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BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment Jan 2022


Q. 1. How are the computers helpful to human beings? State the examples of real world where computers are prominently being used these days.

Ans. Computers and its uses grew rapidly and widely throughout the world. They are used to deal with many tasks due to their various potential. It helps to resolve problems human life encounters in daily life.

Therefore, they have more influence on our life. The impact of computer usage on our life obviously identified as Savings of Money, Time and Effort.

To understand the depth of computer intervention in human life, have a look at developments happened in the areas of Communication, Education, Utility facilities and Healthcare.

Computer can bring people closer together and facilitate contacts between them using E-mail, Chatting, Videoconferencing, Mobile Phones and Social media.

It saves time, efforts and money compared with letters used, before making influence of computers in human life. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

These days, we seldom use hand written letters, put in the envelopes and transport over long distances because most of us have computer and education to make use of it.

Print media, Television and Radio play important role in our life. They too have influence of computers from production, control, storage and broadcasting.

Using computers we are able to create a document, display it on screen, modify and print it on a printer or publish in front of the world through world wide web.

Computer connected with internet has ability to publish ideas, thoughts, criticism, etc, instantly across the world. Social networking sites like, Facebook, Twitter, blogger, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc.

opens another sophisticated yet easy to use viral communication, reveals the importance of computer and human life. If it is not exaggerated, our younger generation has become addicted to use these modern tools.

A majority of college students cannot have a day without login to at least one social networking site.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Computer has made massive makeover in education field. Three decades ago, if anyone has a doubt to be clarified in a learning process, finding right expert itself was a cumbersome task and there may not be available further opinion about the subject.

Although the different and easiest clarification or solution are available on the other side of the world, we were unable to know its whereabouts because lack of communication.

BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment
BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Q. 2. What are active and passive attacks? Explain with suitable examples.

Ans. Active Attacks: An Active attack attempts to alter system resources or effect their operations. Active attacks involve some modification of the data stream or creation of false statement.

Passive Attacks: A Passive attack attempts to learn or make use of information from the system but does not affect system resources.

Passive Attacks are in the nature of eavesdropping on or monitoring of transmission. The goal of the opponent is to obtain information is being transmitted.

Common types of cyber attacks: BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Malware: Malware is a term used to describe malicious software, including spyware, ransom ware, viruses, and worms.

Malware breaches a network through vulnerability, typically when a user clicks a dangerous link or e-mail attachment that then installs risky software.

Phishing: Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source, usually through e-mail.

The goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information or to install malware on the victim’s machine. Phishing is an increasingly common cyber threat.

Man-in-the-middle Attack: Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, also known as eaves dropping attacks, occur when attackers insert themselves intola two-party Transaction. Once the attackers interrupt the traffic, they can filter and steal data

Denial-of-service attack!: A denial-of-service attack foods systems. servers, on networks with traffic to exhaust resources and bandwidth.

As a result, the system is unable to fulfill legitimate requests. Attackers can also use multiple compromised devices to launch this attack This is known as a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

SQL Injection: A Structured Query Language (SQL) injection occurs when an attacker inserts malicious code into a server that uses SQL and forces the server to reveal information it normally would not.

An attacker could carry out a SQL injection simply by submitting malicious code into a vulnerable website search box.

Zero-day Exploit: A zero-day exploit hits after a network vulnerability is announced but before a patch or solution is implemented.

Attackers target the disclosed vulnerability during this window of time. Zero-day vulnerability thrheit detection requires constant awareness.

DNS Tunneling: DNS tunneling utilizes the DNS protocol to communicate non-DNS traffic over port 53. It sends HTTP and other protocol traffic over DNS. There are various, legitimate reasons to utilize DNS tunneling.

However, there are also malicious reasons to use DNS Tunneling VPN services. They can be used to disguise outbound traffic as DNS, concealing data that is typically shared through an internet connection. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

For malicious use,DNS requests are manipulated to exfiltrate data from a compromised system to the attacker’s infrastructure. It can also be used for command and control call backs from the attacker’s infrastructure to a compromised system.

Q. 3. What is the generic structure of business report?

Ans. Creating a Business Report: The business report generically will have the following format:

Purpose of the Report: Once you understand who your audience is, your purpose should become more evident.

