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BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment July 2021 & Jan 2022

Section A

Q1.What do you understand by the term ‘non-verbal communication’?

Ans: Non-verbal communication:

Non-verbal communication is the transfer of information through the use of body language including eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and more.

Verbal communication is the use of language to transfer information through written text, speaking or sign language.

Easy presentation: Information can be easily presented in non-verbal communication through using visual, audio-visual and silent means of non-verbal communication.

Substituting: Non-verbal message may substitute for the verbal message especially if it is blocked by noise, interruption, long distance etc.

Non-verbal communication occurs without using any oral or written word. Common types of nonverbal communication are; eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and body orientation, body language, touch, para-linguistic, silence.

There are 10 types of nonverbal Communication: environment, appearance and artifacts, proxemics and territoriality, haptics, paralanguage, chronemics, kinesics, and eye contact.

There are five functions of non-verbal communication: reinforcement, contradiction, substitution,accentuation, and regulation.

All of these functions help the person sending a message and the person receiving the message my making the substance of the communication more understandable.

Q2. What are the conventions of a conversation? How does it differ from other speech events?

Ans: Conventions of a conversation: BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment
It is also known as the ‘doctrine of prudence’. Convention of Conservatism states to anticipate all the future losses and ignore gains.

The managers who are responsible for running the business successfully are also human beings. They always try to give a favorable report for the business they are handling.

But as Financial Accounting Standards Board says, “prudent reporting based on a healthy skepticism builds confidence in the results, in the long run, best serves all of the divergent interests. This reporting has resulted in the birth of the conservatism concept.

Difference between speech and conversation:

Speech is the process of talking to a group of people in a formal, deliberate way so as to educate, influence or entertain the audience.

Interaction between two or more people who obey etiquette rules is a form of interactive, spontaneous communication is known as conversation.

i.Speeches comprise and include thoughts which are logically organised and structured, while conversations can wander around topics/subjects.

ii. Speeches use formalised language, whereas conversation use slang, at times poor grammar, or profanity. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

iii. Speeches are usually delivered in intentional, deliberate settings and contexts, while conversations arise spontaneously.

BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment
BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Q3. What is meant by the ‘schema theory’? How is it important in understanding the reading process?

Ans Schema theory:

Schemas are categories of information stored in long-term memory. A schema contains groups of linked memories, concepts or words.

This grouping of things acts as a cognitive shortcut, making storing new things in your long-term memory and retrieval of them much quicker and more efficient.

For example: If I smell a cake being baked, it reminds me of things I used to do with my Nan, as we used to bake cakes together. The smell of baking cakes is part of my “Nan” schema. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

If you consider schema (Plural: schemata) theory when planning your lessons and making your resources.

Your students will construct very strong schemata and remember much more. Especially if you also consider cognitive load theory and dual coding theory.

Schema theory is also considered in the seminal work, “Rosenshine’s principles of instruction”.

Spending time directly teaching them this metacognitive strategy will hugely improve your student’s ability to remember more from your lessons.

When students understand this, it makes studying for a test a much less stressful time too.

Schema theory is important in understanding the reading process:

An important function of schema is therefore to help readers to match what they know with what the written text tells them, i.e., to monitor their comprehension.

If there is some deficiency at the level of analyzing print (i.e. decoding problems like poor word recognition, the higher-level knowledge of the topic (i.e. schemata) will compensate for the deficiency. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Q 4. Discuss any two difficulties that learners of English as a second language are likely to encounter while learning English vocabulary.

Ans: Two difficulties that learners of English as a second language are likely to encounter while learning

English vocabulary: Learners of English as Second Language may find a few stumbling blocks in mastering this language.

Following er two difficulties that learners of English as a second language are likely to encounter while learning English vocabulary:

1.One Word Many Meanings (Homonyms):
Homonyms are words which have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings in different contexts. In the following sentences, the word club has different meanings.

As a child, you might have gone to a local club in your colony. You might have seen the picture of Bhim with a club in his hand in the Mahabharat serial on television, and if you play cards, you have to deal with clubs in the pack.

You might suggest to a student to club two paragraphs together to make the writing more compact. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

2.Same Sound Different Form and meanings (Homophones):

Look at the following set of words.

1) Great grate

2) flour flower

3) break brake

4) there their

5) stationary stationery

6) bow bough

The pronunciation (sound) of both the words are exactly the same but the written form (spelling) are different.

The meaning of the words are also different. Which spelling to use is decided by the context in which the word is used.

Such pair of words – with identical sounds but different spelling and different meaning are known as homophones.

BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment
BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Q5. What are the four levels of meaning that you need to be aware of as a reader?

Answer: The four level of meaning:

Following are the four level of meaning:

  1. The literal: Literal is wot a paragraph because it contains just the facts and is used throughout the entire paper. The literal meaning is simply what the text says. This actually happens to the story.

This is an important Level of understanding as it provides the foundation for more advanced understanding without understanding the content at this level, you could woot go any further. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

  1. The interpretative: Interpretive reading is the effective communication of an author’s thoughts and feelings to the listener. The reader must extract meaning from the selection to share with the audience.

ALL reading skills aloud, including vocal flexibility, clear, correct articulation’ pronunciation, as well as the use of pause and frequency variation, can-be used in interpretive reading.

3.The critical: Critical reading is a more active form of reading. It is a deeper and more complex coramitment to a text.

Critical reading is a process of analysis, interpretation, and sometimes evaluation. When we read critically, we use our critical thinking skills to ASK both the text and our own reading.

4.The Creative: Creative reading is defined as reading for implied and undefined meanings, appreciating reactions and critical evaluation.

The critical reading act goes beyond literal understanding to demana that the reader produce new and original ideas not explicitly explained in the reading material.

                              Section B

Q1. You are attending an International Conference in your city. You have just met a participant from the U.S.A. Write out a dialogue in 10 turns where both of you get introduced to each other and discuss your expectations from the conference.

Answer: Dialogue in an International Conference in your city with a participant from the U.S.A to introduce to each other and discuss your expectations from the conference

Mangla: Hello! Mr. Sam. How are you?

Sam Tidon: Hey! I’m totally fine and what about you?

Mangla: Me also good. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Sam Tidon: Have you been attended such an international conference yet?

Mangla: Yes, I have been. This conference is quite different from all and interesting as well.

Sam Tidon: Education with corona is likely to be on the same pace now. We can’t stop education because of this pandemic.

Mangla: Yeah! It’s true. People should pay attention to their protection. No law can impose complete protection to all.

Sam Tidon: Covid-19 put the impact on various walks of life i.e. education, health, economic etc.

Mangla: So many people lost their lives and loved ones too.

Mangla: Governments must put some more serious actions for this and appreciate people for their good efforts to get rid of this pandemic.

Mangla: It was quite an interesting conference today, did you enjoy this?

Sam Tidon: Yes, of course. Although I came to India first time and it’s my best journey ever. Thank you so much for such a beautiful conversation.

Mangla: Welcome again to India Mr. Sam.

2.You have been invited to speak in a webinar for high school students on the topic:”Challenges faced by school students in India during the COVID-19 lockdown.” Write out your speech in around 250 words.

Answer: Speech on Challenges faced by school students in India during the COVID-19 lockdown: BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

I, Mangla Thakur, today would like to present my views on an emerging topic –“Challenges faced by school students in India during the COVID-19 lockdown”. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state governments across the country temporarily closed schools, colleges, and universities.

Based on the current situation,
it is uncertain when schools, colleges, and universities will be reopened. Undoubtedly, this is a critical time for the education sector, as several university entrance exams and competitive examinations are held during this period.

The digital divide has so far extended across India, further separating the wealthy from the underprivileged and tech-savvy from the tech-poor, with millions of children are struggling to meet the challenges of online classrooms.

The bottom line of the success of online courses is the engagement of students. The knowledge component is more natural to deliver in online mode. The transfer of skills through online mode is case dependent.

For example, conducting a design studio in an online mode could be very challenging. Conducting a lab based experiment may not be feasible. I feel skill-based courses also can be addressed. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

The field of education, which never reached the real level, is now potholed, vibrant, and bumpy-lumpy as students, and their teachers, in villages, cities, and towns struggle to cope with the demands of the times.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has forced people into their homes and forced schools, colleges, and universities to take virtual classes blew up educational dreams with ample conditions: a computer or at least a smartphone, a proper Internet connection, and an uninterrupted power supply. All this hampered

BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment
BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment
                             Section C

Q 1. Discuss the semantic and linguistic barriers to communication. Give suitable examples.

Answer: Semantic and linguistic barriers to communication:

Effective communication is a necessary part of dealing with individuals under stress.

Effective communication with an individual who may be showing signs of anxiety can possibly divert energy from an “acting out” scenario to a more rational one.

Communication is defined as an exchange process whose purpose is to inform, persuade or entertain another. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

In order to make this definition complete, understanding must be included. No matter the circumstances that surround the communication process, the receiver and sender must have an understanding of what has been stated, written or implied.

