Q 1. You have been asked to speak to a group of school students on the topic: “Joining hands to reduce air-pollution in our town.”

ANS Speech

Vehicle emissions are one of the major sources of air pollution. Join with your local community to think of ways to get things done that don’t require a car, such as bikes and transit systems. If you must drive if you can switch to electric vehicles.

We have programs for businesses, cities, non-profits, and communities that address a range of environmental problems, including air quality.

Drive your car less, Vehicle exhaust is a major source of air pollution in Minnesota. Carpool. Bike. Bus. Telecommute. Electric vehicles. How could you burn less fuel?

Keep your car in good repair. Fix exhaust and oxygen sensor problems ASAP. Check tire pressure monthly BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

Turn off your engine. An idling engine creates a hot spot of pollution. Buses and big trucks produce particularly unhealthy exhaust.

Parents and teachers can help their schools and daycares develop and implement no-idling policies MPCA has resources to get started.

Don’t burn your garbage, Burning your household garbage is dangerous to your health and our environment, and is generally against the law in Minnesota.

If you’re still using a burn barrel, wood stove, or fire-pit for your trash, it’s time for a change. Learn what you can do.

Stop having campfires in the city. Smoky areas resulting from campfires in the city can cause unhealthy conditions for hundreds of people, especially during stagnant weather conditions.

Since cities have elevated levels of pollution compared to Greater Minnesota already, please limit the number of campfires you start in urban locations. If you do have a campfire:

Keep campfires brief and small–3 feet across or less. Burn only dry firewood. In the Twin Cities, it is illegal to burn any waste in a fire, even yard waste,

Never start campfires during an air quality alert. You can receive texts of emails when air pollution alerts are in effect.

Plant and care for trees. trees filter pollutants and absorb carbon dioxide Trees also release oxygen into the atmosphere and help cool our homes. Learn more about the benefits of trees. BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

Switch to electric or hand-powered lawn equipment. Gas-powered engines like these on lawn powers and leaf or snow blowers are often Jack pollution control devices.

An hour running a lawn mover can produceretly the same amount of pollution as a 100-mile car trip! Use hand-powered or electric lawn care equipment instead.

Use less energy. Choose efficient appliances and heating systems. Get an energy audit and follow the advice. Turn off electrical stuff you are not using. It all adds up.

Check your home for radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that seeps into your house from the soil.

Get more information about radon and home testing kits from The Minnesota Department of Health.

Become a champion for clean air. Direct local businesses, city offices, and school districts toward the programs available to them: report any concerns you encounter and share your reasons for doing the things you do with those mund you

Thank you all

Q. 2. The Residents’ Association in your colony has been organizing several activities to support the poor and the needy during the lockdown.

Ans. While we’ve never faced a foe quite like COVID-19 before, doctors and scientists have studied what happens when people pull together and help others after a setback. About a year after the 2008 financial crisis, when

thousands of people lost their jobs and homes, Post and his Stony Brook University colleagues surveyed 4,500 Americans about their volunteering habits and their mental health.

In the wake of the financial downturn rates of volunteering were higher than they had been the year before and that bump came with clear psychological benefits.

Social distancing and shelter-in-place restrictions do put some volunteer opportunities out of reach, especially for members of high-risk groups.

However, motivated helpers have found plenty of creative ways to serve others remotely.

First, policymakers should ensure access to emergency cash. The rural poor are no strangers to shocks to their livelihoods.

Droughts and floods are recurrent features of their lives, as are serious illness and job losses. BEGC 131 Free Solved Assignment

But they usually have some access to lifelines: they can tap into family-based mutual-aid networks or borrow from microfinance institutions, money lenders, and friends and family.

That was not true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions on movement meant that households could not visit extended family to seek financial support.

And even if they could, with everyone’s livelihoods squeezed at the same time, friends and family often had nothing to offer.

Harsh lockdowns in many places also forced microfinance providers and other financial institutions to close, preventing households from borrowing or even withdrawing their savings.

The 60 Bangladeshi households in my locality halted almost all financial transactions during the government-imposed lockdown.

Second, poor people’s capacity to exercise agency and entrepreneurial spirit should be supported.

The HDDP households were agile and resourceful in their response to the COVID shock and showed impressive money-management skills.

Q. 3. You would like to invite your friend to join your family while celebrating a festival. Write a letter to him/her describing the festival and inviting him/her to join you to celebrate it.


Ramgarh Colony,
New Delhi, India
15th March 2022
Dear Ravi.

Hope this letter finds you and your family in good health How are you build It has been a while since we met. Hope your studies are going great.

We are organizing a Holi party this year at our house which is on 29th March. I am officially inviting you for the same. I have invited all our family and friends and everyone has responded that they will be coming I am writing to you in advance so you can clear your schedule and attend it. The party will have snacks, cold drinks and will be followed by lunch. The party’s at 8 o clock in the morning. We are playing a safe holi so please don’t bring any artificial colors, just gulal. Please come on time.

Please reply to me about the invite. Hope to see you there.
Yours truly.


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