You should try to summarize what matters the most; analyze strengths and weaknesses; and recommend the measures based on the data you have presented, if it is asked.

Your readers should be able to understand what’s going on and have back up data ready as to how that’s happening and what should be done to alleviate it.

Audience of Report: You can write a report for your varsity professor, or legislators, medical staff, advocates, taxpayers or all of them.

Whomever the audience, you need to understand that they have an idea of what’s happening so your interpretation of the issue shouldn’t be too overwhelming/underwhelming for them.

You should ask yourself what’s more than you want them to know after they’ve read your findings. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

You should also be careful that it shouldn’t be too bland for the administration nor be an array of technical terms that the general officers can’t understand; it should be a mix of both.

Knowledge of the Topic: It is obvious we must have a thorough knowledge of the topic for which you are writing Nie report.

It is important to research the topic and include all relevant information to prove your point.

Outline of the Report: The following can be a part of your business report:
• a covering letter or memorandum
• a title page

• an executive summary
• a table of contents

• an introduction
• conclusion

• recommendation
• findings and discussion

• a list of references
• appendices

Write, Edit, Proofread and Finish: Once the majority of your text is written read through it and make sure it flows well. Check for grammar and spelling, and double-check all relevant information and make sure the report is error free.

The main sub-division in a DPR is:BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

• General Information of the project.
• Background and the experience of the project promoters.

• Details and working result of industrial concerns already owned and promoted by the project promoters. Details of the proposed project:
•Plant capacity

•Manufacturing procedure adopted
•Technical know-how/tie-ups

•Management teams for the project.
•Details of land, buildings and plant and machinery.

• Details of infrastructural facilities (power, water supply, transport facilities, etc.)
•Raw material requirement/availability.

•Effluents produced by the project and treatment procedures adopted.
• Labour requirement and availability.

• Schedule of implement of the project.
• Project cost.

• Means of financial projects.
• Working capital requirement arrangements made.

• Marketing and selling arrangement made.
• Profitability and cash flow estimates.

• Mode of repayment of loans. Government approvals.
• Local body consents and statutory permissions.
• Details of collaterals security that can be offered to the financial institutions.

Q. 4. What is a business presentation? State its importance and various factors determining the effectiveness of business presentations,

Ans. The business should be pitched and presented several times before the final plan is developed. The business plan presentation along with the executive summary will help to structure the business and make it more focused, clear and understandable.

It is all part of the learning process consisting of learning about and learning-bydoing. It is important to have someone document all the questions that arise during the presentation and then to try to understand what the questions mean.

It could be simply that the business model was not communicated effectively during the presentation or woritical issue was not considered and than it needs to be addressed.

Businesses are emergent; they take time to design, build, and to be successful; and the pitch and presentation is a critical part of the growth process.

Types of Presentations BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Providing Information: This format encompasses anything from a team meeting that gives updates on a project or upcoming event to a demonstration that shows product functions.

Teaching a Skill: Your company just installed a new system or implemented a new process that requires people to learn how to use the new tool and apply the process.

Reporting Progress: As you integrate the new system into your daily routine, your boss wants to know how it’s working. You might schedule a divisional meeting or group off-site to share the progress.

Selling a Product or Service: A briefing like this might include a recap of the product or service, next steps and action items, or a discussion of needs and improvements before the product is ready to sell.

Making a Decision: It’s time for the annual holiday party and ideas are being tossed around the office. When giving your input on the location, make sure to share the must-haves and nice-to-haves for the event.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

When it’s time for the final decision, you can see how your idea stacks up to the other options.

Solving a Problem: This could be in a panel setting or other meeting where the problem is identified, the facts of the problem are presented and a list of causes is generated.

From here, you lay out the ideal outcome, present solutions and discuss your recommendation. With any presentation, know your objectives.

If your purpose is to inform or update, you will most likely use one of the first three types of presentations.

On the other hand, if you’re on a mission to persuade someone, use one of the last three presentation types.

Not every presentation has to mould itself into a traditional presentation; it can be an interview, status report,program, pitch, speech or demonstration, for example.

Businesses and professional firms use presentations to inform, educate, motivate and persuade internal and external audiences. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

They build presentations into sales, training and internal communication programs, using the power of words and images to engage their audience and retain attention.