If this is not the case, communication is no more than a collection of words, spoken or written, gestures, or sounds.

The Semantic barrier in communication can be defined as the misunderstanding and interpretation of meaning which restrict effective communication. It can be in form of language, signs, and symbols.

The word semantic is credited to the Greek word “semantikos” which indicates “significant”.

Semantics is a broad interdisciplinary study which deals with philosophical and logical understanding behind the language. The Semantic barrier can be caused in every type of communication.

There are two types of the semantic barrier of communication:

i. Denotative barriers which are based on and caused by the direct meaning of a word.

ii. Connotative barriers refer to the differences in the meaning of the defined word.

Example of semantic barrier:

  1. Use of idioms: Idioms are phrases that have a figurative meaning that’s different from what it literally sounds like. For instance, if you ask someone, “Can you give me a hand?” or if you say, “I can’t get a hold of John,” the figurative meaning differs from the literal meaning.

We use such phrases and figures of speech as a matter of course in our daily interactions and we don’t really even think before doing so. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

2. Misunderstood words: Words may be a barrier to communication because some words have different meanings or usage in different contexts. For instance, homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelled differently.

When used in spoken language, however, this can easily cause confusion. For example, the words ‘write’ and ‘right’. They sound the same but mean different things

3.Non-native speakers: People often cross international borders on account of work nowadays. This leads to problems with things getting lost in translation, as we saw in the example of Chevrolet.

Many people have a limited vocabulary when they’re speaking in a language that is not their native tongue. This can create a barrier to communication.

4.Missed or misinterpreted jokes: Sometimes jokes don’t come across as they should. This could happen because people misunderstand the meaning of certain words and phrases or if they’re just not funny.

They might even be inappropriate or offensive.

Jokes rarely travel well across cultures, as they depend on a shared understanding of language and usually contain specific cultural touch points.

5. Differences in emoting: Some individuals don’t express their feelings willingly or openly. This might be a cultural issue or an individual one.

Due to certain mental health or sensory conditions, emotions can also be misinterpreted.

6. Tech trouble: It used to be called a cross-connection: when phone lines literally got tangled and you could someone else’s conversation.

The modern version of this is the poor Internet connection causing frozen screens and broken audio, which can result in misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

7. Lack of information: When we deliver partial or incomplete information, the meaning of the rest of the message might be misunderstood by the receiver.

A language barrier is a figurative phrase used primarily to refer to linguistic barriers to communication, i.e. the difficulties in communication experienced by people or groups originally speaking different languages, or even dialects in some cases.

The people who come to a new country at an adult age, when language learning is a cumbersome process, can have particular difficulty “overcoming the language barrier”.

Similar difficulties occur at multinational meetings, where interpreting services can be costly, hard to obtain, and prone to error.

Examples of language barriers that prevent individuals from effective communication include: BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

1.Dialects: While two people may technically speak the same language, dialectal differences can make communication between them difficult. Examples of dialectical language barriers exist worldwide.

Chinese, for example, has a variety of dialects that are commonly spoken, including Cantonese and Mandarin.

2. Language Disabilities: Language disabilities are physical impediments to language. Physical language disabilities that cause language barriers include stuttering, dysphonia or an articulation disorder and hearing loss.

How to overcome these barriers?

i. Checking whether it is a good time and place to communicate with the person.

ii. Being clear and using language that the person understands.

iii. Communicating one thing at a time.

iv. Respecting a person’s desire to not communicate.

V. Checking that the person has understood you correctly.

Q 2. “Writing is commonly seen as a three-way process: pre-writing, writing and re-writing.” Explain this statement.

Answer: Writing is commonly seen as a three-way process: pre-writing, writing and re-writing: BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Writing is a process that can be divided into three stages: Pre-writing, drafting and the final revising stage which includes editing and proofreading.

In the first stage, you research your topic and make preparatory work before you enter the drafting stage. After you have written your text you must take time to revise
and correct it before submitting the final result.


In the pre-writing stage, you plan and prepare your writing. This is also the stage where you research your topic and look for relevant sources.

Early in the pre-writing stage, you should give thought to the subject and purpose of your assignment.

If you are assigned a broad subject by your instructor you will need to narrow it down and focus on a smaller subject area, preferably something that interests you.

To write effectively you also need to know the purpose of why you are writing.

Each type of writing has a unique set of guidelines and knowing your purpose for writing will help you produce a text of high quality and relevance.

For you to know the purpose of your writing you will need to interpret the task. See more information below about this.