A presentation provides an opportunity to meet your customers and prospects in person. Using presentations as part of a sales campaign can improve results via many benefits, says Olivia Mitchell.

These benefits include the power of reciprocation, the influence liking someone has on decision-making, social proof, and the tendency to believe and obey authority figures.

Presentations make it easier to engage your audience. Striking images can hold an audience’s attention; while clear bullet points or summary text helps the audience follows the logic of a presentation.

The theatrical nature of a presentation can create greater impact than an individual trying to make the same point by just talking, according to The Self Employed.

This level of engagemem ensures that you get your message across to the audience. Engagement is partially dependent on your own persona, so stress the importance of presentation skills in the workplace to get the best results from your team.

Following factors affect the effectiveness of the presentation:

Audience Analysis: If the speaker has analyzed the audience in a proper way before presentation, his presentation will be more effective. On the other hand, poor or improper audience analysis leads to ineffective presentation. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

The style of the presentation is largely dependent upon the type and size of the audience. If audience is large, presentation should be more formal whereas informal presentation can work in small audience.

Communication Environment: Communication environment affects the effectiveness of the presentations. Much of the audience notices the physical things surrounding the speaker, the stage, lighting arrangement, background, etc.

Proper arrangement of these things can enhance the impact of the presentation. If there is noise in the surrounding environment, it detracts the audience from listening and consequently leaves unhealthy messages.

Personal Appearance: Personal appearance of the speaker has great impact on the audience. Well dressed up person can deliver good presentation.

Therefore, the speaker should wear neat and clean clothes and take time to check his appearance just before starting presentation.

Use of Visuals: Visuals can enhance the professional image of the presentation. Different research studies demonstrate that presenters using latest visual techniques are perceived as better prepared, more per-suasive, more credible and more interesting than speakers who do not use visuals.

But visuals work only if the technology on which they depend works well. Therefore, presenter should check the equipment in advance before presenting.

Opening and Closing of Presentation: The beginning and closing of a presentation are the positions of emphasis.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Those presenters who can open the presentation with interesting remarks which are likely to create more interest and enthusiasm for listening the presentation. On the other hand, presenters with poor opening are likely to leave the audience bored.

Similarly, the ending of the presentation has profound impact on the audience. Endings, with vivid and positive pictures are more likely to have profound impact on the audience.

Organization of Presentation: Clarity in presentation is essential that comes with proper organization of the information.

Organizing the information in a proper manner can make the message more understandable, keep the audience happy and boost the image of the speaker.

Proper organization of presentation enhances the effectiveness of the presentation. On the other hand, improper organization of the presentation will not influence the audience.

Language and Words: The quality of presentation is affected by the language and words. To make the audience understand the message, the speaker has to talk in the language known to the audience. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

To enhance the impact of presentation, he should choose the catchy wards that appeal to the heart and emotions of the audience.

If the language spoken by presentator is different from audience’s language, and words used are stereotyped it is likely to have least impact on the audiences

Quality of Voice: Quality of voice of the presenter affects the effectiveness of the presentation. Voice modulation is likely to have greater impact upon the audience whereas monotonous voice will bore the audience

Body Language: The effectiveness of the presentation is also affected by the body language of the speaker.A speaker having eye contact with audience is likely to impress more than a speaker reading out the hand outs.

A speaker who looked more at the audience is judged as better informed, more experienced, more honest and friendliest than a speaker who delivers the speech with less eye contact. With eye contact members of audience feel that speaker is talking to them.

Answering Questions: The effectiveness of presentation is also affected by presenter’s skill in handling questions asked at the end of presentation.

A speaker who answers the audience’s questions and handles hostile questions with tact is likely to influence the audience more. On the other hand, a speaker who answers rudely will leave negative impact upon the audience.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment
BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Q. 5. Explain the utilities of computers in Online Banking and Finance.

Ans. Computer Role in Online Banking and Finance: The financial and banking arena have embraced technology for serving clients better and faster.

The advent of technology has changed the financial market and turned it into digitalized. These data internet comes at a cheap price and it becomes convenient enough to transfer data.

This, in turn, changing the way the banks are serving their customers. However, technology, irrespective of their kind, comes at a certain price.