Doing thorough preparatory work is important for your writing and will save you a lot of time in the long run. It will help you keep your focus during the writing process.

As your project progresses you may have to make some changes to your initial plan.At the beginning of the writing process, BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

it is important to take time to create a timetable for writing to ensure that you will have a finished product when the assignment is due.

When planning your time, take into account that the revising phase may take as much time as the initial writing, or perhaps even longer.

This is in many ways similar to planning your studies in general.


Once you have created an outline it is time to start writing. Remember that you do not have to write aperfect first draft.

Instead of focusing on producing flawless text at this stage, try to concentrate on writing down your main ideas. You do not need to an aeon or proofread yet.

Instead, try to let your thinking and writing flow as freely as possible. Furthermore, you do not have to write the text from start to finish. It is okay, to begin with, the sections that you feel the most confident with. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

You will probably have to rework your draft several times before you have a complete text. Preferably you should allow time between drafts (t to days, if you have the time) as it will give you a new perspective on your text.


This is the stage in the writing process where you make sure that your text is coherent and written accurately.

Your final product should be a text that has been thoroughly worked through and that meets the academic standards of writing. Make sure that you allow enough time to revise, edit and proofread your assignment before submission.

The 3 Step Writing Process

Step 1: Planning: Analyzing Investigating Adapting

Step 2: Writing: Organizing Composing

Step 3: Revising: Revising Producing Proofreading

Q 3. A group of four students have been given the following topic for group discussion. ‘Internet usage by school students: issues and challenges.”
Write out the discussion giving at least 3 turns to each student.

Answer: Group discussion by a group of four students on Internet usage by school students: issues and challenges:

Student 1: E-learning raises significant challenges in the technological research area. Internet improves the connectivity and communication of the students.

Students’ connectivity and communication have become faster and more effective than the old ones.

The Internet has a great contribution to students’ study and education, with the help of the internet students can easily and comfortably study and learn.

Students can easily make connections and communicate with experts around the world, and learn from them. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Internet helps a lot of students in study and learning, they can easily online study with the help of the internet,

Student 2: Besides the advantages and positive effects of the internet for students, there is a dark side to the internet for the students.

There are a lot of disadvantages of the internet for a student’s life. More likely the internet neglects the students from the study for other kinds of activities.

Student 3: Social isolation is the main issue caused by the excessive usage of the Internet. Most of the students are affected by this issue of the internet.

Students that use the internet all the time get isolated from the world.

All the time, they want to use the Internet surfing and didn’t want to go outside, and communicate with their friends, relatives, and family members. Internet causes many privacy issues for students.

Internet is open for everyone; all people are free to use the Internet.

Most of the time student’s data and privacy are compromised. due to the Internet, Hackers hack students’ computers and mobile phones steal stole personal data, and blackmail them.

Many students’ pictures and videos viral on social media platforms and the Internet. Many students commit suicide due to theInternet.

Student 4: Students spend a lot of time surfing on the Internet. they always seem busy surfing on the Internet.

One of the most important things for the students is their precious time. Every second is important for them. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment

Student 2: As the internet is very beneficial for the students in many ways and makes the student’s life very easier.

It improves communication but it impacts a lot on the communication skills of the students.

Student 3: As the internet expands the world for the students, with the help of the internet students make connections and communicate with other people from around the world, and know from other cultures and lifestyles.

Student 1: One of the worst bad effects of the internet for students in education is the addiction to the excessive usage of the Internet. Most of the students get affected by the addition of the internet.

Due to the addition of the Internet excessive usage. they always want to use the Internet and not do anything else. Due to the addiction to the Internet, Student education, study, and learning disturb a lot.

Student 2: Students cyberbullying is one of the common bad effects of the Internet. Most of the students misuse the Internet in bullying another student. Due to the increasing usage of the Internet.

Cyberbullying and cybercrime also increase. Online cheating, fraud, and cyberbullying badly affect the student’s life. Many students commit suicide due to the cyberbullying of the internet.

Student 4: The excessive usage of the Internet causes anonymity. The Internet can give accesses to the students to join the websites, forums.

communities, and chat rooms. And a large number of people join the forums, communities, and chat rooms. It allows bad people to take the advantage of innocent’s students many times, abuse them, bullying them.

Student 4: The excessive usage of the Internet causes anonymity. The Internet can give accesses to the students to join the websites, forums. communities, and chat rooms.

And a large number of people join the forums, communities, and chat rooms. It allows the bad people to take the advantage of innocent’s students many times, abuse them, bullying them. BEGAE 182 Free Solved Assignment


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