Even though implementing the technologies can be expensive, the perks that you get to enjoy are limitless. Take a look at the different roles played by technology in the financial and banking industry.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Online Banking

E-Banking: With the help of this, the bank will able to offer its services to all top-class customers. In order to make the banking system much more user-friendly for the customers, banks are known to use GUI or Graphical User Interface.

Using this software, users can check on their banking details over the computer or phones. Moreover, they are also able to make a money transfer from one to the other and print the statements.

Another technology which is used by the bank for exchanging data between the clients and the bank is known as EDI or Electronic Data Interchange.

This is mainly for transmitting business transaction in a form that is readable over the computer. It means that the clients will be able to read the details carefully.

Rural Banking: Previously, banking was centralized in all urban area. However, these days with the help of technology, it is easy to set up banking facilities even in rural areas. For instance, in Africa, Mobile money banking option has been introduced.

In such a case, the user from the rural area is going to have an account with the rural company and this can be opened without any cost.

Thereafter, they can deposit the money in the account through an operating center of mobile. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

The users can withdraw the money at any time they want in that area. Also, the same system can be used for sending or receiving money.

Plastic Money: Smart cards like Visa Electrou and credit cards are responsible for making the banking industry flexible.

Using the credit card you will be able to borrow certain amount of money from the bank for purchasing thing and then pay the bill later. With this, you do not have to bear the problem of borrowing a small amount of money,

Through smart cards you will be able to pay for things by using the cards. The money is later dedueted from the bank automatically.

This card can also be used for withdrawing or depositing money into their accounts with the help of an ATM machine.

Self-Inquiry Facility: Rather than having customers lining up or making way to the help desk, a self-inquiry system has been introduced by banks.

A customer will be able to use the ATM card to find out about their bank balance or to secure a bank statement. This will help in saving time on each side.

Signature Retrieval Facilities: Technology plays a significant role in limiting fraud in the banking sectors that protect the client. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

For instance, banks are known to use a technology that does a verification of the signature prior to the customer withdrawing a large amount of money from a particular account. This will reduce the risk of forgery to some extent.

Remote Banking: ATM machines have been installed by banks in different areas. This implies that the customers will not have to visit the main branch for making any kind of transaction. With this system, anytime banking has automatically.

This card can also be used for withdrawing or depositing money into their accounts with the help of an ATM machine.

Programmed transaction : These programmed applications enable an organization or individuals to keep track of financial operations and also conduct complex transactions effortlessly without consuming a lot of time and labour that would otherwise be used in case of manual transactions.

Organizations can purchase software depending on nature of work; other applications include: Grant Management Application and Payroll Software.

Financial Information: Computers have enhan-ced access to wide financial information through internet access. Business operators or individuals can now access information on investment prospects, and conduct detailed research on its profitability.

There is also a wealth of financial information available on the internet, such as world prices, tax changes, inflation rate and currency exchange rates that make it easier for institutions and individuals to make informed financial decisions.

The internet also provides a wide source of information and access to specific financial reports of companies in trade.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Section – B

Q. 6. “Multimedia components are very important tools for better communication”. Comment.

Ans. Meaning of Multimedia: Multimedia as name suggests is the combination of Multi and Media that is many types of media (hardware/software) used for communication of information.

By definition Multimedia is a representation of information in an attractive and interactive manner with the use of a combination of text, audio, video, graphics and animation.

In other words we can say that Multimedia is a computerized method of presenting information combining textual data, audio, visuals (video), graphics and animations.

For examples: E-Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Video Conferencing, and Multimedia Message Service (MMS).

Advantages of Multimedia

Following are the advantages of multimedia:

• It is very user-friendly: It doesn’t take much energy out of the user, in the sense that you can sit and watch the presentation: you can read the text and hear the audio.

• It is multi-sensorial: It uses a lot of the user’s senses while making use of multimedia, for example hearing seeing and talking. .

•It is integrated and interactive: All the different mediums are integrated through the digitisation process.Interactivity is heightened by the possibility of easy feedback

•It is flexible: Being digital, this media can easily be changed to fit different situations and audiences.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

• It can be used for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from one person to a whole group.

Usage and Making Multimedia

Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, but not limited to, advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, scientific research and spatial temporal applications,

The various advantages of multimedia in our daily life

• Multimedia plays an important role in today’s society because it is society now all are the things is keep up with the times.

•The multimedia is a good way for communication because that can easy to communicate and understand what they say.

•After that, multimedia has animation, music, video and more of this. This can easier to attract people to listen what you talking about.

• It also has let more interest to people listen and See when you present a product.

• Multimedia also can make easier to deliver what you want to say.

There are two types of multimedia elements which are omni-present in the present scenario:

Person to Person Communication: It provides a mechanism for user to interact with each other and a transport layer to move multimedia signal from one user to another.

Person to Machine Communication: It provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of multimedia signal that are either requested by user or created by user.

Q. 7. Distinguish between Public key and Private Key.

Ans. Private Keys and Public Keys terms are used in encryption and decryption. These keys are used to encrypt/decrypt sensitive information

Private Key BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

The private key is used to both encrypt and decrypt the data. This key is shared between the sender and receiver of the encrypted sensitive information.

The private key is also called symmetric being common for both parties. Private key cryptography is faster than public-key cryptography mechanism.

Public Key

The public key is used to encrypt and a private key is used decrypt the data. The private key is shared between the sender and receiver of the encrypted sensitive information.

The public key is also called asymmetric cryptography.

Q. 8. How to make Google forms?

Ans. Google Forms : Google Forms is survey administration software included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. The service also includes: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings,

Google Sites and Google Keep. Google Forms is only available as a web application. The app allows users to create and edit surveys online while collaborating with other users in real-time. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

The collected information can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet. The Google Forms service has undergone several updates over the years.

Features include, but are not limited to, menu search, shuffle of questions for randomized order, limiting responses to once per person, shorter URLs, custom themes, automatically generating answer suggestions when creating forms, and an “Upload file” option for users answering questions that require them to share content or files from their computer or Google Drive

• Visit docs.google.com/forms.
• Choose a template or blank form.

• Google forms page have two tiles at the top: one is of questions and other is of responses.
• Google form editor is very simple and easy to navigate through. It is self explanatory and gives you directions whenever there is a problem.

• After adding the questions, user has the option to choose from the multiple categories of answers given in drop down menu.
• It helps user in collecting data and simultaneously showing results in form of pie chart.

Q. 9 “All the business organizations need to protect their IT security from unauthorized users”. Comment.

Ans. For small business organization checking the cyber-security may not be the top priority, because of its dimensions, but this aspect is important for their growth and survival.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

In the modern digital era, organizations are migrating to online platforms to serve their customers better and their availability is enhanced by using internet.

Cyber-security is the most important aspect of security for any organizations and hence should be taken seriously

Six Essential Security Actions

Cyber security is something that every business needs to take seriously. With record numbers of hacking attacks affecting businesses of all sizes,

it is important that every company is aware of the dangers posed and is putting in the resources necessary to keep them secure.

There are many different aspects of defence that may need to be considered, but which are the most important for long-term protection from cybercriminals and hackers?

Here are six vital tools and services that every business needs to consider investing in to ensure their cyber security is as strong as possible.

Firewall: As hacking and cyber-criminals become more sophisticated and defences become stronger, you might assume that a firewall is obsolete.

And while a firewall is arguably the most cores of security tools, it remains one of the most important. Its job is to block any unauthorized access to your system.

A firewall monitors network traffic as well as connection attempts, deciding on whether or not these should be able to pass freely onto your network or computer.

Of course, while they are useful, they do have limitations.

Skilled hackers have learned how to create data and programs that trick firewalls into believing that they are trusted – this means that the program can pass through the firewall without any problems. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Despite these limitations, firewalls are still very effective in detecting the large majority of less sophisticated malicious attacks on your business.

Anti-virus Software: If you run a business and do not have a great deal of experience with cyber security, you might assume that the terms firewall’ and ‘anti-virus’ are synonymous, but they are not.

It is necessary to have both a strong firewall and up-to-date anti-virus software in place to keep your system secure. In 2018, both remain vital components of your cyber security.

Anti-virus software will alert you to virus and malware infections and many will also provide additional services such as scanning e-mails to ensure they are free from malicious attachments or web links.

Modern anti-virus programs perform useful protective measures, such as quarantining potential threats and removing them.

There is a huge range of anti-virus software, and you can easily find a package that is suited to the needs of your business.

Use Complex Passwords: Enable Multi-Factor Authentication and access control. Ensure only approved users, machines, and devices (those with properly configured certificates) can access and operate on your networks.

Create Compliant, Trusted Digital Signatures: Digital signatures authenticate the signer’s identity and create a tamper-evident seal to protect document contents and meet compliance requirements. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Digitally sign and protect code. Assure end users that code is legitimate and comes from a verified source, and protect code from tampering and the threat of malware injections.

Managed Detection Services: As cyber-criminals and hackers have become more sophisticated, and the techniques and software they use are more advanced,

it has become necessary for businesses to invest in more powerful forms of defence. In 2018, it is no longer enough simply to have defences that react to threats – instead they need to be proactive and identify attacks before they can cause problems.

Cyber security has seen a shift from investing in technologies that attempt to prevent the possibility of an attack towards advanced services that react to and detect potential security issues, and respond to them as fast as possible

Penetration Testing: Penetration testing is an important way to test your business’ security systems.

During a penetration test.cyber security professionals will use the same techniques utilized by criminal hackers to check for potential vulnerabilities and areas of weakness.

a pen test attempts to simulate the kind of attack a business might face from criminal hackers, including everything from password cracking and code injection to phishing.

Once the test has taken place the testers will present you with their findings and carreven help by recommending potential changes to your system.

Employee Training: You might not think of staff training as a tool but ultimately, having knowledgeable employees who understand their role in cyber security is one of the strongest forms of defence against attacks. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

There are many training tools that you can invest in to educate staff about best cyber security practices.

Something as simple as regular updates on cyber security strategies and getting into the right habits with passwords can make a huge difference.

It is also smart to provide training sessions or simulations on spotting suspicious links or scamemails that may be a part of a phishing attack.

It doesn’t matter how strong your defences are if staff can be tricked through social engineering tactics.

As cyber-criminals continue to expand their methods and level of sophistication, it has made it essential for businesses to invest in these tools and services. Failing to do so can leave you in a position where your company is an easy target for hackers.

The expense of the investment might put you off, but remember this initial outlay will reward your business with long-term security and protection.

Q.10 Distinguish between NEFT and RTGS.

Ans. The fundamental difference between RTGS and NEFT, is that while RTGS is based on gross settlement. NEFT is based on net-settlement.

Gross settlement is where a transaction is completed on a one-to-one basis without bunching with other transactions.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

On the other hand a Deferred Net Basis (DNS), or net-settlement means that the transactions are completed in batches at specific times.

Here, all transfers will be held up until a specific time. RTGS transactions are processed throughout the working hours of the system.

RTGS transactions involve large amounts of cash, basically only funds above Rs. 200,000 may be transferred using this system.

For NEFT, any amount below Rs. 200.000 may be transferred, and this system is generally for smaller value transactions involving smaller amounts of money.

RTGS processes in real-time (push transfer), while NEFT processes in cycles during the given working day.

This causes a NEFT transaction that is initiated later than the last cycle to be completed the next day. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

So if you want to transfer large sums of money real time RTGS is better but for small amounts where there is not much urgency NEFT is a Better Option. Usually RTGS costs more than NEFT Transactions.

BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment
BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment


Q.11 “For organizations the role of computer is to support the key aspects of running them”. Comment.

Ans. Role of Computers in Business Organization: Just about every business you can think of uses computers in one way or another to carry out its functions.

From generating reports to communicating with clients, computers do a lofortidefficiency with which business is to the computer has brought the business a long way from the age of pen and paper, and folders stored in dusty storage compartments.

The uses of a computer are simply endless. Following are few of the applications of computers in business organizations

Communication: This is a very important computer application in business, enabling a business to communicate with its Clients via e-mail, IM, Skype, collaboration software, and via various other communication solutions that a business might wish to use.

When a business can keep in touch with its clients, it becomes easier for the clients to make inquiries of the business or to ask for more information about the services and products the business offers. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

It also becomes easier for the business to offer customer support to its clients in a timely, efficient manner.

The business will also be able to keep the clients updated about any new developments concerning the business.

Communication goes beyond a business’ clients. A business also needs to communicate with its employees, and computers play an important role.

Rather than have time-wasting one-on-one meetings with employees, managers can simply e-mail their employees or they can message them on any other acceptable communication platform.

This saves time, and it also improves the internal communication of the business.

a business can acquire insightful information about its customers and competition from all kinds of places, including forums, search engines, industry-specific websites and even from social networks.

Q. 12. Write a short note on Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Ans. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is nothing more than the address of a given unique resource on the Web. BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

In theory, each valid URL points to a unique resource. Such resources can be an HTML page, a CSS document, an image, etc.

In practice, there are some exceptions, the most common being a URL pointing to a resource that no longer exists or that has moved.

As the resource represented by the URL and the URL itself are handled by the Web server, it is up to the owner of the web server to carefully manage that resource and its associated URL.

A URL has three main components:

• Protocol Identifier: For the URL http://example.com, the protocol identifier is http.
• Resource Name: For the URL http://example.com, the resource name is example.com
• Path to delivery or file.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

Note that the protocol identifier and the resource name are separated by a colon and two forward slashes. The protocol identifier indicates the name of the protocol to be used to fetch the resource.

The example uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is typically used to serve up hypertext documents.

HTTP is just one of many different protocols used to access different types of resources on the net. Other protocols include: File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, File and News, Domain Names

Hosts, Domains and Subdomains: A host refers to a machine computer running the user programs and TCP/ IP protocols.

A host may be a server or a network to which users can connect and share its resources and utilize as well.

Host and local networks are grouped together into domains, which then are grouped together into one or more larger domains.BCOS 183 Free Solved Assignment

A domain enables the administrator to effectively manage numerous users, resources and devices to keep the administrative tasks relatively simple.

A sub-domain is a part of a domain which may correspond to an organization. On Internet the computers are arranged in domains under Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy.

DNS uses a hierarchy to manage its distributed database system of names.

The DNS hierarchy is also called nameservers that manuge portions oa hierarchical namespace Charnameserver computers on Integget) contain database of Internet’s host address and the Name resolver software translates person understandable Internet addresses into numeric IP addresses,

The DNS tree has a single node, or domain, at the top called root domain .. Below the root domain are the top-level domains. These domains divide the DNS hierarchy organizationally into following segments:

.COM – commercial organizations such as IBM (ibm.com)
.EDU – educational institutions, such as purdue (.purdue.com)

.MIL – military organizations, such as US Army (army.mil)
.GOV – government bodies, such as NASA (nasa.gov)

.NET – networking entities, such as NSFNET (nsf.net)
.ORG – for all kind of organizations
.INT – international organizations such as NATO (nato.int)

Additional top-level domains organize the domain namespace geographically. Forexample, the top-level domain for India is IN and France is FR.

Below the top-level domains the domain namespace is further organized into subdomains, which represent individual organizations.

Q. 13. How is E-payment system better than traditional payment system?

Ans. Compared with tradition payment systems, e-payment has the following features:

• E-payment introduces digital circulation to realize information transmission, so all means of e-payment are digitalized. But, traditional payment is realized through physical circulation such as cash circulation, bill transfer and bank exchange.

• The working environment of e-payment is based on an open system platform i.e. internet, while the traditional payment is operated in a relatively closed system

• traditional payment uses traditional communication media.

• E-payment has a very high requirement for both hardware and software facilities, generally including online terminals, relevant software and some other supporting facilities, while traditional payment does not have such a high requirement.

• E-payment enjoys advantages for it is convenient, fast, efficient and economic. As long as the user has a computer connecting to the internet,

he will be able to stay indoors and complete the whole payment within a very short time. The cost is even less than one per cent of that of the traditional way.

Q. 14. What is use of slide sorter view?

Ans. Slide Sorter View: In the Slide Sorter view, you see a miniature of each slide. The Slide Sorter view not only gives you a great view of your presentation as a whole, but it also lets you rearrange and hide your slides.

If you wish to becrease or decrease the size of the slides you are reviewing, you can adjust the view by zooming in and out as necessary

As you are working on your presentation, you may want to change the order of your slides. You can rearrange slides in Slide Sorter view. It allows you to view miniature slides that you can drag and drop.

To manipulate slides in Slide Sorter View:

• Click the Slide Sorter view button in the bottom-left corner of the page.

• Click the slide you want to move.

• Hold down the left mouse button and drag the slide to its new location. A pointer with a box appears as you drag the slide.



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